North Dakota Online Casinos & Gambling Sites

Unregulated gambling is illegal in North Dakota. The penalties depend on the amount of money involved. With less $500 involved, unlawful gambling is considered a minor infraction. With more than $500, the authorities are likely to press Class A misdemeanor charges. It’s important to realize that it’s impossible to determine whether this extends to internet games or not, as online play isn’t directly mentioned in the relevant regulations.

The local courts have never had a chance to tackle this issue due to the fact that no offshore sites’ customers have been prosecuted so far, so most gamblers simply pursue their hobby online without even realizing how ambiguous the legal status of iGaming actually is.

North Dakota residents are able to access virtually every iGaming site that accepts US-based players, so it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed by the number of available poker rooms, casinos, and sportsbooks if you’re an inexperienced gambler. Fortunately, picking a quality site isn’t all that hard if you follow a few simple guidelines.

If you’re a poker player, you shouldn’t bother with low-traffic sites, as their cash games are often empty and the tournaments they host tend to have underwhelming prize pools. If you’re looking for casino-style action, you should focus on the sites that offer the best bonuses and game selection.

Finally, if you’re interested in sports betting, you should try to assess each site in terms of prices, event coverage, and the available live in-play options.

North Dakota Online Gambling FAQ

How Do I Get Started?

If you’ve already picked a site that you’d like to join, your next move should be to open an account, make the first deposit and verify your account. The verification process isn’t instant and might take up to 48 hours to complete. Fortunately, once your account gets a green light you won’t have to go through that again.

How Do I Get My Money if I Win?

The money attached to your account can be cashed out at your request whenever you deem necessary, but you should keep in mind that most requests take between 24 and 48 hours to process. Most offshore sites rely on wire transfers when it comes to handling their payments, so in the end, you’re likely to receive your winnings within less than 14 days from placing the initial request.

What is the minimum age to gamble online in North Dakota?

Offshore sites require their customers to be at least 18 years old. You shouldn’t confuse this requirement with the legal gambling age for North Dakota casinos, which is actually set to 21.

How do I open an account?

You need to submit a registration form, which should be available on the site of the casino, poker room or sportsbook that you’d like to join. Please note that making a real money deposit will still require you to pass a simple identity check.

Where can I open my account from?

You don’t have to be present in North Dakota, but many sites require you to be present within the borders of United States.

From where can I access North Dakota online gambling sites?

North Dakota gambling sites can be accessed from anywhere in the entire country, but you should always consult the local laws before you try gambling online in a different state.

Where can I familiarize myself with the official regulations over gambling in North Dakota?

Gambling-related regulations are listed in Section 12 of North Dakota Code.

How do I deposit to my online gambling account?

In most cases, you’ll have to settle for a standard credit card payment, particularly if you’re making your first deposit.

How do I withdraw my winnings?

North Dakota sites tend to support both wire transfers and checks.

Is my money safe?

Your money is safe with any iGaming platform listed on this site. If you’d like to try a different operator, you should research his sites and history before you decide to commit your hard-earned money.

What body regulates gambling in North Dakota?

North Dakota Attorney General Gaming Division.