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Players Accepted: United States, Canada
Players Not Accepted: The site’s terms and conditions do not mention any restricted countries and their customer service was reluctant to answer our questions regarding restricted/prohibited countries

BetNow is both a sportsbook and casino that first opened for business in mid-2016. The site followed the lead of so many other sportsbooks in that it is licensed by and based out of the Caribbean island nation of Curacao. Despite the .eu in their web address, it is clear to see that they cater to a North American (and more specifically, United States) audience first and foremost. This is something that can be derived simply by logging into the sportsbook and viewing the available betting markets.

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Even though BetNow may not have such a proven track record, it is doing in only a few years what some sportsbooks have not done in decades, and that is build a positive reputation for itself. Between the satisfaction of users and the fact that their lines and odds have been featured by leading US sports media outlets, it is clear to see why BetNow is growing at such a rapid rate.

Sportsbook at BetNow

First and foremost, the sportsbook at is excellent because it makes the account creation process as simple as possible. By supplying just a few quick details, including an email, address, and a security question, you can create an account in less than a minute. This makes life so much easier for new players.

As for the sportsbook itself, it can best be described as comprehensive in its offering. There is a heavy focus on sports and leagues from the United States, but there is an almost equal emphasis on leagues and competitions from around the world. Fortunately, this complete selection of betting markets is quite simple to navigate through, as even the most specific competitions are available right from the home page. There is no need to go clicking through three pages simply to place a bet.

Making things even easier, there are subtle, helpful directions on screen that show you exactly how to add potential wagers to a bet slip and eventually place them. By all accounts, BetNow is a well-organized site that is easy to use and boasting a selection of betting markets that few can compete with.

Reputation of

WCI Reputation Rating: 5/5

We have absolutely no complaints with regard to BetNow’s reputation and feel as though it could not really get any stronger. Not only is the site licensed by the government of Curacao, it has been featured by outlets such as ESPN and, adding a bit more trustworthiness to their name. On top of all of this, BetNow has never been at the center of any controversies or scam accusations. An online sportsbook being in the headlines is usually not such a good thing at all, but in the case of BetNow it could not be better.

Sports and Leagues Offered at

Primary Sports Offered: Basketball, Baseball, Football, Hockey, Soccer
Other Sports Offered: Auto Racing, Tennis, MMA, Boxing, Golf
Not Offered: Cricket, Darts, Handball, Rugby, Snooker, Entertainment, Political, Financial, Volleyball

People refer to BetNow as being a sportsbook that caters primarily to a United States audience due to the types of sports that are featured primarily. Immediately, you will notice that the sports featured are those that are most popular in the United States, including baseball, basketball, and football. While this presents an overall limited selection of sports from which to bet on, the coverage of leagues and competitions beneath the sports that are offered is second to none. Baseball may be most popular in the United States, but BetNow does well to feature more than just Major League Baseball.

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The same goes for most of the other sports featured, too. The sports may be those most popular in the United States, but the coverage extends to leagues and competitions the world over. You will not find sports like rugby and volleyball featured, and this is more than likely due to these sports not being so popular in the US.

Baseball at

The coverage of baseball at BetNow is great because it is as diverse as you will find anywhere. Naturally, every Major League Baseball regular season and playoff game will have betting lines, but what really surprised us was the fact that even minor league ball was featured. In addition to that, you can place wagers on games from the professional divisions of Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, and Mexico.

For almost every baseball game that BetNow offers lines for, you will see point spread, moneyline, and totals (over/under) betting options. There may be a few games where only two of the three are available, but more often than not you will have, at minimum, those options.

When it comes to MLB betting, however, you have a slew of different markets, ranging from player and team props, to all sorts of different futures wagers, and even five inning betting. For a site that touts America’s pastime as one of its primary sports offerings, really lives up to the hype.

Basketball at

Basketball betting at BetNow is not limited to the NBA and NCAA, but mimics baseball in its global reach. It goes without saying that the NBA is the most closely covered basketball league, being equipped with futures and prop bets in addition to traditional game lines, but there are betting options for the WNBA, all sorts of global leagues, and even BIG 3, a 3v3 basketball league that was founded by rapper Ice Cube. To make a long story short, there is no shortage of basketball betting options.

