How I Got Diamond in a Day at Caesars Palace

gambling-solves-everythingIf you have ever visited a Caesars Entertainment property, you are probably well aware of the highly-prized Diamond Card. Whether you have ever read one of their player program pamphlets or have seen the exclusive “diamond only” sections in the valet, taxi lines or elsewhere you likely have an idea of the benefits associated with holding one of these cards. The Diamond Card is basically the holy grail of player’s cards next to the ultimate achievement; Seven Star.

If you have a Diamond Card you’ll be able to skip most lines, get exclusive discounts and promotions, gain access to the Diamond Lounge, receive comped rooms on most visits and many other benefits. This is because to get the diamond card, you have to reach 15,000 tier credits which is a difficult feat to many gamblers. To better understand the process of reaching diamond card status, we have outlined how Total Rewards’ tier credits work:

  • Entertainment: 1 tier credit for every $1 spent.
  • Slot Machines: 1 tier credit for every $5 coin-in.
  • Video Poker: 1 tier credit for every $10 coin-in.
  • Table Games: These are rated by the pit boss and based on your length of play, average bet and type of game.
  • Poker: These will vary and are based on length of play, limit and type of game.

Total Rewards cards (in order of status).

  • Gold > Platinum > Diamond > Seven Stars

Needless to say, on my first ever trip to Las Vegas I was able to get diamond in a day. Read on to learn how I did it and find out how you can too.

Starting Out at Caesar’s Palace Las Vegas

A few months after my 21st birthday, I decided to head to Caesars Palace to meet up with a few friends. I booked a room at Caesars, for no particular reason; mainly because everyone else was staying there. At this point of my gambling escapades, I did not have a Total Rewards card. Needless to say, I ended up paying something like $100/night for my room, which I would now probably cringe at. Though I didn’t know at the time, this would be the start of the degenerate gambling stage of my life.

This was my first time in Las Vegas and It was day 1 of a 3 day trip so I started out slow; first visiting the high-limit slots room. Before I started playing my friend urged me to get a Total Rewards card, and with a little hesitation I ended up getting one. I played various $10 per spin slots and ended up +$100 or something like that. I would later move on to blackjack ($25 min) and ended up with $600 from $1,000. We decided to head to Old Vegas and visit The D.

At The D we came across the high limit blackjack room which was completely empty. They had two tables open, but no one was sitting at either of them. We sat down at one and I decided to buy in for the remainder of my bankroll. The minimum at the tables here is $25 with a $1,000 max. I started out betting pretty low and slowly increased my bets. By an act of god I couldn’t seem to lose and at the end I was up to $10,000. Hooray. I visited many other non-Caesars properties that night in Old Vegas and ended up +$11,000 or so.

Diamond in a Day Promotion

Throughout that night and into the next day I wouldn’t stray far from Caesars Palace. I proceeded to play high limit slots at $100 Wheel of Fortune, and as you might have imagined it didn’t go well. I was probably $4,000 in the hole, but then I hit a spin for $5,000 so was unstuck. I also played a little blackjack and pai gow, slowly losing all of the money I had won in Old Vegas at Caesars and Flamingo (both of which are caesars entertainment properties). I then became aware of the “Diamond in a Day” promotion. The way it works is during the first 24 hours of getting your first Total Rewards Card, your points get multiplied by three. So I would now just need to hit 5,000 points to get the highly prized diamond card.

One of the annoyances of doing this in a 24 hour period is that your credits don’t fully update for 24-48 hours, so you don’t have a full grasp on how many points you have. It just means you have to really put in the effort. Knowing the many benefits of holding a diamond card, I tried my best. I would play blackjack betting $100/hand along with high limit slots. By the end of the next day after losing close to $10,000, I reached 15,000 tier credits and was now a Diamond Card owner. It was probably one of the most memorable moments that I’ve had at a casino, and I think it was worth it.

Aside from getting Diamond in a Day, they will comp your room and all charges associated with it. Once you have a Diamond Card, you also get comped rooms on all of your next visits to any Caesars Entertainment property. Needless to say, if you are a degenerate gambler who loses a lot and do not already have a Total Rewards card, it will do you well to sign up for one.

Take-away: To get diamond in a day you do need to bet frequently during the first 24 hours and bet in high amounts. This consequently means you will often lose a lot of money, but it might be worth it depending on your personal preferences and how often you visit casinos.

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