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GT Bets

Players Accepted: United States, all others except below
Players Not Accepted: Israel, Russia, Latvia, Belarus, UK, Netherlands, Canada, Chad, Cuba, Denmark, France

GT Bets is a popular online sportsbook that was founded in 2011. Despite its .eu web address, the site came onto the scene with an offering that appealed primarily to North American bettors. As far as their website is concerned, has an unmistakable blue and orange theme, and it is generally well-organized.

The sign up process is what makes using GT Bets a preferred option for those who might not have ever bet on sports online. There is a quick sign up form right on the homepage, so within about a minute or two you can have an account created and a deposit executed. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Sportsbook at

The sportsbook at GT Bets is great because of how simplistic it is. Rather than bombard you with promotional advertisements, the main page features the day’s top lines in the center while all of the available betting markets are neatly listed up and down the left side of the screen. At first glance, it is immediately apparent that there are plenty of different betting categories, and these betting markets are geared towards sports that are popular in North America.

Having said all of that, you do see betting markets such as cricket and rugby, so GT Bets does well not to solely focus on sports like baseball and American football. Something we really liked was the fact that your bet slip is maintained as you navigate the site. For example, if you add a baseball pick to your bet slip and then navigate to check out soccer lines, that aforementioned baseball pick will be always visible in the top right portion of the screen. This way you can keep tabs on what you have and have not added to your bet slip. For people who enjoy parlays, this is especially beneficial. Reputation

WCI Reputation Rating: 5/5

Through our research we could not find any indication that GT Bets has a poor reputation nor has been involved in any scams or any other fraudulent activity. Generally speaking, GT Bets has received solid ratings from bettors. Additionally, the fact that it is licensed by the government of Curacao gives it a bit more transparency and trustworthiness than what you will find from other online sportsbooks. All in all, we view GT Bets as a wholly trustworthy and highly reputable sportsbook.

Sports and Leagues Offered by

Primary Sports Offered: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey
Other Sports Offered: Aussie Rules Football, Auto Racing, Boxing, Cricket, eSports, MMA, Rugby, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball

The selection of leagues and sports offered by GT Bets is competent, but not quite as expansive as you will find at some other books. As we have already mentioned, the primary sports covered are those that are popular in North America, such as football, basketball, and baseball. These are the betting markets that will have not only the most coverage, but the most number of betting options as well.

In terms of US sports leagues, GT Bets hits the nail on the head. With regard to some of the less popular sports, however, they leave a little bit to be desired. For one, there isn’t a wealth of other sports markets. Secondly, the less popular markets that are covered tend to be a bit light when it comes to the total number of propositions able to be placed. Only the most high-profile rugby and cricket events receive a good bit of attention.

Domestic rugby leagues, such as those in England, are sparsely covered, if they are covered at all. If you bet almost exclusively on American sports and leagues, you will be more than satisfied with GT Bets. If you are a bettor that bounces around and wagers on all sorts of different sports, you may come across times where you are unable to place your desired bet.

Baseball at

As you might have expected, baseball betting at GT Bets is dominated by Major League Baseball. On any given summer day, you will find betting lines for every game. The standard spread, moneyline, and over/under options exist, but so too do team over/unders and props such as the first team to score, or the result of the game through three innings. On top of this, there are MLB futures bets available at all times throughout the season.

Mexico’s professional baseball league is also covered, however not nearly as extensively as the MLB. You might find one or two lines per night, and the lines exist solely with spread, moneyline, and over/under options; there are no team bets or any other propositions.

NCAA, or college, baseball is the same way as the Mexico Baseball League. You will seldom find regular season NCAA baseball games featured, but once the College World Series begins most every game will be covered by GT Bets.

Basketball at

The basketball coverage shines because it is one of the betting markets that truly features a good bit of diversity. It goes without saying that the NBA is covered extensively, but you might be surprised to learn that GT Bets also features WNBA betting lines and lines for games from places like Argentina and France. Even more surprising to see was the market for international basketball friendlies. Games you might not have known were happening will feature lines on GT Bets, even if the matchup is Luxembourg versus Ireland.