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Football at

Football betting is one of the few selections where your options are limited only to North America, primarily because the sport is not played in too many other places. Luckily, your betting options include the NFL, NCAA, and Canadian Football League, or CFL. The CFL has first and second half betting to accompany normal game lines, same with NCAA, but the NFL features quarter-by-quarter betting, props, and futures.

Hockey and Other Sports at

Hockey betting follows that of basketball and baseball in that it features more than just US leagues, but unlike the aforementioned two the coverage is not quite as extensive. It is clear to see that the NHL is the world’s most popular professional hockey league, and BetNow handles that accordingly. The existence of other hockey lines and betting options depends on the popularity of the event. For example, ice hockey played at the Winter Olympics would boast game lines at BetNow, but a normal exhibition match between two countries will probably not.

The only other sport where the coverage is more or less airtight is soccer. We could spend a full page discussing only the different soccer leagues covered by BetNow, but suffice it to say that there are a lot. From the absolute most popular leagues in England, Spain, and France, to leagues in countries you might not have known existed, you will have a difficult time finding better soccer coverage anywhere else.

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Beyond soccer, however, there is not too much in the way of other sports markets upon which you can wager. You will find that high-profile boxing and MMA matches are listed, same too with big auto racing events, but other sports seem to be left out in the cold altogether. It is important to note that BetNow tailors their listings to the sports and leagues that are in session currently. For this reason, there is a chance you would see betting lines for a sport like rugby should the World Cup be being held at that particular time.

Live Betting at

The live betting interface is great in that it is setup in almost the exact same fashion as the rest of the sportsbook. On the left side of the screen you will see a listing of the different live sporting events, while the middle of the screen is populated by either the market which you have selected or the currently ongoing top events. Off to the right is where your bet slip is built. The overall user-friendliness of the live betting feature is great in that there is almost no learning curve. If you can navigate the rest of the sportsbook, the live betting (or in-play) will present you no issues whatsoever.

In terms of live betting available, it is a good bit more limited than the rest of the sportsbook. While there might be pregame lines available for foreign baseball and basketball leagues, you will seldom find these same leagues featured in the live betting section. This is not true all of the time, but holds true quite often. Soccer betting, surprisingly, does feature a fairly complete depth of coverage, but this is one of the few live markets where so many leagues foreign to the United States are featured.

Bet Types at

Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Parlay, Totals, Round Robin, IF, Reverse, Player/Team Props, Futures Wagers
Not Offered: Alternate Lines, Teasers, Exotic Parlays

The bet types offered by BetNow can best be described as normal and about what you would expect. For most games, you will see moneyline, spread, and totals betting options at a minimum. If you focus just on the most popular sports markets, such as baseball and basketball, the number of betting options begins to increase. This is where you will find the largest number of props and futures wagers. In fact, for most of the sports markets at BetNow futures and prop bets are not available.

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We did find it a bit annoying that teaser bets were not allowed, but were pleasantly surprised to learn of their offering round robins. You will not find much of anything that is too out of the ordinary in terms of the bet types offered by BetNow, but you will more than likely find what you are looking for. Mobile Sports Betting

The great thing about mobile sports betting with is that there is almost no change between the desktop and mobile versions of the sportsbook. The coverage of sports and leagues is identical between the two platforms, and the overall look and feel of the mobile site can best be described as a miniature version of the desktop site.

As is the case with most mobile sportsbooks, BetNow mobile can be accessed from your web browser and does not need to be downloaded, nor can it be. With all offered bet types at your disposal, including live betting, there is nothing we could find wrong with BetNow’s mobile betting.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

The sign up bonus offered to new sportsbook bettors is similar to what you will find at the overwhelming majority of other sites out there. BetNow offers a 50% match on all first time deposits that are of at least $50 and of no more than $2,000. There is another option that functions as a 25% matching bonus, and the draw to this is that it features just a 5x rollover requirement where as the aforementioned 50% matching bonus carries a 10x requirement.

Horses, Esports, and Financials at

For those interested in betting on horse racing, you will be happy to know that there is an entire section of the site dedicated to it, known as the Racebook. By and large, a majority of the tracks featured are those in the United States, from New Jersey to California and everywhere in between. There are a plethora of horse tracks, but in addition to this you will also find harness and greyhound tracks.

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The coverage of races from the United States is extensive, but with betting on races from at least seven other countries included as well, there is almost never a time where there isn’t a forthcoming race.

