Major League Baseball Betting

When it comes to betting on baseball, Major League Baseball (MLB) is by far the most popular option so most (if not all) online sportsbooks accept wagers on MLB games. The league itself is based in the United States, however, there is currently one team based out of Canada – the Toronto Blue Jays. Each MLB team has several minor league affiliates, their own divisions, playoffs, and championships. You can also bet on Minor League Baseball but it is very different from betting on Major League Baseball.

The length of the Major League Baseball season is one of the longest in all of professional sports. It spans across 7 months (including the postseason) with 162 regular season games, and the game is played during three seasons of the year. With a total of 2,430 regular season games to bet on, betting on the MLB is a popular choice among both amateur and professional sports bettors.

Baseball is an international sport, and besides the US, it is especially popular in Latin America and Asia. The MLB has the best players from all over the world, which adds to its international popularity among both fans and sports bettors alike. For this reason, it is also considered the most competitive baseball league and has some of highest paid athletes in the world.

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Where to Bet Major League Baseball Games

With widespread television coverage, steady attendance across the league, and high-profile stars, the MLB shows no signs of declining; both as a league and as an option for sports bettors. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the best online sportsbooks for betting on Major League Baseball.


While there are plenty of options available, our first choice for betting on Major League Baseball is In addition to a strong reputation and integrity, offers a variety of betting options and competitive lines on Major League Baseball. The process to sign up and register is extremely quick and simple. Within ten minutes you can be fully registered, deposit money into your account and bet on baseball. offers lines on the MLB daily. Additionally, you can live bet on MLB games via their live sports betting interface accessible on their website. typically post their upcoming live betting schedule, which includes the MLB, three to five days in advance of the scheduled games.

Limits and Types of MLB Bets at

One positive aspect of betting on baseball at is the fairly high betting limits. You can wager up to $10,000 on the moneyline the day of the game, $5,000 for the run line, and $5,000 for totals. This is considered high in comparison to other online sportsbooks, therefore, the high limits make an excellent choice if you are a professional sports bettor.

There is also betting available on the run line (or spread) and totals. The minimum bet is $1 if you are wagering online and $100 if you are placing your bet over the phone. The live betting maximums are $1,000 across all wager types.

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In addition to the full-game wager types, also offers the same wager types on the first five full innings, which is deemed the official length required for an MLB baseball game to count against the team’s records, and lines on the second half of games, which is the sixth inning onward. Generally, the lines for games are posted at least two days in advance and you should not expect to see lines for games more than three days ahead of their scheduled date.

During our review and visit we did not see any future or prop bets available for Major League Baseball, however, this could potentially be attributed to the fact that the season was already in progress. In fact, there are articles on stating that the online sportsbook often posts futures for the MLB, including the odds to win the World Series and the National and American League pennants. If there is any drawback it is the lack of clarity on this matter but the customer support options at are very good, including an instant live chat feature.

When it comes to bonuses and promotions there are not too many options and nothing geared towards MLB bettors in particular. However, the offering is still comparable to most other online sportsbooks, including a welcome bonus of up to $1,600 which has a 5x rollover requirement for sports betting.


We rank as a close second choice relative to when it comes to betting on Major League Baseball. With its longstanding history in online sports betting dating back to the 1990’s the site is very much trustworthy and reliable. Furthermore, setting up an account is fairly simple and navigating the website from both desktop and mobile is very easy.

There are lines posted for MLB games on the site daily. However, typically does not post lines more than one day in advance of the scheduled game. And much like, you can live bet on Major League Baseball games via the desktop version of the website.

Limits and Types of MLB Bets at

Yet another similarity between and is the betting limits. You can wager up to $10,000 on the moneyline, $5,000 on the run line, $5,000 on totals, and $1,000 per wager type for live betting on all Major League Baseball games. These limits are the same as and considered to be fairly high, which help attract sharp, professional sports bettors to use as their sportsbook of choice for online baseball betting. The minimum wager requirement is $1 per bet type.

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While there are lines offered for the first five innings (first half/official game length) and the last four innings, differs from in this regard as the halves are not always available in advance of the scheduled date of the game. In other words, you may have to wait until the day of the game to view the lines for the first five innings and last four innings and sometimes they may not be available at all.

However, where may lack in terms of halves it makes up for it with future and prop betting for Major League Baseball. Their future bets are prominently displayed year-round under their own section on the site and available for the MLB. They include, odds to win the World Series, the American and National League pennants, and each division in both the American and National Leagues. The prop bets are advertised, however, during our visit we did not see any available. It is recommended to continually check the prop bet section to view the current offering but assures you they are available from time to time.

