Intertops Sportsbook and Casino Review

Originally founded in 1983, Intertops has been an online sportsbook since 1996. If quick banking and guaranteed cashouts and security are a priority, Intertops should be your first choice. US and non-US bettors are accepted at Intertops.



Intertops is regularly regarded as one of the biggest online sportsbook and casino brands around, and for good reason. The Intertops brand traces its roots back to London in the early 1980s when the company was founded.

Though it was first operated as a brick and mortar sportsbook, Intertops made history in 1996 when they accepted what is considered to be the first online bet ever.

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Since 1996, Intertops has evolved to become not only one of the best online sportsbooks but also one of the biggest and best online casinos as well.

Sportsbook at Intertops

Players Accepted: United States, Canada, All Others Except Below
Players Not Accepted: France, UK, Australia

Despite Intertops being founded in the UK, it is evident that they cater primarily to a United States-based audience. The site’s interface is quite simple in its design and is free from any annoying, distracting promotions and offers. The home screen, in fact, features nothing more than a bunch of different popular betting options, including the day’s top games. Their “Top Sports” include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, and Tennis. As you might expect, leagues such as the NBA, NFL, and MLB are well-represented at Intertops and feature the most abundant betting options.

Other sports are listed under the “More Sports” category and include Aussie Rules Football, Boxing/UFC, Curling, and so on. There may not be as many wager options for those events and leagues that full under the “More Sports” listing, however, Intertops more than covers its bases with regard to sporting events that may not be so popular in the United States.

Reputation of Intertops

World Casino Index Reputation Rating: 5/5

Put simply, Intertops has a sterling reputation that ties perfectly into their longevity as a brand. Online sportsbooks do not survive 20+ years by accident, and the fact of the matter is that Intertops has set the precedent on how an online sportsbook should conduct itself. If you scour the web like we have, you will find that there are very few instances of former players talking about having been scammed by the sportsbook.

Through our research, we did find a few complaints with regard to funds withdrawal, however, these complaints involved cryptocurrency withdrawals; a known hotbed for scammers, hackers, and other unscrupulous characters. In one instance, a former player commented that their withdrawal was stolen from them and that Intertops did very little to help and ultimately did not see to it that the funds were returned. We could not independently verify the validity of this complaint, however, we have heard similar withdrawal issues from hundreds of players across multiple online sportsbooks. This is not to downplay the above-mentioned complaint, but there are almost 0 other documented instances in which Intertops has been accused of scamming players.

Sports and Leagues Offered at Intertops

Primary Sports Offered: American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Tennis
Other Sports Offered: Aussie Rules Football, Boxing/UFC, Cricket, Curling, Darts, Entertainment, Golf, Handball, Horse Racing, Motor Sports, Non-Sporting, Other Sports (Olympics, etc.), Rugby, Snooker, Soccer, Volleyball.
Not Offered (or not listed): Political

There are 5 different sports that fall under Intertops’ “Top Sports” category, including American football, baseball, basketball, ice hockey, and tennis. These sports may feature the most abundant number of betting options and events upon which to wager, but they do not constitute the only sports betting options available.

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The “More Sports” category does well to include sports that may not be so popular in the United States, but are popular in other parts of the world. While there will be betting options on a daily basis for sports such as soccer and horse racing, other sports may not boast wagering options day in and day out.

Intertops keeps betting simple, in that they do not offer a lot of player/team props for individual games and almost completely avoid any sort of alternate lines. Their straightforward, US-centric betting is easy to follow, understand, and generally lends itself to bettors who may be recreational in nature or just getting their toes wet in the online sports betting world.

Baseball at Intertops

Intertops’ baseball betting includes Major League Baseball (MLB) and very little else. For most people, this is not such a deficiency, but it is clear to see that Intertops mostly neglects other popular baseball leagues, such as those in Japan, South Korea, and Mexico. If you fancy yourself a strict baseball bettor, there are sportsbooks with more options for this sport. Having said that, Intertops’ coverage of MLB is complete and satisfactory.

