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When you first get to the 5Dimes casino site, your first instinct might be to quickly exit your browser and take your money elsewhere. The reason for this is due to the fact that 5Dimes really does not come off as the most professional of sites. Their site design is extremely basic and, quite frankly, it doesn’t fit with the site designs you will see at most every other online casino.

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With all that being said, however, 5Dimes is one of the best and most trusted casinos around. What’s more, they have been in business since 1999, so they have an extensive—and overwhelmingly positive—track record and are held in high regard amongst players who have been online for a decade or more.

Site Design and Game Software

As was mentioned above, the overall design of 5Dimes’ site is nothing to write home about. The glitz and glam that typically accompanies online casinos was left back in 1999, and it seems as though the site has not been altered since then either. While this may be a drawback for some, the simplicity of the site lends itself to user-friendliness, and this is never a bad thing.

While the site itself may be more lackluster than anything else, the software powering 5Dimes’ games is top-class. Real Time Gaming is tasked with providing the casino games at 5Dimes, and more than 200 different games is exactly what RTG has furnished. Coming from such a renowned software company, it goes without saying that every game at 5Dimes is highly functional, responsive, and glitch-free. These are three qualities that are sure to please any and all casino players.

For those players who find themselves traveling often, 5Dimes is right up your alley thanks to their offering of mobile real money casino play. Just about any game that is able to be played on your computer is also able to be played on your smartphone or tablet. Able to function within your device’s browser, the mobile gaming option is available to you so long as you can access the internet. This really means that your favorite casino games are only ever seconds away.

Game Offering

A site having more than 200 real money games is fine, but if there isn’t a lot of variety things tend to get old quickly. Luckily, variety is exactly what 5Dimes specializes in. Not only are there are a wide array of casino games, ranging from blackjack and roulette, to craps and keno, but they are constantly being updated and added to. This especially applies to slot games, as this selection is growing perpetually. What’s more, the slot selection has a nice mix of classic 3 and 5-reel games and the newer digital slots that have really grown in popularity in recent years. If you are hoping to strike it rich with just one spin of the wheel, that too can be done at 5Dimes thanks to the array of progressive jackpots.

Just about every casino game you could wish is offered by 5Dimes. 20+ video slots, a boatload of slots, and as many other casino games as you can think of mean that you will literally never grow bored of what 5Dimes has at its disposal.

Something worth nothing, and something we really liked about the RTG software employed by 5Dimes is its synchrony. Every table game is played on a dark blue, felt table and the whole feel of the casino is consistent and professional. Do not let the homepage fool you, because 5Dimes is the real deal.

5Dimes Sportsbook

No matter where you look, there is little chance that you will find a site with a better sportsbook than 5Dimes. The reasons for this are many, and we will only need to touch on a few to have you convinced.

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First and foremost, there is a large selection of sports and leagues upon which you can wager. There is no denying that 5Dimes seeks out and mostly caters to United States-based bettors, but there are plenty of lines available for sports and leagues from Europe and elsewhere around the world. The highest saturation of lines falls under leagues like the NHL, NFL, MLB, and NBA. Still, leagues like the English Premier League and various rugby leagues are offered as well. Long story short, 5Dimes has a large selection of sports betting markets, and the quantity only seems to continue to grow.

The second thing we absolutely love about 5Dimes’ overall offering is their incredibly wide betting limits. While most sites require you to lay down $1-$5 as a minimum bet, 5Dimes, as the name implies, allows for wagers as low as $0.50. The exact caps on wagers depend upon what sport/league you are betting on, but they will be made quite clear when they do exist. You will seldom be able to find a single sportsbook able to offer more flexible betting minimums and more liberal betting maximums.

Finally, there is the reduced juice you find at 5Dimes. In case you are unaware, juice is something you get from just about every sportsbook out there. In essence, juice, also referred to as vig, is the tiny fraction of every bet that the sportsbook takes in order to keep themselves in business. Reduced juice at 5Dimes means that lines that are usually -110 will be listed at -105. Inexperienced bettors may scoff at such a small difference in odds, but over time these small amounts really add up and you end up doing nothing more than, quite literally, throwing money away. In order to win $100 on a wager, you will need to risk $105. This means that you are getting very close to even money odds; as close as you will get at any online real money sportsbook.

Something that was a bit strange about 5Dimes had to do with their mobile offering. While the betting minimums on the traditional desktop site run as low as $0.50, the mobile arm of the site does not feature such low minimums. This is often something that people do not take into consideration and it really is important. In fact, there are countless people who have signed up at 5Dimes only to find out about this weird, mobile sportsbook quirk.

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Speaking of 5Dimes mobile, our opinion is that it is great to use. Like the traditional web-based sportsbook, the mobile sportsbook is simplistic in its design and therefore incredibly easy to use. As is the case with most mobile sportsbooks, 5Dimes does not offer a dedicated application, but rather a sportsbook that works within your phone/tablet’s web browser.


Though 5Dimes is not exactly as friendly to new players as some other sites are, they do not shy away from offering their customers plenty of opportunities to win extra cash without sacrificing anymore of their own. Things like Bonus Baccarat Mondays and 2-1 Blackjack Blow-Out Fridays all make for a fun and exciting casino experience where bonus money is always right around the corner.

Available Banking Methods at 5Dimes

Right now, there exist quite a few different methods by which you are able to both fund a player account at 5Dimes as well as cash out any winnings you might earn.

As far as depositing is concerned, credit cards are your best bet as they are able to be executed 24/7 and carry no fee. Unfortunately, you are not able to withdraw winnings via credit card so this may create problems for some.

The next banking method is a Person to Person transfer. These can be completed between 9AM and 10PM Monday thru Saturday, and between 9AM and 8PM on Sundays. For withdrawals, Person to Person transfers can be executed 7 days a week between the hours of 9AM and 1PM.

Cashier’s checks are an acceptable withdrawal method, but only if you are completing the transfer between 9AM and 1PM Monday thru Thursday. What’s more, they carry fees of up to $80. The same is true of money order withdrawals. For money order deposits, however, you will need to call customer support and be walked through the steps.

Bitcoin is a newer banking method accepted by 5Dimes, and it is accepted 7 days a week and carries no fee. The catch is, you are only able to complete a bitcoin transactions between 9AM and 11PM.

The last accepted banking method is only able to facilitate withdrawals. You are able to execute a bank wire payout between 9AM and 1PM Monday thru Thursday. The fee for this cash out is a flat $80.

Final Thought on 5Dimes

All things considered, 5Dimes is a top-notch online casino that is able to offer just about everything you desire from a highly regarded site. The game selection is huge, the software is both highly functional and trustworthy, and the site itself has an extensive track record that is more or less blemish-free. There are few sites who can offer what 5Dimes does. Sure, we would like to see them treat first-time depositors a bit better, but with the sheer number of promotions being run at any point in time, this isn’t the biggest drawback in the world. All in all, 5Dimes is a great online casino.

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