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BEWARE: Since publishing our review, we have received several complaints about TopBet (primarily regarding withdrawal times). After research, we found that they have been blacklisted on several other gambling sites starting in 2017.


Players Accepted: United States, Canada, United Kingdom
Players Not Accepted: TopBet’s terms and conditions do not exclude any countries, but rather ask bettors to make sure that online gambling is legal in their country. has been around since the early 2000s, but the site as you see it today has only been around since 2012. Prior to this site coming onto the playing field, it was the subject of a good bit of controversy. This controversy is mostly thanks to former management, who decided to allow another company to process payments and payouts. landed itself in some trouble when the payment processing company they were using ended up being a scam, resulting in players losing thousands upon thousands of dollars in an instant. Though management, payment processors, and so many other elements of TopBet has changed since the site reopened, you will often hear that story repeated as a reason to stay away from TopBet.

We can assure you that today, TopBet has one of the best offerings in the industry and is growing continuously. It is clear to see that the site caters to North America (and more specifically, US bettors almost exclusively), as funds are denominated in USD and the site is only available in English. With a gaming license from Curacao, you can be confident that this sportsbook operator is trustworthy and is not a rogue operator.

What’s more, getting an online gambling license from Curacao is nothing to scoff at, as operators are not only required to pay substantial cash just to apply, they are also subject to rigorous audits. All told, has done a great job of solidifying themselves as a wholly transparent and reliable sportsbook.

Sportsbook at

The sportsbook at is easy on the eyes and simple to navigate. Right off the bat, it is clear that TopBet primarily caters to sports bettors in the United States. In the middle of the sportsbook’s homepage you will find the day’s top lines, which are usually the most popular US sport currently playing out its season. Listed to the left are the various other sports betting markets, which can be further broken down by clicking the “+” symbol next to the market’s title.

Though they may not be big on international sporting events, TopBet does well to include some of the more high-profile international events, such as big rugby matches, boxing matches, and tennis competitions such as The French Open. Despite the fact that this is a US-first gambling site, their offering of soccer betting is better than what you will find at most other sportsbooks, to say the least.

Reputation of

WCI Reputation Rating: 4/5

Apart from what we discussed in the introduction of our review, about former TopBet management using a dishonest payment processor, has not been subject to any other real controversies. Through dozens of online searches, there was no mention of anyone being scammed or otherwise mistreated by TopBet.

Sports and Leagues Offered by

Primary Sports Offered: Baseball, Basketball, Football
Other Sports Offered: Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, MMA, Boxing, Rugby

It does not take much analyzing of TopBet to realize that they cater primarily to a North American audience. After all, the first sports you see on their site include baseball, football, and basketball. When you dive a bit deeper, the leagues primarily covered underneath these broader sports categories are those from the United States and Canada. They include leagues like the NFL, MLB, and NBA. Though these most popular leagues are focused on heavily, they also offer betting on leagues from around the world.

Their coverage of US professional sports leagues is superb, but there is a somewhat surprising number of sports and leagues that might not be as popular in the US. Soccer, for example, is one of the broadest betting topics you will find at TopBet and features leagues from all over the world. You will find the United States’ Major League Soccer, of course, but you will also find betting options for leagues in Sweden, England, France, Spain, and so many other countries. In fact, at the top of the sportsbook there are individual tabs that direct you to a page dedicated to a single sport; soccer is one of those tabs.

Though there are other, more obscure sports upon which you can wager, a majority of these feature sporadic coverage, at best. Something you can generally expect is that sports such as rugby, MMA, and Boxing will only feature betting odds for the most high-profile events.

Baseball Betting at

Baseball betting at TopBet is not quite as robust as you might expect it be after having read the above. Of course, Major League Baseball is covered in-depth, but beyond that there is not many options from which to choose. You will find NCAA baseball and the occasional game from Mexico or Japan, but TopBet really goes all-in on MLB. What we mean by this is that they offer far more than moneyline, totals, and spread betting.

In all, there are four main types of MLB betting at TopBet. First, you will find the standard listing of lines, complete with moneyline, spread, and totals betting options. There is also five inning lines, which will include the aforementioned three bet types for only the first five complete innings. In addition to that you will find prop bets for the games of the day as well as futures bets that typically involve the eventual World Series champion and eventual divisional/league champions as well.

Basketball Betting at

Basketball betting options are as good as you will find anywhere. There is a massive focus on the NBA, but leagues such as the WNBA and those throughout Europe are also featured. The NBA coverage, however, is amongst the best we have seen. Not only are all regular season and pre-season games covered, but so too are the many Summer League games that take place every offseason.

