Minor League Baseball Betting

There are not many online sportsbooks that actively accept wagers on Minor League Baseball games, with only a handful of books taking action on MiLB. This was not always the case, however. At one point in the early-to-mid 2000s several sportsbooks accepted bets on a variety of MiLB games.

When MiLB betting was at its peak, the majority of large online sportsbook posted lines for games in at least a few Minor League divisions. The most notable divisions available to bettors included the Pacific Coast League (PCL) and Eastern League (EL). The PCL is AAA, while the EL is AA, making them the two highest levels of minor league baseball and in turn the two leagues with the highest interest from bettors.

The simple fact is that there is minimal interest in betting on Minor League Baseball, which is due to its limited TV coverage and generally low attendance. With that said, there are also many die-hard fans who follow their local and regional teams, as well as casual bettors who enjoy having the added sweat of betting on a Minor League game that they plan on attending.

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Where to Bet Minor League Baseball Games

Even though the betting options are not as expansive as they once were, it is still very much possible to bet on Minor League Baseball games at some of the top online sportsbooks, but there are certainly a number of caveats.

1. 5Dimes Sportsbook

When it comes down to it, there is no debate that 5Dimes.eu is the ultimate destination for Minor League Baseball betting. First, the options for MiLB betting are so limited that it makes deciding on a top sportsbook pick that much easier. You could also bet on Minor League games at Heritage Sports, but the process for signing up for an account there is a hassle, which requires filling out a form and then calling in before ultimately having your account activated.

5Dimes generally only offers lines on the Pacific Coast League (PCL), which is a Triple A baseball league. This means that your betting options within the realm of MiLB are fairly limited. The PCL is, as you might have guessed, located on the West Coast, primarily in the states of California, Nevada, New Mexico and Texas.

While the PCL does have more accessible televised games than other Minor League divisions, it is still rare to find games on primary TV channels, with the exception of the occasional playoff or championship game. The reason 5Dimes offers only one Minor League division to bet on is obvious – the interest in betting on these games is minimal to begin with, so they aren’t going to bother posting lines at any lesser level (though it could be argued that Eastern League games are almost as popular).

Limits and Types of MiLB Bets at 5Dimes

For most players (assuming you do not already have special customized limits) the maximum wager you can place on a Minor League Baseball game at 5Dimes sportsbook will be $250 per bet type. Run Line, Moneyline and Totals bets are all offered.

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Perhaps the biggest catch to MiLb betting at 5Dimes is found in the 15 cent or higher lines. This, however, is industry standard due to the lack of bet volume and the ability to exploit inaccurate lines from the bookmaker.

5Dimes is the go-to sportsbook for betting on many lower level leagues and lesser known sports around the world, so their Minor League offering comes as little surprise. 5Dimes does offer a new player signup bonus for new bettors. While it is not massive, 5Dimes does offer an array of bonuses for new bettors (though there are minimum deposit and wager amounts). You will also be privy to lower juice on bets when wagering on other major events (at 5cent lines, as the 5Dimes name suggests), like Major League baseball or NFL games, which is one more reason to choose 5Dimes for your Minor League baseball bets.

Other Sportsbooks with Minor League Baseball

Aside from 5Dimes there are some other sites (like Bovada) that do offer Minor League betting from time to time but not on a regular basis. For example, the Bovada.lv sportsbook may offer bets on championship or playoff series, but will not do the same for regular season events. For most sites, however, Minor League Baseball is not available at all, whether it is a “big” event or not.

Minor League Baseball Betting Limits

It is important to be aware that compared to major sports leagues and events, betting limits for Minor League Baseball are quite low. Now, for the vast majority of public sports bettors, especially those who are attending a game and simply want to bet a few bucks on the game, this will not matter. If you tend to bet large amounts on sports, however, you may be discouraged by the low caps.

Since the online betting sites who offer Minor League Baseball lines tend to cater to more advanced bettors, it may be possible to have your individual limits bumped higher. If not, you should expect maximum bet sizes to be in the $100-$400 range on average (even $400 is quite aggressive and probably unlikely).

More Exposure for Sportsbooks

The books simply cannot afford the exposure of lopsided action on Minor League Baseball games, so if they do accept the action, they will ensure that their exposure is always be fairly minimal. The bets offered are going to be the same as you would find when betting Major League games, including Moneyline, Run Lines and Totals.

On occasion you may be able to live bet the games as well, but you shouldn’t expect to ever find F5 lines, props, or any of the other, more advanced bets found in MLB games.

Juice/Vig on Minor League Baseball Bets

In addition to the low caps, MiLB bettors will also be subject to larger than usual vig. Even sites with traditionally low juice, like the 5cent lines at 5Dimes, will charge a lot more for Minor League betting. The reason for this is the inability to create lines with the same accuracy as can be found in large sports leagues.

The book assumes that there will be a sizeable edge to be had for savvy and/or professional bettors if they do not build in a healthy amount of vig for the house. Beyond this, the low max bet sizes mean that the house stands to win less on a smaller hold, so higher vig helps to pad their expected net return.

Given all of this, it is wise to bet Minor League baseball only if you are either very experienced/have an edge or if you are totally wiling to accept that the vig is very hard to beat and that you will likely lose. Look at Minor League betting as more of a novelty and be aware that it will be tough to be a long term winner, even under the best of circumstances.

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