Ethereum Sportsbooks

Ethereum, as you likely know, is a cryptocurrency that started breaking ground in 2013 and made its debut in June of 2015. Very much like Bitcoin and sometimes referred to as Bitcoin 2.0, those who have Ethereum may receive or send money over the Internet with no taxes or any third party interference to worry about. Online sportsbooks have begun accepting Ethereum as a deposit and withdrawal method, making transactions that much easier.

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Ethereum was created to try and take cryptocurrency to another level in that unlike Bitcoin, it is used as a platform for building applications and does so by using something called smart contracts. Interestingly, only a handful of sportsbooks allow Ether deposits, but the few who do are very reputable. We include a list of the top Ethereum sportsbooks below, and discuss the potential future of ETH and sports betting.

Who Currently Accepts Ethereum for Sports Betting?

1. has long been a pioneer in the online sports betting industry, and they were one of the first books to accept Ethereum for deposits. Players can quickly deposit ETH into their accounts without any fees and will be able to place bets in a matter of minutes. In addition to this, withdrawals are processed in an expedited manner.

Beyond lightning fast processing speeds,’s Ethereum deposits also come with a large deposit bonus for new sign ups. You will be able to take advantage of this bonus money with your first ETH deposit, and you can be rest assured that you are betting with a site that has been around for decades and has a sterling reputation in the sports betting world.

2. is one of the most easily recognizable brand names in online sports betting. Currently, BOL accepts a number of different cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. These cryptos were added to the deposit options in 2017 and they plan to add more in the future.

While BetOnline’s Ethereum presence and other crypto options are not nearly as expansive as those of, it is still one of the definitively top ETH sports betting sites. New players are eligible for a deposit bonus and will be able to play using Ethereum at the site’s poker room and casino in addition to the sportsbook.

3. is actually a sister site to, and it has been around nearly as long. The same management team runs both properties, so you should expect to find (roughly) the same experience with both sportsbooks. As such, both of these betting sites actively accept Ethereum.

The biggest difference between these two sites will usually be found in the current promotions that are running. does offer a deposit bonus for new players, including those using ETH as a deposit method.

Is Ethereum the Future of Online Sports Betting?

With the popularity it has already gained in a relatively short period of time because of the newly unique advantages it provides as if it were its own financial ecosystem, Ethereum is presumably on its way as well to becoming an integral part of the world of cryptocurrency and online gambling. 

Right now, Bitcoin is the fastest, cheapest, and most reliable form of depositing and withdrawing to online sports betting sites. Since Bitcoin became huge to the gambling world there is no reason to think Ethereum would not be right behind it. Bitcoin is hands down the method most preferred by customers that have a Bitcoin wallet and it is just as great for the sites as the customer since there are no fees or any risk of interference by another authority. That is why all the casinos that accept Bitcoin and offer deposit bonuses tend to offer larger bonuses for those using Bitcoin.

Ethereum is not front and center yet, but there is every reason to think it will be because it is too easy to use for sites to pass up as an option. Gamblers thrive on fast transaction as much as they do action and cryptocurrency is here to give us precisely that.

Even with having to invest in it to also use it, since anyone would love to be able to deposit and collect money quickly without having to use their name or pay anything extra for the service, it is only a matter of time before it starts popping up all over the major gambling sites. As far as how it will do in the world of cryptocurrency altogether, well, as long as there are no major bugs or flaws in its creation slowing down its growth, Ethereum could be the number one word going around sooner before later.

How Do I Deposit and Withdraw?

When you are at the site you are playing on, click on where it says cashier or anywhere that mentions depositing. From there you will be given a list of deposit options. Look for Ethereum or Ether. Then you transfer the funds to your account controlled by the casino. In a few minutes or seconds, you will be ready to go.

Withdrawing is just as easy. Go back to the cashier and click on withdrawals. This process is also done instantly. Note that every site has different policies on how much and how often you can deposit and withdraw.

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