Major League Soccer Betting

Soccer, also known as football or fútbol to some, has historically been one of the most popular sports on an international level for decades. This is especially true in Europe as soccer is widely considered to be a top three sport in terms of popularity. In the world of sports betting it is no different; betting on soccer is rapidly growing, accessible, and online sportsbooks are more than willing to accept any action on soccer, including Major League Soccer (MLS).

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However, if you were to look at things objectively, Major League Soccer is one of the least popular professional leagues within professional soccer relative to European and South American leagues, such as the English Premier League. This doesn’t have any effect on whether or not online sportsbooks are willing to offer action on Major League Soccer but this point should be considered by sports bettors as it speaks to the quality of competition found within the league and the level of media attention the league attracts both in the United States and abroad.

The league itself is still relatively young, having first started in 1996 but has quickly grown to 23 teams. There are a total of 179 regular season games played each year, which helps contribute to the rising popularity of the sport among fans and sports bettors. In general, you will find that most (if not all) online sportsbooks and Las Vegas sportsbooks will accept wagers on Major League Soccer games. With the league attracting more and more European stars during the twilight years of their career you can expect the international sports betting community to take notice and continue to contribute to the rising popularity of MLS betting.

Where to Bet MLS Games

As we indicated above soccer is an international game and betting on soccer is rapidly growing in popularity. With that said, finding an online sportsbook that offers action on Major League Soccer is not difficult. Below are two top online sportsbooks we recommend for betting on Major League Soccer.


One of the most trusted and reliable online sportsbooks out there is most certainly This one reason why we highly recommend as one of your first choices for betting on Major League Soccer. accepts wagers on Major League Soccer daily during the regular season. Typically, you can find games posted at least two or three days in advance of the scheduled game day.

While does offer live betting on sports, including soccer, we found that they prioritize their offering to major events such as the World Cup or Champions League and international leagues found in Europe. That is not to say their live betting offering does not include Major League Soccer. It simply comes down to the live betting weekly schedule, which they release on their website in advance.

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Limits and Types of MLS Bets at

The bet limits and bet types on Major League Soccer at are fairly high and plentiful. The maximum wager limit for the point spread, moneyline, and totals (over/under) is $10,000. While the minimum bet requirement is $1 or $100 if you place your bet over the phone.

Beyond the standard bet types for wagering on the point spread, the moneyline, and the over/under totals, we did not see any furthering line offerings on However, this is quite standard for Major League Soccer betting. The only other relevant bet types offered are future bets and prop bets.

While we did not see any posted futures for Major League Soccer, does have a dedicated section for futures. It is mostly made up of major events such as the World Cup, Super Bowl or futures pertaining to the NBA or NFL, which are a bit more popular in the United States than soccer is. We cannot confirm that futures are available for the MLS, however, it does seem very likely as it is advertised on the site. It may boil down to futures only being available during certain times of the year, such as the beginning of the MLS season.

Prop bets are similar to futures in the sense that we did not see any available. However, we have a strong inclination to believe that prop bets are available when live betting is offered on MLS games. Examples of prop bets for MLS include, which team will score first in the second half, how many saves will be made in one half, and so on and so forth.


Our second recommendation for online sports betting on MLS games is With a strong and trustworthy reputation in the online gaming industry, you really cannot go wrong with

This site offers action on Major League Soccer throughout the regular season and playoffs and you can typically view the lines at least one day in advance of the scheduled game date.

Much like other online sportsbooks who offer live betting on professional soccer, you will typically find that prioritizes soccer live betting for more popular leagues in Europe and special tournaments such as the Champions League or World Cup. However, they do advertise live betting as a whole and you can confirm what is available on a daily basis by logging onto your account and/or contacting customer support.

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Limits and Types of MLS Bets at

The largest wager you can make on Major League Soccer at is $3,000 on any one of their moneylines. Spread and total bets go up to $2,000 and team total wagers go as high as $500. Relative to this is lower, however, on par with most other online sportsbook offering action on Major League Soccer. The minimum wager must be at least $1.

In addition to moneyline, point spread, and totals you will also find that offers futures and prop bets on soccer. However, the futures available are mostly limited to non-US leagues and events as they attract more online sports bettors and casual fans. During our review and visit, we only saw futures pertaining to the World Cup and other tournaments so we recommend checking futures for MLS at the onset of the regular season and/or contacting customer support.

The prop bets for Major League Soccer are mostly available during in-game betting if/when live betting action is available for MLS games. Examples include which team will score first, who will lead at halftime, how many saves will be made in a given half, and so on and so forth.

Other Sportsbooks with MLS

Given the popularity of soccer and online sports betting on soccer, you will find that most, if not, all sportsbook offer action on MLS games. We recommend looking into, BetOnline, GT Bets, and 5Dimes.

Types of Bets in MLS

As discussed at length throughout this article the main bet types and lines available for MLS games are point spread lines, moneylines, totals (over/under), and team totals. However, as also indicated prop betting is very popular (when available) during in-game betting at certain online sportsbooks.

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In fact, MLS, and soccer in general for that matter, often have an array of prop bets to choose from given the length of their games, the number of players on the field during the game, and the many outcomes that can occur in a half and an entire game.

Another option you will find available for Major League Soccer betting at most online sportsbooks is parlay bets. Parlay bets require two or more different bets to be graded as a win in order to receive a payout for parlaying the bets.

Juice/Vig on MLS Bets

In general, the juice/vig on MLS action is relatively favorable. One of the more popular online sportsbooks 5Dimes may offer -105 lines on MLS games from time to time. However, other online sportsbooks are fairly competitive in terms of their juice/vig. As Major League Soccer becomes more and more popular, attracts European stars, and matures as a sports league it will also attract less savvy sports bettors. This is likely to keep the juice/vig relatively favorable as sportsbooks may be able to capitalize on the action received from new or casual sports bettors who are fans or new to Major League Soccer.