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Despite its “.eu” web address, Bookmaker is based out of Costa Rica and is a member of the BetCRIS family of online casinos. In case you were unaware, BetCRIS was a front-runner in offshore online casino gaming industry and is a well-established, well-respected part of the global network of online casinos and sportsbooks. Having proven their trustworthiness over the past decade or more, Bookmaker has drawn a large betting audience to themselves.

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The following will serve to better educate you on what is all about and what they have to offer you. Offering an unbiased view into the casino’s offering, this piece will pick apart the most important aspects of any competent, trustworthy, and expansive online sportsbook.

Site Design and Features

The general design and layout of Bookmaker’s site lends itself to usability as most any sports betting market is available directly from the homepage in neat and organized fashion. The dominantly white color scheme is accented nicely by black and gold to make it both attractive, but also very easy on the eyes; a nice change from the “loud” site designs that are becoming all too popular nowadays.

Located front and center on the homepage are some of the day’s most popular betting options as well as betting lines for matches and games that are just about to start. With just one click of the mouse on the left hand side of the screen will take you to any and all sports markets available to be wagered upon. In addition to aesthetic appeal, the white layout also gives Bookmaker a more organized, less cluttered feel to it. All in all, we are huge fans of Bookmaker’s site layout and design.

Sports Markets

Keeping with the positives, Bookmaker offers a wide variety of betting markets across an expansive selection of sports and leagues upon which you can wager. From major United States sports leagues like the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL, to leagues from other, smaller countries, Bookmaker really does its best to keep their betting selections evenly spread across a large spectrum of sports and leagues.

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Even more obscure betting markets such as those for martial arts events and Aussie rules football exist for bettors who may stray from more conventional betting options.

Actually proceeding with placing a wager is as easy as possible too. Because it is all about simplicity, there is nothing confusing about the way lines are laid out nor the way wagers are placed. Once you have located your preferred match, game, or event, it only takes a few clicks and a few strokes of the keyboard in order for you to place whatever wager you would like.

As far as the number of wagers able to be placed per match/game, that is where Bookmaker is lacking. Apart from a simple moneyline, over/under, and point spread, Bookmaker does not get very adventurous when it comes to wager-types. Unlike other sites that offer player and game prop bets, Bookmaker is, in a way, generic.

What makes up for Bookmaker’s lack of wagering options is the fact that live betting is available for most major sporting events. The existence of live betting is crucial because it allows you to take into consideration many factors that those who place wagers prior to the beginning of the event quite simply do not have the ability to factor in. The live betting feature of the sportsbook is highly functional and simple to use as well.

Deposit/Withdrawal Options

When it comes down to it, most bettors are really only concerned with how easily they can fund their account, and how easily they can withdraw money from their account. With regard to funding a player account, you can do so by way of most major credit/debit cards. Additionally, you are able to wire money directly from your bank account to your Bookmaker player bankroll. Major e-wallet Neteller is also an avenue by which you can make a deposit to your player account. Of course, as it is most anywhere, there are fees, requirements, and restrictions tied with each form of deposit, so be sure to read up on these before attempting to move cash into your Bookmaker account. EcoCards are another deposit option.

As far as withdrawing funds from your account is concerned, you are able to do so by way of EcoCards, Neteller, Person to Person transaction, or by way of a mailed check. As is the case with deposits, withdrawals also carry with them special restrictions, requirements, and fees.

Mobile Betting

Though you are not able to download a app from the Apple App Store nor the Google Play Store, the sportsbook does have an in-browser application that is able to work on most smartphones’ web browsers. The site looks identical to their web-based address, but is set up more like a smartphone application than anything else.

As is the case with most things relating to Bookmaker, the mobile sports betting option is incredibly simple to use. Even live betting is available via the mobile betting option, so you know that Bookmaker really has their bases covered.

Final Decision

All things considered, is a great site for most every type of sports bettor. Able to cater to the needs of people who may bet on only one sport while also catering to the needs of those who bet on anything and everything, Bookmaker is quite versatile in its offering. Though we would like to see them expand upon the number of wager-types available for each game/match, most of the site’s other features make up for this deficiency.

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