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Downtown Bingo

Downtown Bingo

Online gambling continues to grow in popularity as an alternative to actually making a trip to your local casino. This has redefined aspects of gambling itself, as now anyone of legal age can easily access gambling websites and play with their hard earned money from the comfort of their home. Because of this popularity, online gambling websites are sprouting up left and right, and it can be easy to overlook websites that provide a great user experience.

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Downtown Bingo, a relatively new gambling website should not be overlooked, as it is an excellent example of a well done and user friendly gambling website. First and foremost, Downtown Bingo is operated by the same people that manage Bovada, a titan in the online poker and sportsbook world of online gambling. Additionally, Downtown Bingo offers a plethora of sign up, loyalty and daily bonuses to give new players a great start and keep veteran players excited. Therefore, one can assume that Downtown Bingo is going to be a no nonsense gambling website with a dedication to pleasing and entertaining its users.

Downtown Bingo Software

Downtown Bingo employs the use of fantastic software provided by Vista Gaming, a large software provider used by many websites in the industry. The software is used to create the sense of heading down to the ‘virtual’ big city to make some wagers with other virtual socialites. To some, the design may seem unnecessary or unimportant, but I honestly believe it creates a unique experience that makes you feel as though you are in fact heading out on the big town for an eventful evening. The software also serves another, less apparent but more important, purpose, that of security.

Downtown Bingo places security as paramount, and maintains a well reviewed customer support facet of their business should anything go wrong. On the rare occasion that it does, users have claimed that customer support is very quick with email responses and that they may respond in as little a handful of minutes.

As its name is Downtown Bingo, you can expect this gambling website is mainly focused on the game of bingo. However, users are able to play a handful of other games including slots, baccarat, American roulette, keno, and video poker.

For bingo, Downtown Bingo offers 7 online bingo rooms that are open to users at various points throughout the week. No matter when users are trying to play, there will always be a room available. The rooms vary in size of jackpot, with daily jackpots averaging less than $5,000. Alternatively, large jackpot rooms occur on certain days and certain times but have payouts of $30,000 or more. The only complaints from users is that certain rooms have limited numbers of players, but due to Downtown Bingo being relatively new, this is understandable. As they continue to develop, especially with help from their affiliation to Bovada, they will undoubtedly have consistently full games and probably attempt to add more rooms in the future.

Downtown Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

Downtown Bingo is not messing around when it comes to bonuses and promotions. In terms of a welcome bonus, they are boasting a 1500% welcome bonus that is distributed amongst your first three deposits as such: a 500% bonus on your first deposit, a 600% bonus on your second deposit, and finally a 400% bonus on your third deposit. This promotion gives new players a huge head start and is a great way to get people playing immediately. As if that was not enough, Downtown Bingo gives all new players a complimentary $25 upon signing up so they can jump right in.

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The spectacular treatment does not stop just at new players, but veteran players will also experience the generosity of Downtown bingo through a number of other promotions. Upon each day there is a ‘special reload’ bonus that applies to anyone who is depositing into their account on that day. The daily reload specials are as follows:

On Monday and Friday, any deposits of $99 or less will receive a 200% bonus while any deposit of $100 or over will receive a 400% bonus.

On Tuesday, deposits of $25 to $49 will receive a 99% bonus, deposits of $50-$99 will receive a 199% bonus and deposits $100 and up will receive a 299% bonus.

On Wednesday, Ladies may take advantage of an 88% bonus for deposits of $25-$49, a 188% bonus for deposits of $50-$99, and a 288% bonus for deposits of $100 and up.

On Thursday and Saturday, any deposits less than $99 will receive a 150% bonus while deposits of $100 or more will receive a 300% bonus.

On Sunday, deposits less than $99 will receive a 100% bonus while deposits of $100 or more will receive a 200% bonus.

In addition to all of these spectacular daily specials, there is also a loyalty point system which in turn applies players for nightly, weekly and monthly cash drawings which can earn players up to $1,000 should they win the monthly drawing. It is important to note that there are no limits applied to these bonuses, and that also there are no wagering requirements. Another very important note to make is that players will be required to contact customer service before being able to deposit amounts of over $100. This is so Downtown Bingo can verify a form of photo identification and bank statements so as to ensure identities.

Deposits and Withdrawals at Downtown Bingo

In terms of acceptable forms of payment, Downtown Bingo is very flexible. Downtown Bingo will accept deposits from big names like Visa and Mastercard but also from lesser known names like Skrill, Neteller, MoneyBookers, Bank Check, iPoint, uKash, and eCheck to name a few. There is a minimum deposit limit of $25, and for standard players a cap at $100, although this can be increased through interaction with the helpful customer service department. The minimum amount for payouts is $50 while the maximum, unless providing photo identification, is set at $2,500.

Downtown Bingo has all the makings of becoming a standard and go to spot in the online gambling community. It has affiliations with a giant in the industry, Bovada, who will help them with name recognition and other growing pains. They have fantastic game software and a creative and fun website design that is sure to excite visitiors. They have some of the most generous sign up and promotional bonuses I have ever seen. To top it all off, Downtown Bingo appears to have a kind and helpful customer service department that can smooth out any rare bumps that may come in the road. Overall, Downtown Bingo is a great gambling website that is sure to only continue improving.

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Downtown Bingo is unlike a lot of conventional casinos, but it still offers a great experience. Their modest selection of games is complemented by a massive string of bonuses. With plenty of experience and a solid track record, it is easy to see why people put their trust in Downtown Bingo.

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