Online Craps

Craps is a well-known dice game played on the streets as well as in casinos of varying sizes. What started off some centuries ago has now turned to a widespread pastime that many gamblers believe is the most exciting game to play in a casino.

If you have ever enjoyed street or casino craps, playing online is the next big step. And if you have never played craps before, online craps is a good way to start.

Best Online Casinos to Play Craps

Real money craps is one of the most exciting casino games you will find on the Internet, and it is safe to say most (if not all) casinos feature at least one variation of craps. However, this wide variety makes it difficult to know which online casino to pick. There are just too many of them; some are reputable while others are a scam.

As a result, we have gone ahead and done the necessary research for you to determine the best casinos to play real money craps. While making this list, we put multiple elements into consideration, which include positive customer reviews, advanced security technologies, the efficiency of gaming software, the simplicity of craps rules, generous bonuses, payment methods and withdrawal speed, and many more.


If you have been following the World Casino Index, you can tell by now that we strongly recommend Bovada – and for good reasons. First, the website is widely known throughout the United States for providing excellent casino, sports betting, horse racing, and poker services. Another mind-blowing feature of Bovada is the fact that they offer several games of different types and from multiple software providers.

Unlike most websites that pull their games only from a provider, Bovada combines Realtime Gaming, Makitone Gaming, Rival, Visionary iGaming, Revolver Gaming, and Betsoft to deliver a total package of slots, table games, specialty games, live dealer, and video poker games. Bonuses are also good and made to increase your chances and lower your risks. Craps

The Craps game at Bovada is provided by RTG, which means it is the basic craps you will find at most websites. The only highlighted feature is the ability to configure most bet types.
One letdown is that the multiple is not relative to the win when you lay odds, instead it is relative to the bet amount. But not to worry as this is the case in most—if not all—online casinos.

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Below are the odds according to the bets.

Any Craps (2, 3 or 12) 7:1
Big 6 1:1
Big 8 1:1
Buy (4) 48:25
Buy (5) 36:25
Buy (6) 144:125
Buy (8) 144:125
Buy (9) 36:25
Buy (10) 48:25
Buy the Odds (4) 2:1
Buy the Odds (5) 3:2
Buy the Odds (6) 6:5
Buy the Odds (8) 6:5
Buy the Odds (9) 3:2
Buy the Odds (10) 2:1
Craps (2) 30:1
Craps (3) 15:1
Craps (7) 4:1
Craps (11) 15:1
Craps (12) 30:1
Field bet (2) 2:1
Field bet (3, 4, 9, 10, and 11) 1:1
Field bet (12) 3:1
Hard 4 7:1
Hard 6 9:1
Hard 8 9:1
Hard 10 7:1
Lay (4) 12:25
Lay (5) 16:25
Lay (6) 12:15
Lay (8) 12:15
Lay (9) 16:25
Lay (10) 12:25
Lay the Odds (4) 1:2
Lay the Odds (5) 2:3
Lay the Odds (6) 5:6
Lay the Odds (8) 5:6
Lay the Odds (9) 2:3
Lay the Odds (10) 1:2
Place to Lose (4) 5:11
Place to Lose (5) 5:8
Place to Lose (6) 4:5
Place to Lose (8) 4:5
Place to Lose (9) 5:8
Place to Lose (10) 5:11
Place to Win (6) 7:6
Place to Win (8) 7:6
Place to Win (10) 9:5
Place to Win (4) 9:5
Place to Win (5) 7:5
Place to Win (9) 7:5

– Chips are rounded off to the nearest dollar, so $9.50 is counted as $9.

– Lay bets and buy bets incur a commission of 4%, hence the anterior odds. Without the commission, fair odds are 5:6 on the 6 and 8, 2:3 on the 5 and 9, and 1:2 on the 4 and 10 for lay bets and 6:5 on the 6 and 8, 3:2 on the 5 and 9, and 2:1 on the 4 and 10 for buy bets.

– There are two buttons. Roll is used to start a new round and roll the dice after placing a bet. Repeat is used to repeat all previous bets excluding the invalid ones. Classic Craps

This game and the previous one are similar in rules, odds, and house edges but the layout and design are different. While Classic Craps is simulated like a real craps table, Craps looks more refined with more attractive graphics and state-of-the-art layout. Apart from this, there are two additional buttons. Remove is used to remove a chip on the table. Clear All is used to remove all bets on the table except come and pass bets. Reputation

When we consider the fact that Bodog Casino was rebranded as Bovada in 2011, we can see why players across the world trust them. Both names have positive feedbacks and reviews and are highly respected within the gambling industry. Licensed by Kahnawake Gaming Commission and powered by RTG software, Bovada has proven to be one of the best casinos to play free money craps. Moreover, they process payments quickly and resolve complaints as soon as possible via 24/7 toll-free phone, email or live chat.

