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Bitcoin Penguin

Bitcoin Penguin

Online casinos have been in existence since the first days of the internet. Their popularity took off from the second they were founded simply because they offered bettors a new, convenient way to play the online casino games they love. No longer did one have to travel hundreds of miles to play games at the nearest casino, because all of those games could be accessed quickly and easily from the comfort of one’s own home.

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Nowadays, the online casino industry is booming and is constantly seeing new sites pop up all the time. One of the newest additions to the industry came not all that long ago in the form of Bitcoin casinos. Offering many of the same games and game-types as traditional online casinos, these newcomers differed from traditional sites in but one way—they allowed players to gamble with a virtual currency known as Bitcoin.

Now we could discuss the ins and outs of Bitcoin all day, but the cold hard truth is that Bitcoin is a trusted form of currency that is utilized by people and businesses all over the world. Backed with secure cryptology to protect your personal information, some claim that Bitcoin transactions are safer and more secure than the ones you execute with your bank. Bitcoin Penguin is one of the newest addition to the Bitcoin casino scene, along with BitCasino and mBit Casino, and has already begun making quite a name for itself.

History and Reputation of Bitcoin Penguin

Bitcoin Penguin was founded in 2014, so the site has not been around as long as many of its competitors. Based out of Costa Rica, Bitcoin has an operating staff that, combined, has many years in the online casino industry.

As far as the site’s reputation is concerned, that much is still being hammered out, but so far, so good. Bitcoin Penguin is simply too new to make a final decision on their reputation. Through our reviews of player testimonials, the early indications are that bettors really like what Bitcoin Penguin has to offer.

Games Offered at

Perhaps part of the reason behind why Bitcoin Penguin has been able to build up such a solid reputation for itself despite not having existed all that long is due to their expansive offering of casino games. In many cases, you will see online casinos that try to specialize and offer a plethora of games from one gaming category while skimping on games of other varieties. Bitcoin Penguin does the exact opposite of that and tries to spread the love around to all types of casino games.

When it comes to blackjack, there are at least three different varieties from which to choose. A number of video poker game-types also exist, for you to really get the feel of playing at a casino. At this juncture, however, no live player poker exists at Bitcoin Penguin. The list goes on and on, but the point is that this gaming site really has enough to satisfy even the most stringent bettors.

When it comes to slot games at Bitcoin Penguin, there is really no competing. With over 100 different slots to choose from, you will never run out of betting options. The slot games range in style too, from traditional fruit-themed slot games to the new-age games complete with realistic graphics and all sorts of bonuses.

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Thanks to the highly usable SoftSwiss casino software powering most of the games, you almost never experience any sort of glitching or freezing; something that is all too common a problem with newer online gaming sites.

Bitcoin Penguin Site Layout

The Bitcoin Penguin site is laid out with simplicity in mind, and they really hit the nail on the head with this one. The homepage is neatly organized and does well to not throw a lot of information at you at once. Quick links can take you directly to the games you would like to play (Blackjack, Poker Games, Roulette, Slots, etc.), though the “Games” tab at the top of the page will redirect you to the casino games homepage.

The Games page follow suit with the site’s homepage in that it is extremely well-organized. A bar with clickable tabs on the left hand side lists each game-type and allows you to click and view all of the individual games that fall underneath the game-type umbrella you select. From that point, navigating to your preferred game is as simple as clicking the mouse.

It is becoming commonplace for newer online casinos, and Bitcoin casinos especially, to keep things simple when it comes to their site’s layout. That is exactly what Bitcoin Penguin has done, and it is our opinion that they have done it quite well.

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Another great aspect of this new Bitcoin casino is the fact that it offers mobile betting. Unfortunately, we would like to see their mobile betting offering improved upon a bit. The reason for this is due to the fact that the mobile site is no different than the one you navigate to in your computer’s web browser. Though the select number of games you are able to play do load quickly and work well on smartphones, actually navigating the site on a small smartphone screen becomes a real pain at times.

The Verdict on Bitcoin Penguin

At the end of the day, it is quite difficult to find bad things to say about Bitcoin Penguin. The site is not very experienced at all, yet they handle themselves as though they have been in the business for decades. The site itself is incredibly well laid out and easy to use, which lends itself to online casino-goers old and young alike. As for game selection goes, you are hard-pressed to find a Bitcoin casino that offers a wider range of gaming options.

Apart from the minor improvements we would like to see made to the mobile betting site feature, Bitcoin Penguin is a remarkably well run Bitcoin casino. We are very excited to see what they bring to the table over the course of the coming months and years.


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