Buffalo Slot Machine

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Buffalo slot machines from Aristocrat dominate the casino floors all over the world. They’re actually one of the most popular slot machine themes in casinos for both players and casino operators. Buffalo has repeatedly been named the top-performing slot game by the annual Goldman Sachs Slot Survey which is compiled from slot managers from over 100 casinos.

Depending on which casino you visit you’ll find an assortment of Buffalo titles including the traditional Buffalo slot machine, Buffalo Stampede, Buffalo Grand, Buffalo Deluxe, Buffalo Gold and Buffalo Moon. Each game offers a similar base game with a slightly different twist than the others. Id you have played other Aristocrat machines, you will recognize that Buffalo is very similar to games like 50 Lions.

The sounds and base game always make you comfortable enough to know you’re playing a game you like but each variation offers enough of a twist so that you know that you’re not just playing the same old game. This is what makes Buffalo so popular. There’s always something new but the player is comforted in the fact that they’re playing they already know and enjoy.

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Finding Buffalo

You don’t even have to look to find Buffalo slot machines in a casino. You’ll most likely hear the very familiar refrain “BUFFALOOOOOOOOO” just walking around. Attaining the loud BUFFALOOOOOOOOO call means that the player has at least 3 buffalo in a row for a nice win.

Buffalo comes in more varieties than most slot games you’ll see in a casino. The newer Buffalo slot games are housed in some of the largest cabinets that you’ll see in casinos today. In addition to traditional cabinets, Aristocrat offers Buffalo in the newer ARC single (shown above), ARC double and Behemoth cabinets.

Buffalo Bonus Rounds

Buffalo is a multi-line game that’s most often available in penny denomination. Each game has slightly different features. Some features of the base game of Buffalo Gold include multiplier wild symbols. When you collect 3 gold coins you will enter the free game bonus round. The bonus round adds gold buffalo heads which change other symbols into buffalos which may translate bigger wins, especially when combined with the multipliers. This big bonus round jackpot win from Buffalo Gold will give you an idea of some of the features of the game.

Penny slot machines tend to be the most volatile in casinos but Buffalo seems to offer enough bonuses to keep players active and interested for a longer period of time than some other games. Buffalo may not always provide a jackpot for the player but it offers enough gameplay to satisfy customers need for entertainment. The extended gameplay ensures that players will want to return. Sure everyone wants to win, but sometimes slot machine players just want to be entertained.

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Jackpots in Buffalo

Jackpots can be very, very big in the Buffalo slot machine. There are a number of different ways that 100x, 200x, or even larger wins can be achieved. The biggest winnings on Buffalo machines are found at the progressive machines. These are much newer products in the Buffalo line of games and you will usually find that they are oversized and prominently displayed on the casino floor.

Even Buffalo games with $3 max spins can frequently be found with $10,000 or even $20,000 max payouts. This is different than traditional, older school versions of Buffalo where the maximum earnings are closer to 1000x your bet. As is the case with just about every machine, you will usually only qualify for the max progressive if you are playing max credits and all lines. With that said, the progressives are usually only applicable to smaller denomination machines, so required max bets are not likely to break your bankroll (or at least not too quickly).

Hitting a jackpot in Buffalo is almost always a product of landing many Buffalo symbols in a line. If you can cover the entire screen with Buffalos, you will win the max prize possible. Multipliers also come into play in Buffalo, depending on the game that you are playing. Buffalos will sometimes be wild and turn to a multiplier for other symbols in the game. Generally speaking, the newer the version of Buffalo that you are playing, the more likely you will have an exciting bonus round with much bigger earning potential. Of course, the glitz of the newer machines will mean that the payback may be lower as well. This will vary from casino to casino, but you should generally assume that promoted big jackpots usually carry lower payback rates as well.

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