Football at

Before getting too far into this section, you will notice that there are, technically, two different betting categories for American Football. One of them is aptly named “American Football” and is where you will find NCAA and NFL lines and futures, but the other is “Canadian Football” (CFL). While this may seem like a market for an entirely different sport, it is actually a market exclusively set aside for the CFL. This is a bit confusing and seems unnecessary, but there are two distinct markets.

Naturally, both NCAA and NFL games feature in-depth coverage such that you will find lines for the biggest college football matchups as well as those that come from lesser-known conferences. As for the NFL, there are dozens and dozens of additional bets—besides moneyline, spread, and over/unders—that can be made on each and every game. The CFL’s coverage is not quite as extensive, but you can still expect to find lines for every game of the season.

Hockey and Other Sports at

The coverage of hockey at GT bets is dominated by the NHL, but they mimic their basketball coverage and include a number of top leagues from around the world. In the case of hockey, the story is the same as it is elsewhere. Every NHL game will be featured with a variety of betting options, whereas games from leagues around the world will only have the three main bets to choose from, sometimes less.

In terms of other sports, there are plenty to choose from but not many betting options within these markets. As was briefly touched upon above, games like eSports, cricket, and rugby will only have betting lines when higher-profile events take place.

When it comes to combat sports like Boxing and MMA feature a healthy number of betting options on a weekly basis but, once again, only the most noteworthy events will have a large number of betting options.

Live Betting at GT Bets

The live betting interface is easy to use and, in almost every way, identically resembles the regular betting interface. When there is a large grouping of live events happening simultaneously — like what you might get with tennis competitions — the live betting drop down will feature a clickable option that will show you only the live betting options from that sport. This is a small way to allow bettors to more quickly and easily access the live betting market of their choice.

All things considered, we have to say that the live betting coverage very closely resembles their coverage as a whole. On an NFL Sunday you will see hundreds and hundreds of live betting options, but during the middle of the day during the middle of the week, you may only see a handful. As far as usability is concerned, we had not complaints whatsoever. The live betting interface works smoothly and is organized in a sensible way that makes individual sporting events easy to locate.

Bet Types at

Bets Offered: Spread, Moneyline, Totals (over/under), Parlays, Teasers, If Bets, Round Robins, Futures Wagers, Player Props
Bets Not Offered: Exotic Parlays, Win Reverse

With the exception of a few unique and obscure bet types, GT Bets does well to cover the whole spectrum of wagering options. No matter how big or small of an event, you can bet that you will almost always find spread, over/under, and moneyline betting options. Most propositions can be rolled into a parlay or teaser, including live bets (teasers excluded from live bets).

As far as futures and prop bets are concerned, these are reserved for the higher-profile sports and events. For example, you will find plenty of futures bets for the National Football League, but for Canada’s CFL you will more than likely find none at all.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

The sportsbook sign up bonus at GT Bets is similar to what you will find at other sportsbooks and exists as a matching deposit bonus. This bonus is somewhat unique in that it matches your first and second deposits to 150% up to $500 in bonus funds for each deposit. It works by giving you a 100% match on your first deposit and then a subsequent 50% match on your second deposit. So, if you deposit $100 initially, and then reload another $100, you will have $150 free dollars with which to play.

Sportsbook Promotions

Apart from the initial sign up bonus, there is not exactly a wealth of promotions offered for sportsbook bettors. There are a few reload bonuses and some special promotions (usually in the form of a matching deposit bonus of some sort) that are run throughout the year, but generally there are not a large number of promotions available.

Horses, eSports, and Financials at

Horserace betting exists as a separate section of GT Bets and boasts pretty extensive coverage. To make a long story short, you can find betting options from tracks from all over the world on a daily basis. Countries like the US, Australia, England, and so many others have tracks featured on the site. What’s more, the fact that horse betting exists as a separate section is something that we found to be beneficial, especially because horse and sports betting are two very different entities.

