Jackpot Inferno Slot Machine

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Jackpot Inferno by Everi Games is one of the most exciting slot machines on the casino floor. You’ll hear the game before you even see it. Not only is Jackpot Inferno a loud slot machine, but the sounds you hear stand out because they’re unique to this game. In addition to normal slot machine music, there’s a special ring each time you see a normal bonus symbol like other slot machines. However, there’s a second bonus available and the Jackpot Inferno symbols bring, even more, dings. This is just the beginning.

Each time a Jackpot Inferno symbol lands on the screen there’s a loud ding that you won’t hear on other slot machines. When you hit the Jackpot Inferno, bonus there’s a siren and notification that you’re going to the “Jackpot Jump Bonus.” Every time you jump a level (aka “Jackpot Jump”) in the bonus game this notification repeats.

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When you complete the Jackpot Jump Bonus there an old-fashioned school bell that rings before you receive your progressive bonus win. This game is madness in the best way possible. There is potential for a lot of extra dings, bells, sirens and other sounds when you combine the different bonus symbols when playing Jackpot Inferno.

The audio isn’t the only standout feature of Jackpot Inferno. The game is played in Everi’s Core HDX cabinet. This cabinet features dual widescreen 23” monitors with 1080p HD graphic capability and integrated touchscreens. You hear the audio so vividly because Everi uses a premium 3-way sound system. Yes, the noise comes from different directions.

Jackpot Inferno might be the first slot machine you see in this cabinet, but it won’t be the only game. Twin Dragon, Quad Burst Tiger Strike, and Bonus Attack are just a few of the other titles available in this cabinet.

This is 5 reel, 50 pay line is most commonly found as a penny slot machine. Jackpot Inferno has 2 different bonus games. The minimum bet is 50 cents and the maximum bet is $3. One of the difficulties for non-branded penny slot machines is to find its place in a casino. The big name brands tend to get the attention because they’re familiar names. Games without a big name theme like Jackpot Inferno have to offer something unique to gain your attention. This video slot machine certainly gains your attention.

The sounds of the Jackpot Inferno might be what bring you to this slot machine but the gameplay is what will keep you playing and coming back for more. The base game is filled with traditional slot machine symbols like 7’s, cherries, and lemons. Rows of stacked wild symbols help create winning spins.

Jackpot Inferno Bonus Rounds

What really sets Jackpot Inferno apart are the frequent bonus rounds. There’s a free spin bonus and the multi-level Jackpot Jump progressive bonus. The Free Spin Bonus is achieved when 3, 4 or 5 Bonus symbols land scattered on the reels. However, not all of the bonus spins are the same. When you have three Bonus symbols you’re awarded 6 spins at 2X total bet, 4 symbols award 10 spins at 5X total bet and 5 symbols award 20 spins at 10X total bet. A max bet with the 10x multiplier offers a potentially big jackpot.

The Jackpot Jump progressive jackpots can be much bigger than the free spins bonuses. There are 12 different progressive jackpots. When at least 5 Jackpot Inferno symbols land on the screen during a spin you’re taken to a pick em screen. In this screen, you’ll pick from 20 different spots. You’ll either win more credits, more picks or increase to a higher progressive jackpot. This increase is called a “Jackpot Jump.”

The lowest level win in the Jackpot Inferno progressive starts at 5 pieces. This is where your jackpot jumps begin. If you collect more pieces in the regular game, your progressive climb starts higher. The biggest win in Jackpot Inferno is when you reach 12 on the Jackpot Inferno progressives. You’ll only see about 4 Jackpot Jumps in the pick ’em game so you’re hoping that you begin your bonus round with 8 Jackpot Inferno symbols.

The progressive jackpots can be as low as a couple dollars. The largest progressive jackpot on the 12th level starts at $5,000 with a max bet. However, you may see a handpay win ($1,200 or more) if you only play 2x ($1) bet.

Bonuses show up fairly often when playing Jackpot Inferno. This not only gives a chance for big jackpot wins but also to extend your time playing the game. The more often you play the game the more fun you’ll have and the better the chance of hitting one of those big progressive jackpots. There are new slot machines arriving in casinos every week. Jackpot Inferno by Everi is one of the most fun unbranded video slot machines to hit casinos in quite a while.

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