Total Rewards

Regardless of whether you are in RenoLas Vegas, Atlantic City, or anywhere in between, Caesars is one of the most recognized names in the casino business. With almost 40 associated casinos and resorts around the world, Caesars is one of the largest names in casinos as well. With these two pieces of information in mind, it is only right that Caesars also offers one of the most extravagant player rewards programs around, known as Total Rewards.

Many avid casino players view the Total Rewards program as one of the best in the gambling industry. This is because of the sheer number of casinos included in the program, and the locations of their casinos. Over the course of the next few paragraphs, we’ll discuss everything there is to know about the Caesars Total Rewards program and touch on why it is so popular.

Total Rewards Tiers

As is the case with most casino reward programs, Total Rewards has different levels that coincide with how frequently you play at Caesars’ properties. It also takes into account your average bet size, which games you play and how often you play them. The four levels of Total Rewards, in ascending order, are as follows: Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and 7 Star.

Anyone who is new to the rewards program starts out at the Gold level and will ascend to the subsequent levels as they earn more Tier Credits. Tier Credits are earned by playing on the casino floor, attending shows, eating meals at certain restaurants, and a variety of other activities within the casino. As you accrue Tier Credits you will be opened up to bigger and better perks.

Many of the perks associated with this rewards program include free nights at Caesars properties, free slot play, and discounts on everything from meals to shows. Caesars is such a large enterprise that it is almost more difficult to avoid earning Tier Credits than it is to earn them.

Earning Total Rewards Credits

After you are signed up for a Total Rewards card, you can easily keep track of how many credits you have directly on their website at To give you a better understanding of just how easy it is to earn Tier Credits and in turn reap the benefits of Total Rewards, we will now elaborate on exactly how and where you can earn credits.

Casino Games

Gaming on the casino floor is probably the most popular way a player can earn Tier Credits. Because Caesars has one of the most extensive networks of casinos in the world, a player is given the chance to earn Tier Credits no matter where they are. 55,000+ video poker and slot machines combined with more than 2,500 table games gives any type of casino-goer the chance to earn seemingly countless rewards. If you enjoy gambling, there is also a Diamond in a Day promotion, where for the first 24 hours of getting your card you earn 3x points on casino games.


Dining at Caesars Properties

Dining is one of the easiest ways to earn points simply because you’re always going to have to eat. Total Rewards are able to be achieved while dining at any one of Caesars’ 250 approved locations. From extravagant restaurants owned by iconic chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Bobbly Flay, to the buffets and food courts that feed the casino grinders, there are ample opportunities to earn Tier Credits regardless of your budget or appetite.

Shows and Events at Caesars

If you venture to places like Atlantic City and Las Vegas, it is no secret that some of the world’s biggest stars come to headline shows. If you are a Total Rewards member, earning Tier Credits is as easy as attending any of the shows held on Caesar properties and even some that are held elsewhere.


Finally, Tier Credits can be earned by shopping at any of the outlet locations approved by Caesars. The more you spend, the more credits you will earn. This includes shops that sell clothes, jewelry, gifts and other daily essentials. Many casino goers prefer to use these outlets as a way to spend comp dollars versus earning them. That being said, it’s not as common as the other methods of accruing tier credits.

Earnings Snapshot


Tracking Total Rewards Tier Credits

As you accrue credits from any of the aforementioned avenues, you can keep track of them a few different ways. The first, and maybe easiest way to keep track of how many credits you have is on the Total Rewards website. It’s very user friendly and easy to navigate. In fact, it is probably one of the most comprehensive player reward program websites we’ve come across. Doing so gives you direct access to how many points you have and how many you will need to achieve the next level in the program. You can also view any offers that you have at Caesars’ casinos across the country as well as shows, restaurants and more.

Aside from checking in online through the TR website, if you are at any of their properties you can check your points by going to a Total Rewards Kiosk. These are often spread throughout the casino floor and are easy to spot. To access one, just swipe your card and enter your pin number. This will show you how many credits you have and if you have free play offers.

If you are not tech savvy, there are other ways to check your credits. The last method is by going to the Total Rewards desk at any Caesars property, where an employee should be able to pull up your card info for you, let you know how many credits you have and answer any questions you might have.