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Since 2014 from Costa Rica, MyBookie is one of the newer, flashier gambling sites around. They advertise their bonuses in huge letters as soon as you arrive at their homepage. They use some sex appeal as well.
Before we get started we should note that still employs some important people who were part of BetOnSports. A site that ended up being one of the worst debacles in online gambling history when players lost millions of dollars. The CEO and some other founders were arrested. This was the beginning of the of this website and while there was an attempt to pay the U.S. customers, it didn’t happen.

Availability, Currency, and Limits

MyBookie uses American dollars for currency and accept business from the United States. You are allowed to call in your bet for a minimum of $25 with no maximum. Betting online or with your phone the min-max is $10-$100.

The Sportsbook has a wealth of selections to choose from including Live Betting in case you like betting on games while they are in progress. MyBookie brings you all the major sports on T.V. with plenty of futures and props to go with them. You also have the recently created eSports, cricket, Canadian football, motorcross, and international baseball. After that it gets interesting. You can bet on business and politics, entertainment, and religion. In case you are wondering what would be an example of a religious bet, well, there is the pope special that is going on right now. Choose from all your favorite Cardinals, Archbishops, and Fathers to see who will be the next Pope after Francis I. You also can bet on the 2020 Presidential Election for business and politics along with Star Wars and other Box Office specials for entertainment.

It’s pretty hilarious you can actually bet on these types of things but sportsbook figured there are certain factors that influence the outcome, creating a probability. If there is a probability, then there is a way to handicap it and put a price on it. Since some people always think there is an edge to be had and will bet on anything, why not incorporate it? It’s a unique way to make money.

Other Games to Play

MyBookie does not currently have a poker room but they have a casino, a live casino, and a racebook.

The casino has a ton of options. There are dozens of slots, 3D slots, table games, video poker. If there is a game you want to play, MyBookie will have it. If you want to become familiar with lots of new games, this is your site.

The Live Casino has Blackjack which also has platinum and gold tables. There is American and European Roulette, multiple tables of Baccarat as well as Super 6. It is advertised with more sex appeal as all these games are run by beautiful women.

The racebook offers you the complete selection of betting options you’d find at the track and there are a plethora of them to choose from. The most intriguing part is the daily rebate of 8% at certain tracks with no rollover requirement. Other tracks the rebate is only 3% but getting one at all particularly every day is interesting. The only catch is minimum bet of $2.20 is not eligible for rebate.

How to Deposit

MyBookie offers 7 different deposit methods all of which have no fee. Visa or Mastercard are acceptable with a $45 minimum and $1,000 maximum. MyBookie also will cover your international and/or exchange fees. You can do it online or over the phone and depending on your customer status they may allow you to deposit more assuming your credit card company is okay with it. This goes for all of the deposit methods.

Bitcoin sports betting is now an option. You can do it for as little as $25 up to $10,000. Bank Wire transfers start at a $2,000 minimum with no maximum. Person 2 Person is also acceptable from $100 to $690. A phone transfer can be done with limits of $45-$1000. ACH has a $100 minimum with no maximum and if you opt to write an E-check you have to include a picture of the check along with the current account balance.

How to Withdraw

MyBookie.Ag is in the minority of sites that does not offer a free payout every 30 days. They claim to pay out inside of 2 days but posts about the site from other players indicate it takes more like 2 weeks. Bitcoin is an option with no fee involved.

Believe it or not, you cannot see what the withdrawal options are unless you are logged in. In other words, you have to have an account to know that. This is pretty annoying considering most people have a million accounts for a million other things to begin with. Who needs another one before you know you’re going to use it?

I will say the live customer support chat is great. The box is right there to type in and you immediately get a response. I was told you can withdraw using Bitcoin, E-Check, Moneygram, or a Bank wire. Fees are to be expected with all of these methods accept Bitcoin.

I was also told to find out the rules without opening an account, you must click Rules and Regulations at the bottom of the main page. Perhaps the most important one is you cannot withdraw less than $100 at a time. If you deposit with a credit card, you cannot withdraw until 7 days have passed.

All Promotions and Bonuses

MyBookie offers a large selection of different bonuses that are unique and uncomplicated. There are 3 different welcome bonuses available for newcomers only and must be claimed on their initial deposit. Use promocode MYB50 to receive a 50% bonus for up to $3,000. The minimum deposit is $50 and there is a rollover between 5-15x depending on how much you deposit. Note this bonus money is used for free play.
Currently there is a limited time offer of getting a 20% cash sign-up bonus up to $500 when you use promocode MYB123 during your initial deposit. Depending on how much you deposit there is 10-50x rollover. You must meet these requirements before requesting a payout.

Another bonus option only available for a limited time is a 100% casino sign-up bonus for up to $300 using promocode MYC123. There is a 50x rollover and this is not for the Live Casino. Regular casino only, and certain games do not count towards the rollover.

There is a 25% $500 max reload deposit bonus. Use promocode MYB25 when redepositing. The rollover is 5-15x. Note that all free plays from all the bonuses may only be used for straight wagers. If using for a moneyline bet, the line must be between -200 and +200.

You can refer an unlimited number of players to MyBookie and receive a maximum $100 bonus for all of them. The rollover is 5x for the sportsbook and 30x for the casino. The friend you refer must also keep their money in their account for 30 days.

If your first $20 or more bet is a loser, email customer support to receive a free $20 bet. There is a bad beat promotion for Boxing and MMA. Should your boxer lose in round 1, or should your MMA fighter lose in the first 60 seconds of round 1, your bet can be refunded. The fighter must be a -250 favorite or better.

MyBookie incentivizes bettors to keep betting by handing out a $25 free bet whenever you win 10 consecutive bets. Hit 20 in a row and get a $50 free bet. Lines greater than -140 do not apply.

On the flip side, if you lose 10 bets in a row of $25 or more you will receive a free bet of $25. If you make 10 consecutive deposits that all end up at zero, your next deposit is free. MyBookie takes the average of your 10 deposits and once you satisfy the 15x rollover, you will receive your free play bonus.

If you join MyBookie on social media with Facebook or Twitter you will get $10 in free play.

If you bet $20 or more on every spread of every NFL game and win, MyBookie will double your winnings. Free play bets do not apply. If you lose 20 or more consecutive bets betting $10 or more on all of them, you will be credited 1 average bet for free play.

If you are playing blackjack and draw 21 with 3 suited diamond 7s you will get $500 in free play for the casino. You must bet $10 or more and there is a 3x rollover.

If you bet over the phone and the rep makes a mistake, you do not have to eat the loss. MyBookie will return your bet to you along with a $20 free bet.

Should you incur any Blackjack losses on the 21st of a month, contact customer support the next day to receive an 8% rebate. This does not apply for playing Live Blackjack.

The quirkiest promotion of all is very specific. If you bet an NFL game and your team scores a touchdown within the last 5 minutes of the 4th quarter, gets flagged for excessive celebration thus revoking the touchdown, and then your team goes on to lose after that by one score your bet gets refunded to you 100%. Nothing is said about there being a maximum. The promotion does not become active until you lose a touchdown that late in the game because of this exact penalty.


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