American Football at Intertops

American football leagues covered by Intertops include both the United States’ NFL as well as Canada’s CFL. The coverage of the NFL season is complete as you will find moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options for every game from every season. The coverage of the CFL is nice, but it is clear to see that the Canadian league takes a backseat to its US counterpart.

Ice Hockey at Intertops

Surprisingly, Intertops’ coverage of ice hockey might be their best when you look at it through the lens of leagues covered. The National Hockey League (NHL) may be, by far, the most wagered-upon league, but Intertops does well to offer betting options for hockey leagues from all over the world.

From Russia’s KHL to the IIHF World Championships, Intertops does not skimp on their coverage of global hockey. For those strictly interested in the NHL, understand that their coverage of this wildly popular league is more extensive than it is with any others.

Basketball at Intertops

Basketball is another sport where Intertops excels with regard to its coverage. Naturally, the NBA is the league covered the closest and the league with the most wagering options on a given day. Intertops also includes betting options for basketball leagues from all over the world, including the French Pro A, Italian Serie A, Australian NBL, NCAA basketball, and more. There is a “Top Bet” feature we discovered under the basketball section, and it seems as though these are often the higher-profile basketball games from places outside of the United States.

Tennis and Other Sports at Intertops

Tennis might be the only “Top Sport” at Intertops that is not very specifically geared towards a United States audience. There are betting options for the ATP World Tour, WTA, ATP Challenger Tour, and more. In addition to the tours covered, Intertops also offers betting options for different high-profile events, such as Wimbledon and The French Open.

All of the sports mentioned above constitute the top offerings from Intertops, however, the sportsbook has much more to offer. There are a number of other sports and leagues covered, and the one with the most betting options–by far–is soccer. Soccer may not be the most popular sport in North America, but it is up there and it follows that Intertops covers all of the world’s top leagues as well as some of the leagues that may not be so well-known. Their coverage of soccer betting is expansive and includes popular competitions such as UEFA leagues such as the Argentinian Superliga, Australian A League, and Chilean Primera Division.

For other betting categories, such as rugby, motor sports, and handball, it seems as though Intertops’ coverage coincides with the biggest events in a given year. When it comes to rugby, for example, you will not see regular season games from Super Rugby, but you will see betting options for Six Nations.

Live Betting

Live betting is a major feature of Intertops’ overall offering and is an aspect of the site that does not disappoint. Wagering options for live events are plentiful and tend to include sports that fall under Intertops’ “Top Sports” designation. Something surprising was the abundance of live soccer betting options available. Intertops does not really promote soccer as one of their top sports, however, there are no less than 10-20 live soccer games covered by Intertops on a given match day.

The live betting interface, like Intertops’ site, is very simple. What we liked most was the neat organization of it all. It seems as though the top event that is happening currently dominates the center of the live betting screen, while all other live betting options are featured in a drop-down menu on the left. The betting options themselves are standard and tend to include moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options. In addition to this, there are all sorts of other prop bets available more often than not.

Bet Types at Intertops

Offered: Moneyline, Spread, Totals (over/under), Parlays, Teasers, Futures Wagers, Player Props
Not Offered: Alternate Lines, Exotic Parlays

For nearly all events that are able to be wagered upon at Intertops, there are going to be moneyline, spread, and over/under betting options. Parlays are another staple of Intertops’ offering and include straight parlays as well as teasers. In terms of parlays, the specific betting rules vary depending on which sport you are wagering upon.

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In terms of futures betting and player props at Intertops, these are typically reserved for the higher-profile events stemming from the “Top Sports” section. A point to note is that player props do not exist in abundance at Intertops. You will find them for some of the more popular events, but if you are looking for a wide array of player props for each and every game of the NBA’s regular season, Intertops is going to disappoint.

As we have touched on repetitively, Intertops keeps things simple. An extension of this is the absence of exotic wagers, the likes of which you might find on a site like 5Dimes. These unique, obscure bets (which include exotic parlays) are a draw for some, but end up being a waste of money for almost everyone.