The sportsbook welcome promotion may not be as high as’s but it is still within the industry standard for welcome bonuses as offers a 50% welcome bonus (up to $1,000) for sports bettors. However, the rollover requirement is much higher as it is 15x. There no advertised baseball specials but it is reasonable to assume that this may change depending on the time of year. For example, during the playoffs or World Series, you may see a baseball-specific promotion offered much like they offer a World Cup or Super Bowl promotion for soccer and football respectively.

Other Sportsbooks with MLB

Essentially all online sportsbooks are going to have some form of betting on Major League Baseball as it is one of the most popular sports in the United States and across the rest of the world. We recommend looking into BetOnline, GT Bets, and if you are looking for alternatives to and

Types of Bets in MLB

As mentioned throughout this article the main bet types in Major League Baseball are the moneyline, run line, and totals (over/under run total). The run line is the most popular alternative to moneyline betting. Additionally, some sportsbooks offer point spreads and run lines. Point spreads are more exaggerated versions of the run line. The standard run line for a Major League Baseball game is usually -1.5/+1.5, while point spreads are 2.5 or even 3.5. If you are confident the team you bet on is going to win and win with ease, then point spreads (if available) is a bet type you should consider.

If you bet on the run line or over/under for a full nine inning game and the game is canceled or called early due to weather conditions, most, if not all, sportsbooks will grade your bet as no action due to the rain or weather conditions and thus your bet will not count. This is an important detail to note as baseball is one of the few sports that often have weather delays or shortened games due to the effect rain has on the playing field.

Baseball is widely considered to be an exciting game despite its slow pace due to the critical thinking skills needed and strategy involved. One aspect of the game that is often unpredictable pertains to the use of bullpens. In other words, once the starting pitcher is removed from the game and is no longer pitching teams turn to the bullpen and use one or more pitches to complete the rest of the game. If you want to avoid the unpredictable nature of bullpen pitchers we recommend that you take advantage of the first five inning lines available.

Another bet type you may see for Major League Baseball is Grand Salamis. Grand Salamis are often associated with grand slam home runs but in betting terms it refers to books offering you the ability to bet on the over/under totals for all games taking place on one particular day. Therefore, you can place a bet on the combined runs scored for all Major League Baseball games in one day. This bet type is most likely available at brick-and-mortar sportsbooks more than online sportsbooks.

Lastly, as we’ve discussed previously in this article you can find future and prop bet types for Major League Baseball as well. While books advertise prop bets for baseball they may be difficult to find on any given night and limited to only a few games per year but future bets are widely available. The most common future bets include odds to win the World Series, the American or National League, and first place in a division. Furthermore, parlay bets are also available and often require at least two baseball sides selected and all must win for the parlay to pay off.

Live Betting in MLB

Since baseball is a game with a lot of potential scenarios and moving parts there are far more in-game or live betting options relative to other sports such as basketball for example. Additionally, in-game betting is where you will see online sportsbooks host a lot of various prop bets such as the number of strikes thrown in one-half inning, the number of hits in one-half inning, the number of runs, etc.

In addition to the various prop bets for half innings, innings, and the remainder of the game online sportsbooks offer updated run lines, moneylines, and totals live as games progress. Each bet type can be broken down by half inning, inning or a set of innings (the first five or the last four).

In summary, the in-gaming betting options are plentiful when it comes to Major League Baseball. It is also important to note that if a game gets canceled before the full nine innings most sportsbooks will grade in-game bets as no action.

Juice/Vig on MLB Bets

Juice on Major League Baseball betting is typically favorable, especially when it comes to the run line. You often will see the team favored to win with +100, +150 or more for the run line, which is considered good. However, the underdogs sometimes have lines around -150, -200 or more, which is unfavorable and hard to avoid across online sportsbooks if you are looking to bet on the underdog via the run line spread.

Additionally, the juice is rather high when it comes to certain bet types. For instance, in baseball, most starting pitchers generally last at least five innings per game and the sportsbooks know this. Anytime a more elite pitcher is starting the sportsbooks often have higher juice on the first five inning bet types. Thus, it is best to understand the teams involved in the game you are betting on, their starting pitcher, and the relief pitchers to account for potentially added juice on lines pertaining to the first five innings.

Regardless of the juice, betting on Major League Baseball is not easy to master in a short time. It requires a strong knowledge of not only the bet types but the game itself. The regular season is a long season, the games can drag out and take a long time to complete, and there are a lot of scenarios managers, players, and sports bettors need to consider on an inning-by-inning basis throughout a game.