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Since 2011 and based out of Canada, TopBet Sportsbook is a relatively new site that looks a little bit like a bee’s nest since you will notice the primary colors on the homepage are black and yellow. They’ve also been receiving a lot of negativity lately for not paying out players and are steadily gaining the reputation of a site best staying away from. But if those matters can ever get resolved, you never know they might start moving in the right direction. For now, they are still in the business of offering people things so let’s look at what they are.

Availability, Currency, and Limits

With TopBet if you are away from your computer you can still use your phone or tablet. They are available to U.S. customers and deals in dollars. The minimum wager for a straight bet is $5 and $1 if you are doing a parlay. Maximum bets vary on the event. TopBet has expanded its selection of sports to choose from. You can bet on all the major sports on T.V from football, to NASCAR, to mixed martial arts. Some of the sports that are of secondary interest to the public like darts, snooker, or cricket are unavailable.

TopBet offers Live Betting aka in-game betting, which allows you to place a wager on an event that is currently in progress. Live Betting can be used for the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL, and now college football and basketball.

What may stand out the most to bettors are the also special promotions for parlays and teasers TopBet gives. They allow you to win up to 20% more than what you would normally win for these types of bets.

The way it works is TopBet comes up with its own list of predicted outcomes for a would-be parlay/teaser challenge. You obviously cannot add, delete, or change any of the picks they have put out. Getting an extra 20% on what you would normally get sounds quite appetizing. The trick of it is going to be determining whether if at least 2 of the picks they are offering are worth trying to hit for that extra 20%. It certainly stands to reason a hefty percentage of the picks are a longshot from hitting.

Betting on something the house is telling you to bet almost sounds like a scam even with all the details written out so clearly. It really comes down to if you think your handicapping is better than theirs. They are certainly confident in it as they are willing to lose a lot of extra money on parlays they don’t think will come in. But if you have reasons to suspect they are underestimating a team or person, there is opportunity here to realize a significant edge.

Other Games to Play

TopBet, rather surprisingly for a newer site does not have a online poker room or a racebook. However, another major part of its appeal are its many options for playing the casino. There are 4 variations of Video Poker: Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better, Double Barrel Bonus, and Wild Joker.

You will also find 27 different types of slot games and 40 3D games.

12 table games are available: Craps, War, Baccarat, Mini Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker, Lucky 8s Pai Gow, Triple Ride Poker, Triple Card poker, American and European Roulette, Red Dog, and Caribbean Poker.

And don’t forget the 15 more “Fun Games” too.

Unless you are specifically interested in parlays, as you can see TopBet is a gambling site that focuses on the casino games and includes sports betting in case you want it, as opposed to the other way around. Sports betting is not the primary attraction and not where you want to be if it’s your primary attraction.

How to Deposit

Options for funding and withdrawing from your account are scarce. You can no longer use Bitcoin and bank wires are not available either. Your choices are Visa or Mastercard for no less than $50. Talk to your credit card company before you deposit to see if they might give you a break on the fee for using money at a gambling site.

You can also make deposits using a pre-paid Visa or QuickCash. The other option is Western Union. If you decide to go with them you will have to talk to customer service to schedule everything but their customer service is not known for being reliable and/or helpful.

How to Withdraw

One of the main reasons TopBet is getting slammed on the review pages is they offer but 2 payout options: Western Union and Checks, both of which charge expensive fees. If withdrawal fees can be avoided, they are usually worth the effort in doing so. The checks also take approximately 4-7 weeks to arrive. You do at least have the luxury of having one free cashout each month.

Promotions and Bonuses

TopBet offers a welcome bonus exclusively to newcomers. The bonus is based on how much money you deposit to your account. If you deposit between $50-$99 your deposit will be matched by 50%. Go between $100-$199 and the bonus is 75%. Any amount upwards of $200 receives a 100% deposit bonus but nothing more than $1,000.

Note there is a rollover of 5x for the sportsbook and 25x for the casino. Rollover is adding the sum of the deposit plus whatever the bonus will be and multiplying it by whatever the rollover is. In this case, if you deposit $200, that means your bonus is worth up to $200. 200+200=400. 400×5=2,000. This means you must wager a total of $2,000 to receive your bonus. If you are playing the casino games, then you must wager 400×25=10,000. In other words, in terms of obtaining the bonus you are much better off being in the sportsbook.

You have to actually join TopBet to get a clearer understanding of what the current promotions are. The promotions change up frequently but one of their main offers are the weekly free bets. Right now, since it is baseball season, members receive a $10 free bet on Sundays. All TopBet players also receive a free $10 bet on the Super Bowl.

There are well over 100 casino tournaments every month with jackpots reaching the $1,000 max mark every night. If you have never played the casino before, you are eligible for a free bet of $5. Cash back reward programs are also set up for every time you play blackjack or slots.

Just about every week in there are multiple matchups across sports that stir a lot of excitement. To feed that excitement, various contests are available pertaining to all parts of the outcome.

You can get a free payout once a month, but the very first time you withdraw you will not be charged any fees.


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