The futures bets for NBA basketball are also number a bit more than what you will find at plenty of other sites. In addition to winners of different divisions and conferences, you can also place futures wagers on awards such as league MVP and Rookie of the Year.

Football Betting at

The coverage of baseball and basketball at is great, but Football coverage has everything else beat. First and foremost, in addition to the NFL you will find game lines for matchups from the NCAA (college), CFL (Canadian Football League), and even Arena Football in the United States. While the NFL features lines as well, they go much deeper than that. There are tabs for betting by quarter, meaning that there is a separate tab for first, second, third, and fourth quarter betting for every game.

For NCAA, a similar type of betting style exists, only with the first and second halves. What’s more, there are futures bets for both the NCAA and NFL ranging from the eventual Super Bowl or National Championship to wagers regarding how many wins a given team will have in a season. When it comes down to it, you really cannot ask for a more complete offering of football betting.

Hockey and Other Sports at

Hockey coverage at TopBet is almost solely focused on the National Hockey League (NHL). There is period by period wagers, standard moneyline, spread, and totals wagers, as well as a few futures bets, usually limited to conference champions as well as the eventual Stanley Cup winner. There is not much in the way of hockey from other parts of the world, but you can expect to find betting options for higher-profile international matches, such as those in the Winter Olympics.

Though it may come as a bit of a surprise given TopBet’s US audience, soccer is also a sport that boasts extensive coverage. In fact, all of the world’s popular leagues are covered, including England’s Premier League, Spain’s La Liga, France’s Ligue 1, and even the Italian Serie A. There are plenty of other leagues covered as well, and you can bet your bottom dollar that popular international events are covered as well. For the 2018 FIFA World Cup, there was a separate betting tab complete with futures, all your standard betting options, and so much more.

For a site that does not focus on soccer first and foremost, their coverage is really great.
As for other sports, you will find things like rugby, MMA, boxing, tennis, and NASCAR featured. As you might expect, there will not exactly be a large number of events upon which to bet, but we would be incorrect to say that other betting options do not exist.

Live Betting at

Live betting options exist in two places on the sportsbook’s main page—on the left along with all other betting lines, as well as across the top banner. A click of the “Live Betting” tab listed towards the top of the homepage will direct you to a live betting homepage where all the different options are neatly laid out. Those betting options that are currently live will be lit up, while the events and sports that do not currently feature any live matchups will be greyed out and unavailable.

As far as the live betting options are concerned, they are nearly all focused on North American sports leagues, including the NFL, MLB, NCAA, NBA, and NHL. You will not find anything in the way of live soccer betting and foreign sports are more or less excluded altogether.

The live betting aspect of the site functions well. It updates frequently and does not glitch nor even lock more often than is necessary. Apart from the limited scope of the live betting function, we do not have any complaints.

Bet Types at

Bets Types Offered: Spread, Moneyline, Totals (over/under), Parlays, Teasers, If Bets, Reverse If Bets, Progressive Parlay

TopBet does not skimp in their offering of different betting types, as there are almost none you will not find on their site. As we have mentioned a few times thus far, they offer moneyline, spread, and totals (over/under) betting on most every event. What’s more, they offer parlays, teasers, and if bets, as well as many other more unique betting options you will not find on every site. There is a lot of flexibility as far as their bet type offering is concerned, and you will more than likely be satisfied with your choices.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

The sign up bonus at TopBet’s sportsbook works in different ways for different deposits. Simply put, the deposit bonus is similar to what you will find at many other sportsbooks in that it exists as a percentage of free bonus money awarded on your first deposit. What is unique about TopBet’s deposit bonus is that the percentage of bonus funds you are awarded depends upon the size of your initial deposit.

For deposits ranging from $50-$99, you will receive a 50% bonus. For deposits ranging from $100-$199, a 75% bonus will be awarded. Finally, initial deposits of $200 or more will see a 100% matching bonus, with bonus funds being capped at $1,000. This deposit bonus is subject to a 5x rollover requirement.

Sportsbook Promotions does offer a number of other promotions for sportsbook players. Though they change throughout the year, most bonuses are aimed at giving free money to players who make additional deposits. There are some other bonuses tied to specific events, such as the annual NCAA basketball tournament, but they too are usually deposit bonuses.

Horses, Esports, and Financials at

Unfortunately TopBet does not offer betting on horses, eSports, and financials betting.

