EuroLeague Betting

When it comes to basketball there is no doubt that the National Basketball Association (NBA) is the premier league in terms of talent. However, the sport itself has a global reach that stretches well beyond the United States. Basketball is especially popular in Europe, where the league of choice for players who cannot make the NBA is the EuroLeague (also known as the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague).

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With high attendance each season and quality competition, it should not come as a surprise that the EuroLeague is fairly popular among sports bettors. As such, you will find online sportsbooks offering lines throughout the season. However, in comparison to the NBA, there are fewer sportsbooks accepting action on the EuroLeague. Typically, online sportsbooks that cater to European sports bettors will offer action on EuroLeague games, while others may not (or if they do, they do not go out of their way to list it under their available leagues during the offseason).

The league consists of 16 teams that are located throughout several different European nations such as Spain, Russian, Italy Greece, Israel, and others. Each team plays a maximum of 37 games a season, including tournament play, which is significantly less than the NBA. Nevertheless, there are still a fair amount of games to bet on throughout the season.

Where to Bet EuroLeague Games

When the EuroLeague is in season, which begins in October of every calendar year, you’ll find that most online sportsbooks will post lines and action for the league. Below are two online sportsbooks we highly recommend for betting on EuroLeague basketball games.


Licensed out of Curacao, is a relatively new online sportsbooks; it was first established in 2014. With that said, it has quickly become a trusted destination for online sports bettors by offering a wide variety of sports and leagues, including EuroLeague basketball.

When it is the offseason for EuroLeague don’t expect to see any futures or prop bets posted the league is not that popular relative to the National Football League (NFL) or even the NBA. When the EuroLeague season begins in the fall, however, will post lines daily.

All-in-all,’s reputation, quality lines, and variety makes for an excellent choice when it comes to betting on EuroLeague basketball.

Limits and Types of EuroLeague Bets at

The betting limits and options mirror that of the NBA. You can expect to be able to bet on the spread, moneyline, and over/under (total amount of points). As we visited the sportsbook in the offseason it is unclear whether or not the lines are limited to just the full game or split into halves. Additionally, as there were no games we couldn’t confirm live betting is available for EuroLeague at MyBookie. However, given our knowledge of the site, it is reasonable to assume they offer in-game lines during the season.

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In terms of betting limits, we’ll use the standard rules listed as a point of reference, however, some sportsbooks do have different limits for specific leagues. It is our opinion that this is not the case for the EuroLeague at, but if you’d like to ultimately confirm you can always reach out to their customer support.

The minimum wager amount is $2 online and $25 via phone. Maximums are $1,000 online and limited to the max amount in your account if you are placing a bet via the phone.


A sister site to, is also a great choice if you are looking for an online sportsbook that offers online betting on EuroLeague basketball. First established in 1999, is based out of Panama City and was purchased by BetOnline in 2012. It is known for offering lesser-known leagues, such as the AFL and EuroLeague basketball listed even during the offseason.

Overall, has withstood the test of time and adapted accordingly by offering a variety of different sports leagues and gaming options. With that said, we’d highly recommend considering if you are looking to bet on EuroLeague basketball.

Limits and Types of EuroLeague Bets at

Much like, or any other sportsbook for that matter, don’t expect futures or prop bets listed for the EuroLeague. You can certainly expect lines on the spread, moneyline, and over/under.

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Again, as the league was not in season when we visited the book it is unclear whether or not that the sportsbook offers in-game lines or any other variation of betting options, such as betting on halves. The limits listed indicate, at the very least, that there is betting on halves – but you’ll have to visit the book during the season to confirm.

The maximum bet allowed for against the spread (ATS), moneyline, and over/under for the EuroLeague at is $1,000. The same bets for any of the two halves are capped at $500. The minimum wager allowed online is $1.

Other Sportsbooks with EuroLeague

It is reasonable to assume if you a sportsbook offers a variety of European leagues across all sports, such as soccer, they will likely offer EuroLeague betting. However, it is a challenge to find out if a book offers EuroLeague if it is not basketball season. Considering this, we’d recommend BetOnline and 5Dimes as alternative choices for betting on EuroLeague basketball.

Types of Bets in EuroLeague

As previously mentioned, within each sportsbook section the main types of bets available for EuroLeague betting. The most common types include against the spread, moneyline, and over/under (total amount of points). Typically, you’ll have the option to wager on any of these types of bets for the entire game, first half, and second half.

As the EuroLeague is small in comparison other major sports leagues it is likely that online sportsbooks are not going to offer any other wager types during the season, such as futures and prop bets. If anything, during the season, you may want to check your favorite sportsbooks to see if by chance they offer future lines on which team will win the championship. Otherwise, it would be a bonus if there were any other types of wagers available for the EuroLeague.

Depending on the sportsbooks you may also be able to parlay your EuroLeague bets. Parlay bets require two or more different bets to be graded as a win in order to receive a payout for parlaying the bets.

Juice/Vig on EuroLeague Bets

Given that the league is so small, the season is shorter compared to the NBA, it is reasonable to determine that the EuroLeague is relatively less popular than many other sports leagues. In general, if a league or sport is less popular sportsbooks oftentimes juice more.

However, given that the talent of the EuroLeague often includes players from the NBA and the US, and the sport of basketball is still widely bet on across the world, the juice/vig is fairly standard when it comes to EuroLeague bets.

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