WNBA Betting

It may not come as a surprise, but the WNBA is one of the least popular sports leagues when it comes to sports betting and in particular online sports betting. It is most likely attributed to the fact that most sports bettors and fans are attracted to the high-profile stars of the NBA and other major sports and the fact that the WNBA only has 12 professional teams in their league, which is a very small amount relative to other sports leagues.

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In fact, the WNBA is subsidized by the NBA and about half of the teams actually, lose money. If it wasn’t for the revenue of the NBA’s sponsorship and television deals the WNBA would struggle mightily for relevance in not only the sports betting world but in professional sports as a whole.

Their market share is rather small within the sports betting industry, but with that said, you will find that a fair amount of popular online sportsbooks offer action on the WNBA.

Even sportsbooks in Las Vegas offer a variety of different lines throughout the WNBA season inside casino sportsbooks and on sports betting apps. One major exception is the ten sportsbooks owned by MGM Resorts as MGM Resorts possesses ownership in one of the WNBA’s franchises, the Las Vegas Aces. The reason being is that MGM Resorts would like to remain in good standing with the Nevada Gaming Control Board and it is common practice to avoid conflicts of interest even though it technically might not be against any rules or regulations.

Same is true with Silverton and the Los Angeles Sparks of the WNBA. Silverton’s owner Ed Roski is a co-owner of the LA Sparks and despite hiring CG Technology to run the casino’s sportsbook the casino’s policy is to not allow the sportsbook to accept wagers on the Sparks to avoid conflicts of interest.

In general, you will find that sportsbooks throughout Las Vegas will accept wagers on the WNBA, but often times you have to ask the cashier’s directly as the lines go unadvertised on the betting boards due to such little interest from sports bettors. Typically, sharp sports bettors will take action on the WNBA due to their intricate knowledge of sports betting, strategy, and how books operate.

Where to Bet WNBA Games

Regardless of the league’s popularity, or lack thereof, with the general public and the sports betting industry, you still can find online sportsbooks offering you the opportunity to bet on WNBA games. Below are three of the top online sportsbooks we recommend for WNBA betting.

1. 5Dimes Sportsbook

5Dimes is considered one of the top online sportsbooks for all sports and it is no different when it comes to WNBA betting. We would recommend 5Dimes as being your top choice for betting on the WNBA.

5Dimes not only offers reduced juice or five cent lines (-105) on point spread lines, they offer over/under point total lines, futures and prop bets. We have yet to see an online sportsbook that offers such variety when it comes to betting on the WNBA. The WNBA is the smallest sports league or event 5Dimes.eu offers dime lines on.

Limits and Types of WNBA Bets at 5Dimes

Typically, 5Dimes just offers lines for the entire length of the game. In other words, you will rarely see quarter lines or halftime lines, as well as, over/under totals for quarters or halves. This is in line with most other competitors, but what separates them is their reduced juice lines on the spread. While they sometimes offer moneyline bets, you can expect to rarely see them posted.

Beyond the standard line offering, 5Dimes has futures and prop bets posted for the WNBA, which gives them a leg up on their competition. Their future offering is simple, it’s the odds to win the WNBA championship. However, they update the lines accordingly each week, whereas we have seen other online sportsbook post futures at the beginning of the season and not update them.

Their prop bets offering is also very simple. It includes odds for an individual team to win the championship versus the field. But, this is an offering that other sportsbooks do not have and therefore it is another reason why we recommend 5Dimes as the top choice for betting on the WNBA.

5Dimes accepts a max of $5,000 on WNBA wagers as it considers to be one of the major or top-tier sports categories along with NFL, NCAA, CFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, Tennis, Golf, and Boxing. Their WNBA bet limits exceed those of their competitors making it another reason why we would recommend 5Dimes as the premier online sportsbook for WNBA betting.

2. BetOnline

BetOnline is one of the few online sportsbooks that enable bettors to view and place bets on WNBA lines at least one day in advance of the scheduled games. This is a plus because some sportsbooks only post the lines the day of the games leaving you with limited time to do research or decide on your betting preferences.

Additionally, one great feature that BetOnline sportsbook offers is a section dedicated to recent trends and matchup previews. Here, you will be able to read more about what has transpired throughout the season for each team such as how many games they have won on the road or consecutively. Also, BetOnline breaks down the matchup by comparing and contrasting key team statistics.

Limits and Types of WNBA Bets at BetOnline

The lines they offer are fairly simple and straightforward. You can bet on the point spread and over/under for the score of the game. You will be hard-pressed to find lines for quarters or halves, we have yet to see this offered when we visited BetOnline. Although, they do typically offer them for other sports. Same is true for live betting. We didn’t see it offered but BetOnline does have live betting for other sports.

The juice is usually fairly standard, as it is normally -110 for both the spread and over/under on point totals. The max bet limit for spread bets, moneyline bets, totals, and team totals is $1,000 per bet type. In comparison to other sports, such as the NBA, these limits are very low. For example, BetOnline accepts a max of $10,000 on point spread bets for NBA games.

3. SportsBetting.ag

Another top online sportsbook that generally offers lines on the WNBA is SportsBetting.ag. It is a good option because typically there is not much juice or vig and you can find lines around -110. However, one downside is that lines are not always posted the day before a game and you may have to wait until the day of the game to view the lines and wager types available.

Limits and Types of WNBA Bets at SportsBetting.ag

While the frequency of lines depends on the week or even the season, the site is known to offer lines on the point spread, point totals, futures, and prop bets. They do offer a section for the first half and second half lines, however, each time we visited the site there was nothing offered.

The futures section for the WNBA on SportsBetting.ag was standard relative to competitors, you can only find odds for which team will win the WNBA championship.

Other Sportsbooks with WNBA

Other sportsbooks known to post WNBA lines during the season include Bovada, TopBet, and Pinnacle. Although you will find that their offerings are never consistent and usually depend on the week or even the season. This can most likely be attributed to the fact that the WNBA is less popular among sports bettors and these books tend to focus on the more popular sports around the world.

Types of Bets in WNBA

As mentioned previously, you typically will only be able to find point spread lines and over/ under point totals for a full game across online sportsbooks when it comes WNBA betting. While they may offer lines on quarters or halves, moneylines, and other bets, they are still few and far between. On occasion, you may be able to find live betting for the WNBA but it is considered to be rare.

There are not many futures or prop bets offered by sportsbooks either. For example, in the NBA you will find odds to win the championship, MVP, NBA Finals MVP, and more. With the WNBA, most sportsbooks keep it simple and offer lines on odds to win the WNBA championship. The odds are also much lower due to the number of teams, not as many underdog teams, and limited competition within the league. You typically will see about two teams with high odds and the rest are less probable.

Juice/Vig on WNBA Bets

In general, the less interest there is in a sport or more importantly the less volume of sports bets, the more vig. This is because sportsbooks want to avoid losing money on the wagers placed on the smaller sports leagues as it is difficult for them to set reasonable lines.

However, this isn’t particularly true with the WNBA. While the betting volume is low the vig usually fairly standard at -110. Nevertheless, you can find a range of vig from 5Dimes offering -105 to online books offering -110 and even Vegas sportsbooks offering higher vig.

Considering all of this it is advisable to bet on WNBA games if you are an experienced sports bettor because for the most part, the lines are going to be in favor of the sportsbooks. When in doubt, the sportsbooks will increase the juice to compensate for the inability to set a good line and account for sharp (professional) bettors who are good at researching and understanding the various nuances of sports betting and lesser-known leagues such as the WNBA.

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