Playboy Platinum Slot Machine

  • Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
  • Progressive?:
  • Bonus Rounds?:

It is safe to say that few people can keep their eyes off Bally’s Playboy Platinum slot game, but it is difficult to decipher if this is so due to the attractive Playmates depicted or the massive size of the game. On the floor of a casino, this game is as tall as two traditional slot games put together, so there is no chance you will be missing it. Playboy Platinum is part of Bally’s Quick Hit series of slot games, with multiple progressive jackpots-all of which are decently-sized-that can be won at any point in time.

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Despite all the jackpots and talk of big wins, it is important to remember that this is still a penny slot and will be frugal often. The game exists as a five-reel slot with three symbols present on every one of the reels. Even though these are a lot on the game portal that can be a distraction, the slot game itself is really quite simple.

The symbols utilized by Playboy Platinum include poker card rankings from 9-A, the timeless Playboy logo, and a Wild Playboy symbol. When it comes down to it, the symbols used are some of the most basic you will see on the floor of a casino. This is something that lends itself to user-friendliness and is just one of the many reasons people (particularly men) love this game.

Playboy Platinum Video Slot Bonuses

Being a Quick Hit slot game from Bally, Playboy Platinum does have a few bonus features that can quickly have you forgetting that this is just a penny slot game. What’s more, the bonus features are quick and simple, much like the rest of the game.

Jackpot – Should you scatter five jackpot symbols after a max bet spin, you will win the game’s biggest jackpot. Typically, the jackpot you will find will be in upwards of $10,000, but this is something that varies from casino to casino.

Quick Hit Jackpots – In addition to the main jackpot, there are five additional jackpots known as Quick Hit Jackpots. To trigger a Quick Hit, all you have to do is scatter a minimum of five Quick Hit symbols across the reels. When you do this, you will have the option to win 10x your total bet or the level five Quick Hit Jackpot (assuming you were making a max bet).

Six Quick Hit symbols will multiply your bet by 50 or award the level four Quick Hit Jackpot. Seven Quick Hit symbols multiply your bet by 100 and pays out the level 3 Quick Hit Jackpot, eight symbols see a 650x multiplier and the level 2 Quick Hit Jackpot, while a maximum of 9 Quick Hit symbols multiplies your wager by 2000 or pays the top Quick Hit Jackpot. It must be noted, the best Quick Hit Jackpot is usually right around the value of the main jackpot.

Free Games Feature – Should you land three free games symbols within one position of the first payline on reels two, three, and four at the same time, you will have triggered the Free Games Feature. Upon the beginning of the Free Games Feature, you will see a grid of 20 Playboy logos on the screen. You will continue selecting Playboy logo symbols until you have uncovered three like free game options appear. The six possible free game options include 25 free games at 3x normal pay, 15 free games at 2x normal pay, 11 free games at 2x normal pay, 10 free games at 2x normal pay, seven free games at 2x pay, or five free games at 2x pay.

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During your attempts to uncover three like Playboy logo symbols, you may uncover three like Playboy Wild symbols. Should this happen, you will be awarded all six of the abovementioned free game options plus an additional five free spins. During the Free Games Feature, you can earn more free games landing free games symbols on reels two, three, and four.

Length of Bonus Rounds

If we are talking about the main and Quick Hit jackpots awarded by Playboy Platinum, these are awarded instantaneously and take up no time at all. The Free Game Feature, on the other hand, can take a few minutes to complete. In addition, should you trigger more free games or unlock the maximum of 50, you will be playing bonus games for anywhere from five to ten minutes, possibly longer.

Play Playboy Platinum Online

Unfortunately, this Bally title is not going to be found at any online casinos. Bally is not necessarily known for games being featured in online casinos, so this should not come as much of a surprise. What we can say, however, is that Playboy Platinum can be found on the floor of numerous brick and mortar casinos throughout the United States.

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