Super Smart Bets

Super Smart Bets is a new horse race tipping service that contacts its users through SMS and claims to provide them with big winnings through small bets. The service was created by an independent tipster named Nigel Cass who boldly claimed that all of his bets have zero risk. This is a huge claim and, as it is unfortunately not backed up by evidence, it may just be a bit of advertising. However, through evaluation of reviews, it is clear that Super Smart Bets can be relied upon to make users an ample source of money. In fact, Super Smart Bets website claims that it will make its users £21,201.15, or $26,324.41, in a year. This amount is based off of what was made by someone using tips provided by Super Smart Bets, and is rather large amount of money. Should users put their faith in Super Smart Bets and follow their system, they can expect to see some big changes in the financial aspect of their lives.

Super Smart Bets works by providing its users with horse race betting tips six days out of the week through SMS. This method of providing tips is more user friendly than other services with require its users to have an internet account to access their services, such as a service which provides its tips through email specifically. In some examples of bets provided on the website, the range of odds being bet on is between 10/1 and 11/ 4. Once the tips are provided, it is then up to the users and whether or not they want to act on the valuable information provided to them. Super Smart Bets claims they are so valuable because of the useful knowledge that its founder, Nigel Cass, has of horse racing. Mr. Cass has been involved in horse racing for over 20 years. Additionally, his wife breeds horses. This experience allows Mr. Cass to identify winning horses easily and with this experience he has formulated a system that consistently wins money.

The only way to access this valuable veteran information is through Super Smart Bets’ own website. The website is easy to use and navigate, and once users are fully signed up they need not fully rely on the website as the tips will be provided to their mobile devices. For the services provided by Super Smart Bets, users are required to pay a £14.50 fee per month. When compared to similar services, this price is very affordable. For those who may be skeptical of the website, Super Smart Bets provides a 60 day money back guarantee for users who are unsatisfied with the product.

When evaluating some reviews of Super Smart Bets, it is clear that users are satisfied with their tips and that they are making money. A review website,, has reviewed Super Smart Bets with favorable results. In terms of buy satisfaction, Super Smart Bets received at 90.3 out of 100, demonstrating a high level of satisfaction which easily translates into users making money off of their provided tips. also offers a metric known as “buyer frenzy”, which is essentially how popular a website is. In terms of buyer frenzy, Super Smart Bets received at 76.24, which is supposedly slightly above average. In the final, overall score, Super Smart Bets received 8.14 out of 10. These reviews display that Super Smart Bets is accomplishing its goal of pleasing its customers through reliable and successful horse betting tips. Additionally, these numbers should be enough to sway anybody who is wary or undecided about the service.

Overall, Super Smart Bets is a fantastic betting tip service. As aforementioned, the service is relatively cheaper than similar competitors, which can add up for users in the long run. Although it is somewhat cheaper than others, its success rate seems to be just as good if not better. In addition to being a service that truly works and makes money for its users, Super Smart Bets is also somewhat more convenient than similar competitors by providing its tips through SMS, directly to their users’ phones. This allows users to receive their tips, and thus make money, from virtually anywhere in the world. Super Smart Bets is a great service that should be considered by people searching for a reliable and trustworthy betting tip service.

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