Playboy Muy Caliente Slot Machine

  • Manufacturer: Bally Technologies
  • Progressive?:
  • Bonus Rounds?:

Bally’s Playboy Muy Caliente slot game is a perennial favorite, and that’s not just because of the imagery of beautiful scantily clad Playboy models. The game is fun in that it offers you a multitude of ways to win money apart from the base game. With Quick Hit jackpots and bonus games, this otherwise tough-to-crack penny slot can yield surprising rewards. Of course, it may take you some time and an extensive bankroll in order to come out on top.

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Playboy Muy Caliente is a five reel slot game that situates three symbols on each of the reels. Symbols utilized by the game include poker card rankings 10-A, a Wild symbol, bikini models, a beach ball, and scatter pay symbols. The game terminal itself is much larger than most other slot games and is as tall as two terminals stacked on top of each other.

Playboy Muy Caliente Video Slot Bonuses

As was mentioned above, there are a few ways, apart from the base game, where you can win a lot of extra money. The bonuses are triggered both randomly and by lining up a series of specific symbols, but are generally easy to understand.

Scatter Pays Bonus – When you first glance at the Playboy Muy Caliente game, you will notice there are a few different jackpots present. These are referred to as scatter pays and are awarded randomly during the base game. Simply, you must uncover a certain number of “Quick Hit” symbols and corresponding rewards will be awarded. The Scatter Pays bonus allows players to choose between a predetermined jackpot amount or a multiplier of their current wager. The award scheme is as follows:

3 Quick Hit symbols – pays 1x the total bet
4 Quick Hit symbols – pays 5x the total bet
5 Quick Hit symbols – pays 10x the total bet or Level 5 Quick Hit Jackpot
6 Quick Hit symbols – pays 50x the total bet or Level 4 Quick Hit Jackpot
7 Quick Hit symbol – —pays 100x the total bet or Level 3 Quick Hit Jackpot
8 Quick Hit symbols – pays 650x the total bet or Level 2 Quick Hit Jackpot
9 Quick Hit symbols – pays 2000x the total bet or Level 1 Quick Hit Jackpot

In addition to all of this, five Playboy jackpot symbols uncovered in conjunction with a max bet will award the largest jackpot the game offers.

Centerfold Free Games Bonus Feature – To trigger the Centerfold Free Games Bonus Feature, you must uncover three scatter symbols on reels two, three, and four only. Upon doing this, you will be taken to the free games feature. During this bonus game, you will be awarded eight free games as well as 1x the total bet. If, during the free games feature, you uncover three more scatter symbols, eight more free games will be added to your remaining tally.

Length of Bonus Rounds

Playboy Muy Caliente’s bonus rounds do not take up much time at all. The Scatter Pay awards bonus monies immediately, and the Free Game Bonus feature only takes up as much time as eight games takes, which is only a few minutes. Of course, if more free games are won, there will be a bit of additional time to commit.

Play Playboy Muy Caliente Slot Online

Unfortunately, Playboy Muy Caliente is a game that is not able to be played at any online casinos, as is the case with many Bally slots. With that said, it is still a very popular slot game and can be found at a large number of brick and mortar casinos.

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