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Other Notes: Bovada accepts players in the United States with an exception of Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, and Nevada.

#2 BoVegas

Powered by Realtime Gaming, BoVegas was launched last year. But despite its short existence, BoVegas has proven to be one of the most reputable gambling websites accessible in the United States and other parts of the world. The casino supports both download and instant play versions, and there are hundreds of slots, table games, video pokers, and specialty games provided by RTG. The website also supports mobile play so you can relish your favourite games anytime anywhere.

BoVegas Craps

BoVegas Craps is actually same as Bovada Classic Craps because both websites use RTG software. Hence, the odds and rules are the same. Chips are in the same order: $1, $5, $25, and $100. The maximum and minimum bets are $1 and $1000 respectively. In fact, the buttons are also the same.

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BoVegas Reputation

Operated by Affiliate Alliance and licensed in Curacao, BoVegas has adopted 128-bit SSL encryption to protect information and transactions. Couple that with their 24 hours a day and 7 days a week customer support, which is available via live chat, email, and telephone. Payments are processed with swift evidently written all over them, and via several methods. If you are in the United States and wants to play real money craps, BoVegas is a decent website to visit.

#3 Las Vegas USA

This online casino has achieved a lot by being simple. Like the aforementioned casino websites, has clients for Windows devices and can also be accessed online.

This is also another RTG website, so you can expect as many games and categories as possible. The company is licensed to carry out remote gambling activities through the jurisdiction of Panama. As usual, security is assured through the instalment of highly effective 128-bit SSL encryption.

Las Vegas USA Craps

Similarly, this game is the same as Bovada Classic Craps and BoVegas Craps; all elements are quite the same. It seems you can configure the Field bet to 2:1 or 3:1 and odds to 2x or 3x. Standard rules, odds, house edges, and table limits of RTG craps apply here as well.

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Las Vegas USA Reputation

Las Vegas USA is widely known within and outside the United States. Players anywhere in the United States are welcome, and with generous bonuses and exclusive offers. As the website mirrors the environment of the physical Las Vegas, this website has been operating since 1999 and still relevant in 2018. If that is not reputable longevity, I don’t know what is. And if you have a question or want to make an enquiry, the customer support service is as swift as the word swift sounds. Either via email or live chat, the representatives respond in a few seconds to minutes.

Types of Craps Games Offered Online

– Craps (or Basic Craps)
– Street Craps
– Simplified Craps
– High Point Craps
– Crapless Craps
– Open Craps
– Fire Bet
– Golden Dice Challenge
– Sharp Shooter
– Die Rich Craps
– New York Craps
– Double D

The aforementioned are the variants of craps you will find in land-based casinos or on the streets—depending on where you are. Some are exclusive to certain casinos while some are exclusive to locations. That is, it is highly unlikely to find more than one type of craps in a land-based casino. Similarly, online casinos witness the same drawback.

Craps (or basic craps) is the most popular form of craps and the only variant of craps the greater percentage of people believe exists. No matter how big a casino—online or offline—is, you will likely find only one variant of craps, which is the basic craps.

As a side note, most craps games are more or less the same. The odds, house edges, and gameplay are often retained while the rules are altered to loosen or harden the game.

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Playing Craps Online vs. at Land-Based Casinos

No matter how you slice it, there will always be clear differences between online and offline gambling. In the case of craps, offline (or land-based) gambling has its desirable pros and unfavourable cons since the action is more physical than ever. Online craps also have its own pros and cons, which is mostly tied to the incomparable ease. Nonetheless, the rules and odds are usually the same online and offline, so it boils down to your preferences.

Concentration and the Atmosphere

Yes, you read that right. Concentration is a big difference between online and offline craps. As you may know, craps is a fast-paced game of concentration—unlike baccarat that requires you to just pick one of three possible bets or a combo. Craps is not for starters or at least players without full concentration. Despite the fact that craps started with the offline platform, the online counterpart just delivers a greater deal of concentration.

There are no players or events to distract you, so your attention is 100% on the game. It is actually impossible for land-based casinos to be this quiet because of the buzzing noise of the players and casino employees. But, online casinos mirror your personal setting.

Smoking is another issue here. If you are not a smoker, do not like the act of smoking, or smoking is dangerous to your health, online craps is your best option since most casinos allow smoking.

In summary, it all boils down to your preference. Do you prefer to be around other players, sharing the energy and action of the game? Otherwise, do you appreciate a quiet ambience and the opportunity to brainstorm all of your moves before proceeding?

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While online craps can deliver a peaceful scene, it lacks the required level of interaction most players want. This is pseudo-rectified with the introduction of live dealer casinos but the fact still remains that playing craps offline encourages more interaction with other players and the dealer. Moreover, live dealer craps is existence non-existent or rare.

