Best Times to Visit Las Vegas

Las Vegas is thought of as a tourist destination. It is also the largest convention city in the world. This makes it tough to find inexpensive hotel rooms. There are certain times of the year that are better than others.

Conventions often create large variance in hotel rates between one resort and another. A large convention held at one casino can cause the rates for its hotel to skyrocket. This convention may not affect hotels that are a block or two away, depending on its size. Sometimes the answer to “Why are rates so high at this one casino?” can be answered by looking at the Las Vegas convention calendar.

There are conventions or other special events that will cause hotel prices across the city to skyrocket. Those are the times to avoid Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Special Events

  • New Year’s Eve
  • NCAA Bowl Games: New Year’s Day and various days early in January
  • Consumer Electronics Show: First full week in January
  • NFL Playoffs: All January weekends
  • Super Bowl: First or second weekend in February
  • NASCAR: First weekend in March
  • NCAA March Madness: Third week in March
  • National Finals Rodeo: First and second week of December
  • All holiday weekends

When is the Cheapest Time to Visit Las Vegas?

The cheapest time to visit Las Vegas is after the National Finals Rodeo leaves in the second week of December and before Christmas. There are no major conventions in town and many tourists are at home getting ready for the holidays or trying to save money to pay off those bills.

The next best time to visit Las Vegas is after July 4th and before Labor Day weekend. The extreme heat discourages many conventions from coming during that time of the year. Family summer vacations also make it hard to draw conventioneers.

Some hotels with large day club businesses may have higher rates. Downtown hotels and resorts off the Strip are the best places to visit during this time of the year.

The week before or after a holiday weekend is another great time to visit Las Vegas. Tourists will flood the Strip on holiday weekends but conventions tend to schedule away from them by at least a week. Consider visiting during the week before or after a major three day weekend to save money.

Save More than Hotel Costs

The hotel room is the most expensive part of a Las Vegas Strip, at least for those that do not gamble. There are other ways to save by visiting during off peak season. Resorts will often offer discounts on shows during down weeks. This is also when restaurants may put out a Groupon or other special offer.

Don’t Forget to Include the Resort Fee

All major Las Vegas hotels now have a resort fee. These include wireless internet and access to business and fitness centers. The resort fee is basically just a junk fee for services that are free at most other hotels. These start at $15 and run as high as $28 per night. Make sure to include it when comparing one property to another or when considering if a trip is within your budget.

Don’t Buy Hotel Room on Travel Sites if You Will Gamble

No matter how cheap it is, gamblers often make the mistake of buying hotel rooms on travel sites. This is a poor decision. No matter how much you play, the casino cannot comp a room if you bought it anywhere other than their website or through their call center. The travel sites are great for comparing rates, but it is always a good idea to buy the room directly through the hotel. The rates will often be identical.