Casino War

Casino WarCasino War has been considered one of the easier games in the gambling world, as it is one of few games that allow players to potentially beat the dealer more than 50% of the time. This article will explain the rules of Casino War thoroughly and will allow players to immediately jump in to this popular game.

Casino War Rules

In this game, the suit of the card is inconsequential as the only important aspect is the value number of your card per turn. Cards feature the same rankings as in poker, with Aces being the highest, and are drawn from 6 decks. At the beginning of each turn, the players make a wager. The players and the dealer then all receive one card. At this point, the cards are evaluated and all players with cards having higher face values than the dealer’s card receive even money.

All players with lower card values lose their money that round. If a player receives the same card as the dealer, the player is presented with two options:

1. The player can forfeit and receive half of their bet or

2. The player can elect to ‘go to war’ with the dealer

If the player elects to go to war, they are required to double their stake. The dealer will then discard three cards before playing both the player and themselves a second card.

– If the player’s card ranks higher than or equal to the dealer’s card, the player wins back only his original wager.

– If the player’s card is lower than the dealer’s, then the player loses both his original and second wagers.

Following the conclusion of an act of war, normal play will resume and all players will be asked to make wagers for the next round.

Many people may ask if it is wiser to forfeit in the event of a tie rather than to go to war, as the latter involves the potential for losing double your original wager. This can certainly scare players away from trying to take on the dealer in one on one war. Also, the idea of risking 2 identical bets in order to receive only 1 can seem like a bad idea. However, the potential to win back your original bet should outweigh the reality of walking away with half your bet if you do not challenge the dealer.

There is a side bet to this game which opens up a new avenue to win the game. This bet involves predicting a tie in the first round with the dealer. The odds for this bet are 10:1, meaning that there is a possibility of having a much higher payout than a normal round. However, the house maintains a strong edge on this bet, as it is quite rare that people win out on this wager. That being said, unless you are feeling especially lucky, it would be wise to avoid the side wager most of the time.


Casino War capitalizes upon the nostalgic memories of many card players, serving up the great card game classic with a boost of excitement that only the potential of winning money can provide. This game may not get a ton of action in the casino, but it can provide pleasurable experiences for all types of casino goers. Whether it’s reliving long summer days of childhood, trying out a new game in the casino, or even unwinding with one of the more simpler games in the world of gambling, Casino War is sure to provide players with simple, no nonsense fun.