The Result

The outcome or result of each roll is determined by Random Number Generators (RNGs). Online casinos employ this piece of software to assure fairness and they are proud enough to even reveal the manufacturer of the RNGs. Even though RNGs might not generate truly random numbers as many have been curious to know how a software can generate numbers with true randomness, it seems possible since RNGs follow specific mathematical formulas. Moreover, there are verifiable RNGs that actually generate truly random numbers…but that is a story for another day.

In land-based casinos, the dice is rolled by a player so the fear of unrandomness is evidently higher. While both share varying pros and cons and ways for the casino to cheat, we can all agree RNGs are fairer than actual rolls.

One issue with online craps is attacks and eavesdropping by hackers and attackers. As you may know, hackers are everywhere and actively trying to mess with software. The casino software is not spared from this worry, so RNGs too can be attacked. However, news about casino software attacks are very few and a thing of little worry.

RNGs are often reviewed every now and then to ensure fairness. Most casinos also offer downloadable clients of their software, which are safer than web-based apps. Similarly, most web-based clients now have 128-bit SSL encryption to intensify the security.


Online craps are perfect simulations of their land-based counterparts, but with a little addition. Unlike offline craps, some online craps games offer denominations as low as $0.25. This is quite impossible to find in a land-based, chip denominations are often between $1 and $5 as the minimum.

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Further, online craps do not promote tipping like offline craps. Whenever you are on a winning streak, shooters would want you to tip them. Without doing so, the mood of the game could change with the shooter being grumpy. Even without the issue of tipping, you are bound to meet unprofessional or impassionate shooters every now and then in offline casinos. In online casinos, your shooter is a piece of software that neither hates its job nor wants a tip.


The fact that online casinos are more convenient than offline casinos has been established countless numbers of times. But let us look at how convenient online craps is particularly more easier to enjoy. In craps, there are lots of bet types, terms, rules, and table etiquette that might be challenging for a starter.

For instance, some bets are exclusively placed by the stickman and a player must handle the dice with only one hand. All these can overwhelm newcomers but online craps are quite easier to understand. The terms are not completely necessary, the rules are more straightforward, and the etiquette is completely eliminated.


Nothing speaks preference better than promotions when we talk online casinos versus offline casinos. With the former, you get cash rewards in form of percentage bonuses. With the latter, you get exclusive non-cash offers and comps.

Even though this is not exclusive to craps, it is worth noting that most people would prefer online promotions. Offline promotions include free gifts and member-only rates, i.e. free or discounted dining, shopping, accommodations, and so on. They also include exclusive invitations to special events, gaming benefits, VIP treatment, and occasional redeemable bonuses. To cut it short, offline promotions are geared towards rewarding you with discounts on the casino or parent company’s services.

On the other hand, online promotions focus on cash bonuses that you can actually turn to real money—and who on earth wouldn’t prefer money? These bonuses match your deposit by a predefined percentage (mostly 100-250%). However, there is a small trick to this. House edges as low as 0.00% and as high as 16.67% apply to craps. As a result, online casinos are obliged to attach bonuses with higher rollover requirements to games like craps. Most bets made in craps are above 2% but most people stick with the basics, which have house advantages quite low compared to other casino games.

In contrast, games like Keno and Bonus Six have whopping house edges above 20%. Casinos apparently have a higher chance of beating the players in such games and, therefore, attach low rollover requirements to them. Games like craps and blackjack, on the other hand, have some of the lowest house edges, which means low profits from the perspective of casinos. In summary, craps possess high rollover requirements like 50x while opposite games would require smaller figures and the casino would still make good profits.

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Online craps also offer another bonus system called contribution percentage, which simply indicates that each game (and variant) is given a certain percentage as contributions. Most times, slots contribute up to 100%—that is, each $100 spent counts as $100. Considering craps has low house edges, the game could contribute as low as 2%, which means $100 counts as just $2.

This way, requirements would take much time to meet when you play online craps. The trick is to choose casinos with high bonuses yet low wagering requirements, which would allow you to withdraw your earnings on time. Also, do read the terms and conditions of a bonus for applying for it.

Knowledge Acquisition

If you ask any professional craps player, they would tell you craps is not as hard as it seems. Despite that opinion, the game requires a certain level of practice, dedication, and knowledge before you can make a decent amount of money.

When you play offline, all the three aforementioned elements are not within easy reach…at least, not until you have lost some cash. But when you play online, you are open to a whole new world of information. If you are not familiar with how the game works, simply read this well-detailed, dedicated guide or search for videos on YouTube.

Aside from that, you can easily practice your understanding of craps online. All the websites mentioned above offer free versions of the game called Free Play Craps, with a fun balance of $1,000. With this, you can put whatever you have learned to practice and hone your skills.

So, even if you prefer playing offline craps, it is highly recommended to take the leap in free online craps before facing the real deal.

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