Intertops Mobile Sports Betting

Intertops’ mobile site allows players to make the bets of their choice no matter where they are. The mobile interface can be accessed through your device’s web browser and, even though there is no download, it functions a lot like a downloadable application. In short, the mobile interface offered by Intertops feels a lot like the live betting interface of the traditional desktop site. As soon as you navigate to the mobile site, you are greeted with both live and upcoming games in the middle of the screen.

All in all, Intertop’s mobile betting client is great because it seems to include everything that is featured on the traditional site. There are no fancy bells and whistles, the setup is familiar and easy to use, and the site boasts a full array of leagues and sports upon which you can wager.

Sportsbook Sign Up Bonus

Intertops does not just offer 1 sign up bonus for bettors who create their first account. Instead, they let players choose between 4 different sign up bonuses, the best of which can award a player $1,000 in bonus monies. All of these bonuses work as a percentage bonus that coincides with your first deposit, and the main difference between the 4 is the % of bonus monies awarded as well as the wagering requirements in order to make bonus monies available for withdrawal.

In addition to the deposit sign up bonuses, there is also a $20 sign up free bet offered by Intertops. Put simply, Intertops does well to make new players feel welcomed.

Sportsbook Promotions

In addition to the bonuses given to new players, there are plenty of other sportsbook promotions that can be taken advantage of. For example, one promotion awards a $1,000 payment to the player who has recorded the most winnings from a single parlay bet in a calendar month. There are plenty of other promotions offered, however, they change throughout the year and tend to coincide with big sporting events, such as the Super Bowl and NCAA basketball tournament.

Sportsbook Bonus Terms and Requirements

The terms and conditions governing sportsbook promotions vary, but almost all of them feature some sort of rollover requirement. For example, a sign up bonus for new players awards a 50% bonus with up to $200 in bonus monies available. This particular promotion carries with it a 4x rollover requirement, meaning that a player would need to wager (4*200) $800 before the bonus money would be withdrawable.

Casino at Intertops

Software Platform: WGS (Casino Classic), RTG (Casino Red)
Games Offered: Table Games, Slots, Video Poker, Specialty Games
Games Not Offered: Lottery, Scratchoffs

Intertops may have originated as a sportsbook, but it now also boasts a full suite of online casino options. While some sportsbooks offer casino games to keep their sports bettors enthused, Intertops is a site that has a full slate of users who strictly stick to the casino offerings; something that speaks to the quality of the online casino. As far as bonuses go, casino players at Intertops make out far better than their sports-betting counterparts.

Something worth noting with regard to Intertops’ online casino offering is that there are actually 2 different casinos on the site: Casino Classic and Casino Red. For the most part, the two casinos feature the same general offering (slots, table games, video poker, specialty games), however, they boast two different software providers. As such, the gameplay between the casinos will be different, as will the selection of slot titles.

Slots at Intertops Casino

Number of Slots: Over 200
Min and Max Slot Bets: $0.01-$250

In terms of the slot games offered by Intertops, they come from one of two providers, and the provider whose games you are playing depends upon whether you are at the Casino Classic or Casino Red. Fortunately, having an account at Intertops means that both casinos are available to you, including their massive selection of slots. With two different casinos, the combined 100+ slot selection means that you have more than 200 slot games to choose from.

What’s more, the 2 different slot providers mean that there is a bit of selection, the likes of which you will not find from many of the casinos that offer slots from only 1 provider.

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What does stick out about Intertops’ slot selection is the betting limits. Many other online casinos cap the amount of money that can be wagered per spin at around $10 or $20. Intertops does well to multiply that industry standard by up to 10x.

