Financials Betting

Since bookmakers realize there is money to be made on anything people want to bet on, then it is best for them to offer opportunity on anything that might interest people. Now we can bet on the day to day financial markets. Financial betting includes wagers on Forex, Indexes, Shares, and Commodities as its main markets.

Shares are shares in all kinds of companies. Indexes are gatherings of certain shares that match with a certain business branch. The value of certain commodities like silver are theorized and bet on in the financial markets.


Forex is short for foreign exchange and is split into 3 markets: The Spot Market, The Forwards Market, and the Futures Market.

Note that the Forwards and Futures Markets do not trade currency. Instead, they sell contracts to claims of currency. The Spot Market trades currencies on price and takes a couple days to settle. 

The Forex Market is the main market people use all over the world to trade national and regional currencies. It has become extremely popular and trades in the trillions daily, more than any other market. This is why financial betting is the digital gaming of the future. It spawned from Forex. Financial betting is based on fluctuation and there is never an end to that in the Forex market.

Types of Financial Betting

The main variations of financial betting are binary betting, floating odds or fixed odds betting, and spread betting.

Fixed Odds and Floating Odds Betting

This is the most common type of financial bet because it is the simplest. All you are doing is betting if shares of a specific currency will increase or decrease to a certain figure. When using this way, the fixed odds company determines how much you have to bet to win a certain amount. This is like any type of sports bet as you know exactly what your odds are when you make the bet.

With Floating Odds Betting the odds change as the price changes. The Floating Odds company puts together the odds throughout the day and you only win what odds you received at the time you placed the bet. Lines made by sportsbooks are also kind of like Floating Odds in that you always get the price at the time you made your bet and they too can change during the course of a day or week, but they do not frequently change during the day.

Binary Betting

There are 5 types for this type of financial betting. They are Up/Down, In/out, Touch/No-Touch, Rise/Fall, and Higher/Lower. Up/Down is the simplest and most commonly used binary bet. This is when the bettor buying the bet believes a certain market or asset will close either above or below its current spot price after the trading day has ended.

The greater the likelihood of it going a certain way, the more expensive it will be to buy that event. This equates directly to betting the favorite or an underdog in a sports game. The more a team is slated to win a game, the less you will win if you bet them and the more you will win if you take their opponent. Binary bets can also be bought or sold.

Binary bets are not ideal for beginners and is based on an odds index that falls between 0 and 100. If the event you are betting on takes place it will settle at 100, if not, 0. Whoever is giving you the chance to bet may also present you with other options.

Spread Betting

This type has been around for many years and is probably what the average person who knows nothing about financial betting thinks of when hearing about the subject. Similar to Binary betting, spread betting is for the big time bettors because unlike Binary betting which is limited, you can win and lose an unlimited amount of money. It is all determined by how much your share goes up or down.

Deciding when to sell or hold can obviously be a bit stressful for everybody involved. That is why some books place limits on their spread betting. It probably goes without saying but spread betting is not for the faint of heart or for those who make strong impulsive decisions based on emotions. This really goes for all financial betting as in this world it is always going to be a volley of easy come easy go. You can’t ever let yourself get too comfortable. And since this is all done digitally, it can really numb the emotions of how much money you really are passing back and forth.

This detached element of numbness can work for or against you. It depends on a few things but none more than the true quality of the effort you are putting in. If you care about what you are doing, there’s no reason to think this should hurt you. Money is money whether it is bills in your hand or a number on a screen. But if you get lazy and want to make a big splash just to get your money because you cannot accept a loss and want your quick fix, do not be surprised when you lose it all.

Where Do I Bet?

This cannot be done alongside sportsbooks in Las Vegas, at least not yet. You will have to go online to find a casino that offers financial betting. Many non-US casinos offer financial betting, but it is considered more of a novelty and may be difficult to find at some bookmakers.

Financial Betting vs. Investing

Because of its fast and furious direct nature, one might consider financial betting to be an overall more fun and riveting experience than investing. It is hard to say if one is really better or worse than the other, it all just comes down to a matter of preference. Still, there are a few differences that need to be pointed out.

Financial betting at an online casino allows you to stay under the radar. Nobody needs to know who you are so this is advantageous for those who want to stay private.

The tax laws are different if you opt to trade currencies on Forex. The fees are also less of an issue. Since you are not trading a currency with standard financial betting this excludes you from having to pay any brokerages fees or commissions.