There are no financials bets available at GT Bets, but there is a section for eSports. Being that there are only a few high-profile eSports events happening on an annual basis, there are not going to be many betting options. With that said, when one of these high-profile events does take place there are a healthy number of propositions offered by GT Bets.

Casino at

Software Providers: Betsoft, Arrow’s Edge
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Keno, Scratchoffs
Games Not Offered: Lottery, Bingo, Live Dealer

Despite GT Bets being a sportsbook first and foremost, we are pleased to say that their online casino is far better than we expected. Compared to many sportsbooks that also have online casinos, GT Bets really stands out. From the second you navigate to the casino, it is immediately apparent how neatly organized it is.

Featured games are located in the middle of the screen while large slots jackpots dominate the top portion. There is a good bit of variety, plenty of games to choose from, and the software utilized is provided by trusted, reputable online gaming companies.

Slots at Casino

Number of Slots: 136
Min and Max Slot Bets: $0.01-$25/spin

The slots at GT Bets were perhaps what impressed us most about the casino aspect of the site. For one, slot games are broken down into a number of different categories such that you can find the exact game—or game type—that you are looking for quickly and easily. Not only are the slots broken down on the left side of the screen, you can sort them even further by way of drop-downs located towards the top of the casino’s main page.

Some of the categories you will find are 5-reel or 3-reel slots, cash grab games, super slots, and 3D slots. If you would like to see them all at once, you can simply click the slots drop-down and it will bring up a page with all games. What’s more, the games will be listed in alphabetical order, which makes your life easy if you are looking for a specific game.
The software for slots is provided by both Betsoft and Arrow’s Edge, so there is both variety and quality in terms of GT Bets’ slots offering.

Table Games at

Table Games Offered: 21 Burn, Blackjack, American/European Roulette, Baccarat, Craps, Pai Gow Poker, Red Dog, Caribbean Poker, Common Draw Roulette, High Low Draw, European Blackjack, Oasis Poker, Perfect Pair Blackjack, Pirate 21, Poker3 (Heads Up Hold’em), Pontoon, Ride’em Poker, Single Deck Blackjack, Super 7, Three Card Rummy, Top Card Trumps, Tri Card Poker, Triple Edge Poker
Table Games Not Offered: Big Six, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, War
Min and Max Table Game Bets: $.25-$500

As is the case with their slot selection, GT Bets blew us out of the water when it came to table games. There are more than 20 different titles, and they went as far as to offer multiple similar titles from different software providers. If you didn’t enjoy Betsoft’s 21 Burn, you can try out the same game from Arrow’s Edge. With a fairly robust betting range and plenty of games from which to choose, there is something for every type of casino player.

The $0.25 minimum wager applies almost exclusively applies to roulette games; most of the other table games feature a $1 minimum wager.

Live Dealer Games at

As of 2018 there are no live dealer games offered by GT Bets.

Mobile Casino at

The mobile casino offered by GT Bets is like many other mobile casinos in that it exists not as an application that can be downloaded to your phone or tablet, but as a web page. Once you navigate to the mobile GT Bets casino, you will feel as though you are using an app rather than scrolling through any other average mobile website.

Keeping things consistent, there are more than 100 slot games and more than 15 table games to play. Though you will not find every single game on the mobile site, you will find a good majority of them.

Sign Up Bonus at Casino

The sign up bonus for casino players is exactly the same as it is for sports bettors, probably because these two are often one in the same at GT Bets. Though the bonus is the same, there is one portion of the terms that is worth mentioning. In the terms it says, very clearly, that any attempt to use bonus funds on baccarat, craps, or European roulette will result in all winnings being negated. In addition, GT Bets threatens to close any account that attempts to make these types of bets.

Other Promotions at Casino

There are a few other promotions, some of which are aimed at casino players, but they are not exactly anything to write home about. The only promotion worth mentioning is the 10% weekly casino rebate, which rewards players some of their losses incurred in a weekly period.


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