Table Games at Intertops

Table Games Offered: Baccarat, Blackjack, Blackjack—Perfect Pairs, Casino Hold’em, 10 High Hold’em, Mulligan Poker, Caribbean Hold’em, Caribbean Stud, Craps, European Blackjack, Face Up 21, Let Em Ride, Match Play 21, Pai Gow, Pontoon, Red Dog, Super 21, Tri Card Poker, Vegas Three Card Rummy
Table Games Not Offered: Big Six, Crazy 4 Poker, High Card Flush, Ultimate Texas Hold’em, War
Min and Max Table Game Bets: $1-$50 ($1,000 Craps Table Max)

Between Casino Classic and Casino Red there are well over 20 table games on offer at Intertops, ranging from classic games you may know well to some you may have never heard of before. In terms of the rules for every game, they are mostly standard and similar to what you would find on the floor of a brick and mortar establishment. In terms of Blackjack and some of the Hold’em variations, you should carefully review the rules and payouts as they are not always so straightforward.

Generally, tables games at Intertops require a minimum bet of $1. As for the higher end of the betting limits, the general rule is $50. With some games, such as craps, the wagering limit can get up to $1,000. All told, there are no table game wagers that are able to exceed the $1,000 mark.

Mobile Casino at Intertops

The mobile casino offered by Intertops is pretty decent and does well to offer a balanced selection of games to play. With that being said, the total number of games offered on the mobile website is reduced in comparison to what you will find on the desktop site. While there are more than 20 table games offered on the traditional website, there are less than 10 between the 2 different mobile casino clients offered by Intertops.

For players, it is important to note that Intertops’ mobile casino does not exist as a downloadable app. Instead, the full suite of mobile casino games can be accessed directly through the browser of the mobile device you are using. Despite the reduced game selection, we have very few negative things to say about Intertops’ mobile casino.

Casino Sign Up Bonus at Intertops

In terms of a sign up bonus for casino players, the offer is the same whether you are playing Casino Red, Casino Classic, or both. The deal is a fairly standard 100% bonus on your first deposit with up to $100 in bonus monies available for the taking. The lowest qualifying deposit for this promotion is $20 and there is a 30x rollover requirement that must be satisfied before any of the bonus funds can be withdrawn.

Casino Promotions at Intertops

Intertops runs a series of promotions throughout the year, often coinciding with relevant holidays, such as Mardi Gras, Christmas, Easter, and so on. While the promotions change often, the one constant that players really love is the comp points feature. Just like they work at brick and mortar facilities, comp points at Intertops reward players for their loyalty and turn betting action (whether that action wins or loses) into free play further down the road. Put simply, a player at Intertops (both Casino Classic and Casino Red) earns 1 comp point for every $10 wagered. 100 comp points earned results in $1 of free play. This may not seem like much, but for the casino player who is on Intertops on an almost daily basis, the comp points can really add up.

To make what could be a long story somewhat shorter, there is a heap of promotions at Intertops at any given time of year. No matter what type of player you are, there is something that you are sure to love and that will give you a shot at maximizing your bankroll.

Casino Bonus Terms and Requirements

As was mentioned above, the welcome bonus for casino players features a 30x rollover requirement. Many of the other promotions at Intertops’ casinos work in such a way that rollover requirements are not applicable. For example, the $30,000 Wheel of Fortune promotion is a simple promotion that awards players $1,000 worth of prizes daily just for spinning the wheel. In the case of this bonus, you either win cash and it is immediately yours, or you do not win at all; it is very straightforward.

When there are other deposit bonuses and free bet bonuses, the wagering requirements governing that bonus are spelled out plainly. The one tricky thing, however, is figuring out which terms and conditions to look at, as there are a few different pages of this sort. If nothing else, you can consult the live chat customer support which has proven to be very helpful in our experience.

Poker at Intertops

Network: Horizon Poker Network

Being that Intertops originated as a sportsbook, it should not be all that surprising that their online poker offering is not tops in the industry. You will be able to find games at all hours and on any day, however, the quantity of games being run at a given point in time is not the best. If you are strictly, or majorly, trying to play poker, Intertops may not be your best bet.

Intertops Poker Client

For poker players at Intertops, you have the option of either downloading the poker application directly to your desktop or playing poker games through your web browser. If you intend to play poker at Intertops it is highly recommended that you download the client directly to your computer as this will alleviate the need to navigate a web browser every time you want to play.

