English Premier League Soccer Betting

Without a doubt, the English Premier League is the world’s top football/soccer league. Other than a few professional sports leagues in the United States, the EPL is the most valuable league in the world, with more than $6.1 billion in revenue created annually, according to Deloitte. A league of this magnitude is viewed by people from all over, many of whom also place bets on the games’ outcomes. In fact, even if some US leagues outrank the EPL in terms of revenue, it is difficult to believe they have the EPL beat in terms of number of bets placed. To say that the English Premier League is one of the most popular leagues in the eyes of bettors is by no means an understatement.

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Whether you are from the United States or any other part of the world, any competent sportsbook will offer betting on the English Premier League. With that being said, it follows that not every sportsbook is going to feature the same level of coverage. While some sites do well to promote their EPL coverage, other feature the league as more of an afterthought than anything else. The difficult and important task for bettors is to decipher which sites are which.

Regardless of where in the world you may be living, the English Premier League will be one of the most popular sports. As a byproduct of this, there will also be sportsbooks offering betting options for each and every game that takes place in a given year.

Live Betting on the English Premier League

Unlike many lesser-popular soccer leagues, where the number and types of bets available are limited, such is not the case with the EPL. Live betting, for example, remains one of the top options for bettors and comes standard at most sites that offer EPL betting. Because soccer is such a difficult sport to predict, many bettors wait until a few minutes of the match have elapsed before placing any wagers. As such, there is a comprehensive live betting interface inherent at any reputable sportsbook.

Live betting can come in a number of different forms in much the same way that pre-match wagering can. As the match progresses, you will see shifting odds for standard moneyline, spread, and totals betting. In addition, there will be ever-changing proposition bets as well. Some of these in-game propositions will cover the next team to score or even the correct final score, while others will be as specific as the next player to score a goal or the timeframe within which a goal will happen. For example, you might see a proposition concerning whether or not a goal will be scored during minutes 45-60 of a given soccer match. There are many different types of in-game wagers, and the exact offering will, as it usually does, vary between different sportsbooks.

English Premier League Proposition Betting

Another popular way of betting on the EPL is by way of proposition bets regarding where a team will sit when the season has concluded, or has reached the halfway point. Betting on a perennially heavy favorite such as Manchester City week in and week out may not seem like such a valuable bet, but a pre-season wager on them to lift the trophy at season’s end might be. Back in 2015 when Leicester City made their improbable run to a league title, pre-season wagers with odds as high as 5,000:1 made a few lucky folks very rich. While this is undoubtedly an outlier, it does well to illustrate the potential winnings one stands to reel in on a correct pre-season proposition wager.

Juice/Vig on English Premier League Bets

Generally speaking, the vig/juice charged on EPL bets will be higher for US-facing sites than it is for sites from the UK and/or Europe. Though the gap is slowly but surely changing, US sportsbooks generally do not focus as heavily on the EPL as they do the NFL or NBA. The result of this is higher vig utilized as the sportsbook’s means of protecting itself.
We expect that the incidence of higher vig on EPL bets for US bettors will become a thing of the past as the popularity of the league continues to surge.

Where to Bet on the English Premier League

We are not exaggerating when we say that there are thousands upon thousands of sportsbooks that will offer EPL betting to some degree. As was briefly touched upon above, no two sportsbooks will feature the same exact offering as the coverage available to you is drastically different in varying parts of the world. Below, we will briefly highlight the top EPL online sportsbooks for bettors from the United States and elsewhere in the world.

Top Sportsbook for US Bettors

1. MyBookie.ag

MyBooke has recently emerged as one of the best betting options—regardless of sport/league—that exists for US bettors. Their desktop and mobile applications are nearly identical, and their coverage of sports and leagues is beyond reproach. As an extension of this, MyBookie’s depth of coverage as it relates to the English Premier League is something most other sportsbooks should try and are trying to emulate. The account creation process takes only a matter of minutes, too.

In terms of EPL betting, there will be lines for every game of every season. In addition to your standard moneyline, total, and spread betting options, MyBookie does well to host a variety of other propositions and lines. Examples of this include propositions regarding if a specific team will keep a clean sheet, alternate goal lines and totals, and segmented bets, such as a wager on who will win a specific half. On top of all of this, there is in game, or live, betting that gives bettors plenty of lines and props while the game is still unfolding. Other sites that cater to US sports bettors may have EPL betting lines, but you will be hard-pressed to find much more than the three standard pre-match betting options.

Something worth mentioning is that the juice/vig on MyBookie EPL lines is consistently smaller than what you will find at sites like Bovada. Though the margin is often slight, the odds on MyBookie are more favorable for bettors than they are at almost any other popular US-facing sportsbook. The difference in odds might be small more often than not, but over time this can make a massive difference.

Top Sportsbook for Non-US Bettors

1. Intertops.eu

Intertops is an incredible site for non-US bettors that would like to heavily focus their betting action on the English Premier League. Yet again, creating an account is something that will take no more than a few minutes. What we loved about Intertops’ EPL betting is that it is much more interactive than most other sportsbooks. Rather than simply post lines and odds, Intertops will have a running ticker of different prop bets that can be placed right on the spot. An example of this is a proposition regarding the eventual winner of the league, with odds and teams updated constantly.

The organization of Intertops’ soccer betting section is also very nice in that specific bets and bet types are able to be found easily, often with just one or two clicks. All things considered, there are few sites who offer more straightforward coverage of the English Premier League than Intertops.

Limits on English Premier League Bets

The limits that exist for betting on the EPL vary from site to site, but at the two sites we highlighted even the highest of high-rollers will be satisfied. At Intertops, for example, there is no static upper limit for soccer/EPL bets. Instead, their terms and conditions simply cap the maximum winnings at $100,000. In other words, it is likely that your wager will be accepted should you stand to win $99,999 or less. Of course, Intertops’ terms also state that they reserve the right to reject any bet for any reason.

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As for MyBookie, their online maximum betting limit is $2,000, however there is no set limit for wagers that are called in and placed by phone. MyBookie’s maximum English Premier League bet may be low, but this is standard for US sportsbooks as they primarily cater to recreational bettors who rarely plan on wagering more than $100 on a single proposition. Other sites may boast higher betting limits than MyBookie, but their coverage of the EPL will assuredly be lacking in more ways than one.

Rising Popularity of EPL Betting

In England itself, there are few who would deny that the EPL is the most popular league in the eyes of bettors. While the same might not be true in the United States, the tide is quickly turning. Year in and year out, television coverage of the world’s most popular soccer league has steadily increased. As a result of this, US-facing sportsbooks like MyBookie are beginning to place more of an emphasis on the league rather than treat it like an afterthought, as was done for so many years. For bettors, this means expanded betting markets for both pre-match and live betting.