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For Americans, sports are nothing short of a part of daily life. No matter where you turn, you will see sports on the TV, hear about them on the radio, or read about them in newspapers and magazines. To be blunt, Americans are obsessed with sports, and for good reason. Playing right into this obsession are the many fantasy sports available for people to play, both for fun and for real money.

Fantasy sports work by putting you in the role of manager or coach. With your knowledge and expertise, you are tasked with putting together the strongest possible team. More recently, fantasy sports have evolved from leagues made up of a group of friends to massive, online-based fantasy leagues that present you with the opportunity to turn your sports knowledge into cash.

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How Fantasy Sports Work

Online fantasy sports function in a fairly straightforward manner and, even if you have never played before, the learning curve is small. At most fantasy sports sites, putting a team together is the most difficult process you will be tasked with completing.

Drafting Players

When drafting players to formulate a complete squad, you are given a budget with which you use to buy the players of your choice. Individual players are assigned prices according to their perceived overall level of skill and, on occasion, their recent performances. Knowing this, it goes without saying that all-star players like Lebron James, Russell Wilson, and Albert Pujols are often the most expensive. Because of your limited drafting budget, it becomes impossible to stack a team with only the best players in the world. This is where your knowledge and expertise come in.

Because you only have a limited amount of funds with which to draft players, you must allocate your funds appropriately to build the team of your preference. While most people would prefer to stack their team with the world’s best athletes, this is simply not possible. Instead, you must spend your money wisely and take note of trade-offs during the drafting process.

For example, if you want to draft a fantasy basketball team, spending a bulk of your money on two all-star players will leave you sifting through lower-level players to fulfill your final 3 or 4 spots. This is fine so long as the two players you spent a lot of money on perform well, but disastrous if they do not. Even from this one example, it is clear that there are innumerable different drafting strategies, each with their own perks and downsides. No matter what you read online, there is no such thing as a “correct” drafting style.

Point Structure

Every site has a point structure that differs slightly from the one before it, but basically, with your drafted team, you compete against other fantasy squads in hopes of your players recording the most fantasy points. No matter what type of fantasy league you are in, the end goal is always to accrue the most points via the players you have selected. Players are given points based on the amount of points/goals they score, aspects of their defense or offense, and a variety of other statistics. These will vary slightly from sport to sport.

Fantasy Sports; Rise to Popularity

Fantasy sports have long been popular in the United States, but they have recently surged to an entirely new level of popularity thanks to sites offering fantasy contests that require no season-long commitment. At these new sites, the team you draft on Monday can be entirely different from the one you drafted the night before. In the past, drafting a team was done only one time – before the beginning of that sport’s/league’s season.

Contest Variety and Daily Leagues

With contests happening nightly, all offering the possibility of cash winnings, it is easy to see why people began readily opting for this new style of fantasy sports as opposed to the traditional style. What’s more, the vast array of contests does well to keep any type of fantasy sports player enthused. With traditional fantasy sports leagues, a pool of friends or co-workers would get together in a single league that lasted an entire season. While sometimes the fantasy league could consist of just a few players, other times they may consist of many more than that, but most often players have very little control of how many others are in their league.

At fantasy sports sites, you can choose between a variety of different leagues and contests, some that boast hundreds of players, and others that pit you against just one or two other people. At the end of the day, however, it is nice to be able to choose a league that fits your personal preferences rather than being subjected to the whims of others.

Daily Fantasy Sport Websites

Though single-day fantasy sports leagues are still a somewhat new concept, they are growing in number by the week. As is the case with online casinos and sports books, many options exist for you to choose from. No site is exactly identical to the site before it, so some research on your part is necessary in order to choose the fantasy sports site that most closely aligns with your needs and specifications.

Many sites offer you the option to play in leagues and games with play-money in order to give you a better feel for what the site is like. We encourage that you try out as many as you can because while they all might appear to offer more or less the same gaming style, nothing could be further from the truth.

With differing game styles, different sport and league coverage, and a plethora of different deposit and withdrawal options, there is a lot for you to take into consideration before deciding on one site at which to play. Thankfully, plenty of reviews exist with the goal of giving you an accurate idea of what you can expect from a given site’s offering. We encourage you to browse these reviews as they can be wholly beneficial.