For players who are still going to make use of the instant play, download-free option, you will need to have the most up-to-date version of Adobe Flash installed on your computer.

Poker Cash Game Stakes

In terms of the stakes for cash poker games, they range from $0.02/$0.04 up to $50/$100. This is not typical for the sole reason that you will be hard-pressed to find stakes higher than $5/$10 at a poker site that caters to a US-based audience. With that being said, you will not find many people playing at the higher stakes games, as most of the tables sit empty or with only 1 person for long stretches of time. By and large, most of the action can be found on tables with stakes of $1/$2 and lower.

Poker Games Offered

Poker Offered: Omaha, Texas Hold’em

The primary two poker types that you will find at Intertops is No Limit Hold’em as well as Pot Limit Omaha. Beyond that, there are not really any other types of poker available. As you might expect, No Limit Hold’em is where you will find a majority of the action when it comes to both cash games and tournaments.

Poker Tournaments and Sit n Gos

The tournaments and Sit n Gos you will find at Intertops tend to be on the affordable side of things, with buy-ins ranging from free to $100. Generally, the majority of tournaments feature buy-ins of $10 or smaller. We have not seen much in the way of more expensive tournaments thanks to the fact that Intertops poker is reserved primarily for recreational players, or those who are not going to shell out $50 or $100 for a tournament buy-in.

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Sit n Gos can have buy-ins that test the $100 mark, however, a majority of them will have buy-ins of $10 or less. In fact, there is a lot of Sit n Gos that have buy-ins smaller than $5. It is clear to see that Intertops is far from a poker-first site, and the small buy-ins and player population only serve to reinforce that point.

Promotions at Intertops Poker Room

Intertops does offer promotions and bonuses for poker players, however, the quantity of promotions pales in comparison to what you will find in the sportsbook or casino. With that said, there is a welcome bonus that offers players a 200% bonus with up to $1,000 in bonus money available. The minimum qualifying deposit for this bonus is $25, with the maximum being $500. The bonus is paid out in $5 increments and players have 3 months to clear the bonus.

Beyond that, Intertops does not offer all that much in the way of bonuses and promotions for poker players. They do promote a reload bonus from time to time, however, it is not a constant thing. It would be accurate to say that the poker promotions at Intertops are disappointing, but they are about what we expect from a site that is not well-known for its poker.

Customer Support at Intertops

Customer Support Options: Live Chat, Email, Phone (24/7)

Something that really makes us hold Intertops in high regard is the fact that they have some of the best customer support you will find. At any time of day or night, it is very easy to get in touch with a customer support agent.

Phone support is always an option, and same with email, but we found the live chat to be the best way to quickly and easily get in touch with customer support.

Emails are replied to within 24 hours and the customer support agents really do everything in their power to resolve whatever issue you may be having and/or to answer any questions you might have.

Deposit and Withdrawal Options at Intertops

Minimum Deposit: $10
Maximum Deposit: None
Deposit Methods: Credit card, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), Bitcoin, Sofort, ecoPayz, EU SEPA bank transfer, Money Global, Paysafe
Withdrawal Methods: Bitcoin, check, bank wire, Neteller, Skrill (Moneybookers), ecoPayz, EU SEPA bank transfer, Money Global

In terms of the lower end of deposits, Bitcoin can allow you to instantly fund an account with as little as $10. Most of the other payment options, however, require a minimum deposit of $25, with some requiring even larger minimums. Mony Global deposits, for example, must be at least $100 each. In general, there is a wealth of deposit options, many of which do not carry fees.

In terms of withdrawing funds, Intertops does not specify a withdrawal minimum. Having said that, some of the withdrawal options mandate that a withdrawal must be of at least $100. Some feature minimums even higher than that. We feel safe in saying that if you think you might be wanting to withdraw less than $50 at a time, Intertops may not be the best site for you. Otherwise, there are enough deposit and withdrawal options to satisfy everyone.


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