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  • Manufacturer: Scientific Gaming
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The Green Machine is one of the simplest slot machines you’ll find in casinos today. The gameplay for this video slot machine doesn’t involve following complicated and confusing line configurations. Instead, you win each dollar amount that lands on any of the 5 reels. Just add the dollar amounts together to get the total of your win on each spin. That’s it. The Green machine is WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get.

You can play between 1 and 5 reels. Each reel has 3 rows so there’s a total of 15 places where a dollar amount can land. When you play all reels, you can win a free spin Bonus game. The Bonus free spins game plays the same as the normal game and may be re-triggered with another Free Spins symbol.

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The unique gameplay with The Green Machine slot engenders extreme opinions of this slot machine. The only symbol you’ll see shows how much money you’ve won. Whether the symbols show $0.50 or $1,000 they all look similar. Unfortunately for players who want action, there are many symbols without dollar amounts. It isn’t rare to have a spin with 15 blank spaces showing. All blanks means you haven’t won on that spin. Even some winning spins may look boring with only one space showing a dollar amount and 14 blank spaces.

The Green Machine doesn’t provide as much stimulation as the video slot machines with upwards of 10 symbols per game and 100 lines in its five reels. At the same time, the simplicity of The Green Machine is what attracts people to play this video slot machine. Casino games nowadays are sometimes too complicated, after all we are all after cash prizes that the casino slots give to us.

This slot machine is a popular higher limit slot machine that you’ll see in almost every casino. The most frequent denomination for The Green Machine is $1. This keeps The Green Machine on the main casino floor where everyone can see it and outside of being located exclusively in High Limits rooms. When you see The Green Machine in the High Limits room it’s usually the $5 per reel version of the game. The smallest win in the High Limits room is usually one credit or $5.

Green Machine Bonus Rounds And Free Spins

The Green Machine Bonus round is simple, yet exciting. Free spins are always fun and winning is why we play slot machines. When you win during a free spin, you immediately know how much since you win the dollar amount shown on the screen. There aren’t any special line configurations to look up to see how and why you won. The Bonus free spins game may be extended when a Bonus free spins symbol lands on the reels.

Some newer green machine deluxe versions of this video slot machine offer progressive jackpots with an exciting bet multiplier. These jackpots can be a big deal for this video slot machine. The Green Machine is a highly volatile game which means that you’ll have very big wins but potentially many losses in between wins. This gives the progressive jackpots time to build up. The more money played, the higher the progressive jackpot.

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The Green Machine is one of the most loved and most hated slot machines in casinos today. There are people who love the simplicity of the gameplay. Others find the simplicity to be boring and would rather play a more flashy slot machine-like Big Bang Theory or Cleopatra. The high volatility of The Green Machine means that wins may be huge but there may be many losses between those big wins. All players can agree that there aren’t many slot machine symbols that they’d rather see than the $1,000 or $5,000 symbol in The Green Machine. You can always try to play free games on one of the available emulators on there internet.

User Reviews

  1. miss

    Date: July 2, 2021 Author: melissa

    TERRIBLE…APPROXIMATELY A week and half ago i was playing at the “Jena Choctaw Pines” located in a rural environment. I hopefully sat down at this “Mean Green Slot Machine”, this is the penny version of the machine. I sat there and pulled and pulled, adjusting my bet, trying anything to get some sort of a winning line up.

    I continued my homespun method, literally praying that God was watching, for He knew my daily plight for survival…..well I was getting to my final dollars but still continued my insane method…..WELL THE SWEET LORD ABOVE HAD ME IN MIND, I had made a $3.00 bet, thus maxing out my bet. Low in behold, reel 1 = nothing, my luck continued like this until the second to last reel when the SWEET LORD REACHED DOWN AND LOCKED IN $1000.00, yes to my disbelief I HAD THE WHEEL STOP OB $1,000.00. The final wheel provided nothibng just like all the others except the second to last reel. now this is unbelievable.

    I would say that no more than a couple of seconds passed after play was complete, hell i was getting ready to ring for floor management when ALL OF THE SUDDEN AND COMPLETELY OUT OF THE BLUE, THE MACHINE SUCKED THAT SECOND TO LAST REEL, NOW SHOWING NOTHING BUT AN EMPTY REEL. This action did not happen until after all play had ceased. The second to last reel had been stopped on $1,000.00 for several seconds before the last reel came to a stop and SEVERAL SECONDS BEFORE IT COMPLETELY NEGATED THE SECOND TO LAST REEL. More than an appropriate amount of time had transpired after the last reel had stopped so the amount of time since the second to last reel was exaggerated, this being since it was a win. In my thirty years of pulling slots, I have never seen a machine that roles to prior reels that are already locked in.

    The world is full of assholes and i live one…i should not have to pay for abuse

  2. miss

    Date: July 2, 2021 Author: melissa

    to continue my review or should i say inquirey as to what would cause the machine to reverse a winning after the machine has stopped spinning.

    any info would be greatly appreciated

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