Casino at

Software Platform: Betsoft, Ace Gaming
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Keno
Games Not Offered: Lottery, Bingo, Scratchoffs, Live Dealer

The casino at is middle of the road in that it offers a competent selection of games, but is not going to blow you out of the water. Supported by Betsoft and Ace Gaming software, the quality of the games on offer is undeniable. There are no live dealer games on offer, which is a bit disappointing at this point in time, and the selection of unique games such as bingo is more or less nonexistent. TopBet focuses on their casino a good bit more than other online sportsbooks that also boast casinos, but their offering is only slightly better than average.

Slots at

Number of Slots: 67
Min and Max Slot Bets: $0.15-$120/spin

Slots at TopBet are broken down into two categories, video slots and 3D slots. In total, there is more or less an even split of both, but the fact that there are not a wealth of slot games may deter some. While many other sites offer 150+ slot titles, TopBet doesn’t even break the 75 mark. With that being said, what TopBet lacks in slot game selection it makes up for in the betting minimum and maximums, specifically the maximums. Though this is not true of every game, there are slot maximums of more than $100 per spin, which is not something you will find everywhere.

Table Games at

Table Games Offered: Blackjack, Triple Card Poker, American/European Roulette, Triple Ride Poker, Craps, Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Lucky 8’s Pai Gow, Pai Gow Poker, Caribbean Poker, War, Red Dog
Table Games Not Offered: Let It Ride, Oasis Poker, Ride’em Poker, Three Card Rummy, Big Six, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em
Min and Max Table Games Bets: $1-$100 ($500 maximum for roulette)

Much like the selection of slots at TopBet, the table game selection does well to cover the basics, but will not necessarily blow you away. Games like blackjack, baccarat, craps, and roulette are on offer, but so too are more obscure games such as Red Dog and Pai Gow. Generally speaking, the minimum table bet is $1 while the maximum is $100. When it comes to roulette, however, there is an exception in that the minimum wager is $0.50 and the maximum wager is $500. The quality of the table games at TopBet is great as all the games function well and are complete with specific rules for every game.

Mobile Casino at

The mobile casino offered by TopBet is interesting for a few different reasons. For one, the game selection is not just smaller than it is on their desktop site, but it is completely different at times. The desktop site does not offer any sort of lottery or scratchoff games, but the mobile casino does.

The only table games you will find at the mobile casino are two versions of blackjack and baccarat. There are a few video poker games (Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, Bonus Poker, and All American Poker as well as about 25 slot games.

Pull tabs and scratch tickets make up the remainder of the mobile casino. As is the case with most mobile online casinos, TopBet can only be played within your web browser, it is not available for download from any app store.

Casino Sign Up Bonus

The casino sign up bonus is the exact same bonus available for sportsbook bettors, with the only exception being that it is subject to a 25x rollover requirement. Same too with the other promotions on offer. If there is a promotion offered by TopBet, it is always offered to both sportsbook and casino players, with the main exception being the rollover requirement.

Customer Support at

Customer Support Options: Email, Phone (24/7)

TopBet’s customer service options are not as great as we have come to expect at this point. First and foremost, there is no live chat feature. We have found live chat to be the single most helpful method of seeking out answers and solutions to problems, so it was disappointing to not see that offered. The two methods by which you can get in touch with a customer service representative is by phone or by email. Though these two contact methods do yield quick responses, we would like to see live chat added.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at

Minimum Deposit: $10
Maximum Deposit: $5,000
Deposit Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin
Withdrawal Methods: Swift Check, Bank Wire

Deposit and withdrawal methods at TopBet are what let us down the most. As far as deposit options, you have the freedom of using either Bitcoin or a credit card, and that is fine, but there is no selection whatsoever. In terms of withdrawals, the lack of selection becomes even greater as you can only choose between a bank wire and a check delivered by mail. The one silver lining to the banking options are that deposits can be made in amounts as little as $10. This is extremely rare.

As for withdrawals, there is no mention of any minimum amount, but there are fees applied to all checks ($40) and any withdrawal request of less than $200 will be subject to a $20 administration fee. In other words, if you want to get the most out of your withdrawals, TopBet encourages you to only make withdrawals of larger sums – those that are $200 and more.

Depositing and withdrawing funds from is not difficult and does not bring with it long wait times, but the complete lack of selections is a serious drawback for us.


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  1. Mr.

    Date: October 10, 2018 Author: Timothy Wade

    Top bet currently is several months to a year behind in payouts. You can request a payout of 2500 max and then pray it reaches you in a year. Then you can request another after you receive the first one. If you win 5000, it would take 2 years to receive it. How can you possibly give them 4 stars? They have had horrible payout delays for years now.

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