Twin River, Tiverton Casino Looking for Employees

The town of Tiverton, Rhode Island is soon going to become a gambling town, but the ground has not even been broken on their new casino. Despite this, Twin River—which owns the prospective casino—is already vetting potential card readers for the casino.

Getting Started on Operations Early

Twin River Worldwide Holdings is the official and complete name of the company that will oversee the construction of Tiverton’s casino. By placing advertisements around town, they are hoping to hammer out a solid selection of 30 card readers and have them trained well in advance, rather than scramble at the last minute to sort things out.

Beginning on February 20th, the casino will hold trainings for prospective dealers. Though there are only 30 dealers that will officially be hired, the class will seat 50 people. Presumably, there are 50 folks attending the classes so that Twin Rivers can whittle things down to 30. Though most people might think otherwise, there is no need for a prospective dealer to have any experience at a casino in the past. Whether you have experience or not, Twin River is strictly looking for candidates that they think will add to the overall casino experience. So long as you have a valid, government-issued photo identification, you are a great candidate.

Right now, Twin River is only advertising in the Tiverton area in hopes that they can support citizens from the community where the casino will be located. The classes will teach the prospective dealers everything they need to know about games like blackjack, poker, craps, roulette, and some of the other, more niche, casino table games.

While the casino is in need of 30 card readers, Twin River has made it clear that they will be employing far more than that. In total, the expected range of employees will be anywhere from 500-600 people. In addition to those that will be working on the casino floor, the company will also be hiring people to help run the casino’s restaurants and the entertainment venue.

Though the ground on the actual casino has not been broken yet, environment work has commenced with a preliminary building design to be presented to the town shortly thereafter. If the Tiverton Planning Board approves Twin River’s building plans and the changes it is going to make to local roads, construction might begin as early as a month or so from now.

As for what the casino will look like, Twin River’s initial plan is to have a site with about 1,000 slot gams and 30-50 table games. This is not going to be a large casino by any stretch of the imagination, but there is room for expansion; something that will assuredly take place should the Tiverton project prove to be a success. With all of this being said, we are still a good ways away from the casino actually opening its doors. A lot still needs to be discussed and hammered out, but it seems as though 2019 or 2020 would be the time when the casino does open for business. The Tiverton project is just one of many proposed casinos in New England. The area has historically been fairly gambling-averse, however that is changing, and in a hurry.

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