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Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas USA

Las Vegas USA is a no-frills, US player accepting online casino. Founded in 1999, is one of the oldest casinos on the internet. Casinos come and go, so it is important to only deposit your money online when you have found a site that you know can be trusted. Las Vegas USA is a casino that is approved and endorsed by WCI (World Casino Index). This site has all of the typical games that you would expect to find at an online casino, including table games and slots. It is not a sports betting site and we would not advise joining Las Vegas USA if your primary interest is in betting sports, since there are many other casinos that offer both a complete casino and sportsbook in one place.

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Before deciding to join and/or download Las Vegas USA, or its partner Vegas Casino Online, we recommend that you take a brief tour of their site. You will be able to see if current promotions do (or don’t) meet your specific interests, and this can be used to decide if the site is ultimately the one for you. For reference, at the time of this review, LasVegasUSA is offering a $3,000 deposit bonus. This, like all offers, is subject to change, but can be used as a benchmark when measuring the quality of current promotions.

Ways to Play at Las Vegas USA

There are two different ways that you can play in the casino at Las Vegas USA. These include a download option and an instant play option. As the online casino industry has matured, instant play has become increasingly popular since it does not require a third party client to operate. Beyond this, new visitors to the site can select instant play to browse the variety of games and bonuses that are available. If you are on the fence about whether or not to join the site, this is a preferred choice. Aside from a list of games and promotions, you can also see which slot machines were recently added as well as progressive jackpot amounts.

Downloading and installing Las Vegas USA on your computer or tablet takes a total of about 2-3 minutes. From here you will be required to actually create an account to explore the client any further. This is another reason why browsing around the instant play area is beneficial, since you will not be required to have an account to see what is available. With that said, creating an account is very quick and simple. See the below image for the form you will need to fill out in order to get started. In total, expect the download, installation, and sign up process to take about 5 minutes.

Las Vegas USA

Promotions and Deposit Bonuses at Las Vegas USA

The most noticeable part of the promotions at Las Vegas is that they can only be claimed once. The reason for this is that, unlike some online casinos, the bonuses can be credited (and with playthrough), ultimately cashed out. Needless to say, there is a lot of value to be found in these bonuses since they can actually be turned into real cash in your pocket. At the time of this review, had a total of five unique promotions. All of the bonuses were available to any registered member of the site, regardless of whether they had just joined or have been a member for awhile. Over time, these bonuses and promotions will change, but the graphic below is indicative of what you should generally expect to find offered.

Las Vegas USA Bonuses

The actual usage of these bonuses will take place at the time of deposit. As seen in the image, a code will be listed. Enter this code when completing your deposit, and the bonus will be applied to your account. The process for both finding and redeeming the bonus offers at Las Vegas USA is very easy to follow.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options

Las Vegas USA has a total of four different deposit options, including Visa and Mastercard, MST GiftCards, Neteller, and Money Order. For new players, the maximum deposit amounts range from $500 (card) to $2,500 (Neteller). The downside to using Neteller is that it is not available to US players which, of course, is the main player base at The best option for larger deposits for US players is a Money Order. Since you likely want to hit tables as soon as possible, we recommend a card deposit initially, and then asking for support to bump your maximum deposit amount once you have established some casino. Once you have some history with the casino, they will be more comfortable taking larger deposits (and, in turn, making bigger payouts).

When it comes time to cash out, there are even more withdrawal options than deposit choices. These include check, check via courier, ACH deposit to bank account, Money Order or Neteller. Again, Neteller will only be an option for non-US players. With that said, ACH is also a US player exclusive option, and it is very convenient. You will have the money sent directly to your bank account and it will be received within a few days. Making the deposit options better is the fact that each choice is totally free. Some casinos charge anywhere from a few dollars to $100+ just to withdraw your money, so this is a sizeable selling point. Among online casinos, Las Vegas USA has one of the best selections of withdrawal options.

WCI Opinion

WCI does recommend this casino as a top choice among US facing brands. The expansive deposit and withdrawal options, combined with generous promotions and multiple gameplay options make it an easy choice. There is no doubt that this casino is definitely “basic” in the sense that they do not try to sell you on fancy or shiny buttons or promos. Instead, Las Vegas USA prefers to focus on offering the best quality service and bonuses available to players in the US. Las Vegas USA is most certainly not a scam or a rip off. This, rightfully so, is one of the primary concerns that prospective players have when considering which online casino to join, but it should not be a concern with this destination.

Look at Las Vegas USA as the equivalent of a locals casino in the brick and mortar casino spectrum. Just like a locals casino, you will receive the most valuable benefits and the highest quality support to ensure that you are entirely satisfied with your experience. Don’t get shorted by a big name casino brand that is all show and little substance if you can instead join a well-established industry leader like Las Vegas USA.

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