Apart from horse racing (and the various other forms of racing featured), there is not much to speak of when it comes to betting on eSports and financials markets. BetNow tends to keep it in the middle of the road and does not stray too far from what most would refer to as traditional sports. Being that eSports and wagers on the financial happenings of the world are still somewhat new and not popular amongst BetNow’s US target audience, it does not come as much of a surprise that the two—and many other similar markets—are not included.

Casino at

Software Platform: AST Gaming
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Live Dealer, Video Poker, Keno, Scratchoffs
Games Not Offered: Bingo, Lottery

At first glance, it may seem like BetNow has a large online casino to compliment the sportsbook, but this is not so much the case when you look a little closer. Though all of the basic game categories are covered, you will quickly find that the quantity of games is lacking severely.

With just a little over 40 slot titles and about 20 table games (many of which are different versions of the same game), there is a lot left to be desired about BetNow’s casino. At the same time, however, BetNow presents itself as a sportsbook first and foremost. To judge the site based off their casino offering would not be fair as the casino seems to be more of an add-on than anything else.

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What we will say, however, is that their live dealer casino is worth checking out and is something players regularly report as having pleasantly surprised them. There is not a wealth of games offered here, either, but the overall quality of the gameplay experience will force you to forget about that quickly.

Slots at

Number of Slots: ~40
Min and Max Slot Bets: $.01-$1.00/spin

Being that AST Gaming is not the world most renowned software provider, it should not come as much of a surprise that the quality of the games on offer is less than stellar. Though the themes of the games may vary, the general gameplay experience is the same across most of them.

In other words, apart from some subtle sound and graphics variations, it feels as though you are spinning the same grouping of reels over and over. The limits for the game are decent, but will not blow you out of the water. Being that these games are mostly for use by casino players who have ventured over from the sportsbook, the lower limits may actually be a good thing.

Table Games at

Table Games Offered: Blackjack, Craps, Roulette (French, European, and American), Caribbean Stud, Baccarat, Pai Gow, Poker 3, Crazy Poker, Casino War, Keep’em Poker, Red Dog, Hoo Hey Now, Sic Bo
Table Games Not Offered: Let it Ride, Oasis Poker, Ride’em Poker, Three Card Rummy, Big Six, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, War
Min and Max Bets: $1-$1,000

The offering of table games is mostly dominated by different versions of blackjack, but does well to feature three versions of roulette as well as other mainstays such as baccarat and craps. There are a handful of more obscure casino games, such as Red Dog, Poker 3, and Crazy Poker, and those are the games that feature the lowest max betting limit (usually around $250).

The quality of the games leaves a little to be desired in that the graphics seem to be from the early 2000s, but the functionality of the games leaves us with nothing to complain about. What’s more, the simplistic nature of the casino software means that there is very little difference between the desktop and mobile offerings.

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Last but not least, you will notice that the minimum and maximum bets range quite drastically, from as little as $1 to as much as $1,000 per hand/spin/game. This is not something you will find on many other sportsbooks that also boast online casinos.

Live Dealer Games at

As was touched upon briefly already, the live dealer aspect of BetNow’s online casino is what is beginning to catch some attention. The main reason for this is the quality. Everything that the traditional online casino software lacks, the live dealer software more than makes up for. This is thanks to the fact that Visionary iGaming is responsible for hosting live dealer games. Not only does this mean you will be greeted at every table by a kind, knowledgeable, attractive dealer/croupier, it means that the quality of the stream will be top-notch as well.

As far as what live dealer games are on offer, you have blackjack, European and American roulette, baccarat, and Super 6. There are a variety of different betting range levels, but wagers mimic the traditional casino in that they can start as low as $1 and range up to $1,000 and beyond. In fact, blackjack hands can run as high as $2,500.

Mobile Casino at

Once again, the biggest draw to the mobile casino is the live dealer games that are compatible with most every mobile device. All of the games and betting ranges that are accessible from your desktop are also available on any smartphone or tablet.

There are digital casino games also available for play on mobile devices, but they number even fewer for mobile players than they do for those playing on a desktop or laptop. All things considered, mobile casino games from BetNow are not the best you will find online. They work fine, but the gameplay experience is as bland as it comes.

Casino Sign Up Bonus at

The sign up bonus offered to casino players who are new to is the identical matching bonuses that were described above for sportsbook bettors. The only exceptions being that, for the 50% matching bonus, the rollover requirement for casino players is 30x, and for the 25% matching bonus the rollover requirement is 15x.

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