NETeller Online Casino Deposit and Withdrawal

Playing casino games for real money online is becoming increasingly commonplace, especially as technology becomes increasingly advanced. Before you can actually begin play, however, one crucial step must be completed—depositing money into a player account. After all, without executing a deposit the real money aspect of “real money casino games” is all but eliminated.

Before executing a deposit, the best thing you can do is find out more about the deposit options available to you. There exist many, and no two casinos are going to offer the exact same banking scheme. Beyond this, just because you were able to deposit via one method does not mean that the same method will facilitate withdrawals. This is not always the case, but it is something that occurs frequently enough that it is worth mentioning. Neteller

In the following sections we are going to highlight one of the most indisputably popular deposit/withdrawal methods available—NETeller. Existing in much the same way PayPal does, NETeller makes the process of funding an account and ultimately casing out winnings as simple and straightforward as possible.

NETeller Background

Before getting into how you can make use of NETeller, it is only right that we first tell you a little bit more about the company’s history. NETeller was first launched in 1999 and immediately got involved in the online casino industry; less than a year later, to be exact. Though it originated and began operations in Canada, NETeller moved to the Isle of Man in 2004 and has been headquartered there ever since. This is not all that unusual seeing as many online casinos and other payment processors are also based on this UK-owned island.

NETeller has a positive record with the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority and has been deemed as being trustworthy not only by the UK government, but by the hundreds of thousands of people who have utilized NETeller presently and in the past. As a publicly-traded company listed on the London Stock Exchange (under the name of its parent company, Paysafe Group), NETeller is here to stay and wholly transparent with regard to their operations.

How Depositing with NETeller Works

The act of depositing money at an online casino with NETeller is actually quite simple. Before you are able to do this, however, you need to create a NETeller account and link either a bank account, debit card, or both. The bank account and/or debit card is the avenue by which real money is loaded into your NETeller account and ultimately to your online casino player bankroll. Once you have verified your identity as well as the legitimacy of the accounts/cards you are using, your account will be ready for full use.

At this point, things become incredibly simple. So long as you are playing at a real money casino that accepts NETeller deposits, the process of funding a player account is one that takes mere minutes and, on occasion, seconds. By logging into your player account, going to the cashier, and choosing the amount of money to be deposited, your account will be instantly funded. When we say instantly we really mean it, too.

How Withdrawing with NETeller Works

When you have gone on a hot streak and accrued enough winnings, it then becomes time for you to cash out at least some of what you have done. Once again, the process for a withdrawal is as simple as can be. By simply selecting the amount of money you wish to cash-out, you can have winnings into your NETeller account within minutes.

Safe and Secure Banking Method

If you are wondering why someone might choose to utilize NETeller to facilitate withdrawals and deposits as opposed to a credit/debit card transaction, the answer to that question has everything to do with security. By linking your accounts with NETeller and subsequently using NETeller to make a deposit, you are providing a security buffer of sorts between the online casino and your personal information.

With credit and debit card deposits/withdrawals, you are quite literally giving your credit card information to the casino itself. What this means is that, in the unlikely event of hackers compromising the security of an online casino, your financial information is at risk of falling into the wrong hands. With NETeller, you never need to give any sort of personal, financial information to the casino. By simply logging into your safe and secure NETeller account, you can facilitate whatever transaction you want without giving out any additional information.

Other Important NETeller Information

Something that is worth mentioning is the inevitability that you will be forced to pay fees whether you are executing a deposit or withdrawal. This may sound inconvenient, and it is, but the fact of the matter is that almost every banking method around forces you to pay some sort of fee to deposit/withdrawal.

Fees are variable, which means that they change from site to site. Typically, you will find that fees tend to stay below 5% of the total value of the transaction. In many cases, it is closer to 1%-2%. At any trustworthy, transparent casino you will find that the fees levied against a deposit/withdrawal are made plainly clear in writing. We encourage you to shop around before committing to a casino, this way you will be able to find the site that will charge you the least amount in fees. If you are able to find a site absent of fees, that is great, but understand that this is something that almost never happens.

In addition to fees, there are certain limits and requirements for transactions. For example, a casino may institute a minimum deposit amount. This means that any deposit you make must satisfy this minimum. There are also maximum deposit/withdrawal amounts too. All of this information is spelled out plainly in the terms and conditions of the approved banking methods at an online casino. Once again, do a little bit of research prior to committing to any banking transaction, as things like fees, minimums, and maximums can catch you off-guard on occasion.