Genie’s Riches Slot Machine

  • Manufacturer: Aristocrat
  • Progressive?:
  • Bonus Rounds?:

Genie’s Riches is a slot game produced by Aristocrat that has been around for some time now. Genies are supernatural characters and are often associated with riches, good fortune, and all the good things that happen in one’s life. As you might expect, the main character of this slot game is a genie, albeit a fickle one. Like many Aristocrat penny slots, Genie’s Riches doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to pay anyone out. With a massive house edge, you might be feeling more fortuneless than anything else by the time is all said and done.

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This video slot is of the five-reel variety and stacks three symbols within each reel. As far as user-friendliness is concerned, this is a slot game perfect for those who might be new to video slots. The reason for this being that there is only one bonus rounds and the rules of the game are straightforward.

The symbols utilized in Genie’s Riches range from poker card rankings 9-A, to the genie herself, a bunch of treasure, and a genie’s rug. The genie and treasure symbols are the most rewarding when they are found in a winning payline, but the treasure symbol is your key to the game’s bonus round.

Genie’s Riches Video Slot Bonuses

Genie’s Riches is far from a game that is known for its bonus rounds, probably because it only features one. This may be a drawback for some, but the reality is that the single bonus game that exists is multifaceted and can yield some pretty nice returns for a penny slot.

Feature Game – The Feature Game, as it is referred to, is triggered by scattering three or more treasure symbols during the base game. Unlike other games, there are only five spins awarded even if you scatter more than three treasure symbols. During the Feature Game, any scattered blue genie lamp symbols are added up as they appear.

As part of the Feature Game, after the fifth and final free spin, there is what’s known as a Genie Spin. For the Genie Spin, the number of genie lamp symbols accrued during the previous five free spins is added to the reels prior to the spin. These symbols are then held in place and will help you boost the potential winnings of your Genie Spin.

It must be noted that additional free spins can be won during the Feature Game by scattering three or more treasure symbols on one of the five free spins.

Length of Bonus Round

When you are talking about the amount of time taken up by one of Genie’s Riches’ bonus rounds, you are not talking about more than a few minutes, sometimes seconds.

From what we could tell, the absolute maximum number of free spins that can be won is five plus a Genie Spin. Assuming you do not unlock another five free spins during the Feature Game, you are going to be experiencing a time commitment of no more than two or three minutes.

Play Genie’s Riches Online

Unfortunately, Genie’s Riches is a game that only exists on the floors of brick and mortar casinos. The game does not exist in an online format and that does not seem to be changing anytime soon. On the bright side, Aristocrat is one of the biggest slot producers in the world, and this slot game can be found at many casinos.

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