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MASTERCARD — Payment Method Info Page
Payment Method: Mastercard Payment Cards (Mastercard Credit Cards, Mastercard Debit Cards, Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards, Mastercard Prepaid Travel Cards, Maestro Debit Cards, Maestro Prepaid Cards)
Payment Type: Credit / Debit Cards
Region/Country: Global (Worldwide)
Mastercard Pros:  

  • The second largest global payment card brand
  • Widely available through banks and retail locations
  • Variety of card choices available (card types and terms)
  • Some card options have low or no fees
  • Quick, simple, and convenient transactions
  • Offers anti-fraud technology and  security features
  • Zero Liability Protection for unauthorized purchases
  • Widely accepted at online casinos worldwide
  • Deposits typically available immediately at online casinos
  • May be accepted for withdrawals

Mastercard Cons:

  • Fees may be applicable
  • May not work at all online casinos
  • May not be accepted for withdrawals Overview – Mastercard:
According to the Nilson Report, Mastercard boasted the second largest volume for global payment card transactions in 2017, with $75.8 billion in total transactions. They also held the second largest share of the credit and debit market in the United States, at 25% of the total market. Visa is the only global payment card brand to surpass Mastercard, with $147.9 billion in total transactions and 60% of the U.S. credit and debit card market share in 2017.
The company’s bank and brand affiliates issue their credit cards, debit cards, and prepaid cards, including prepaid gift cards and prepaid travel cards. Maestro, owned by Mastercard, issues debit cards and prepaid cards.
Mastercard payment cards are widely accepted at online gambling sites, and using them for transactions is quick and convenient. Below, you will find a general overview of the types of cards that may be used at online casinos.
Types of Mastercard Cards
1) Mastercard Credit Cards
Their credit cards are widely available if you are shopping for a payment card attached to a revolving line of credit. Charges can be made against your line of credit and can be paid off at your convenience if you maintain minimum monthly payment requirements.
The company partners with banks and brands worldwide. Different Mastercard-branded cards provide different offers and terms, so it pays to shop around to find one that is a good match for your lifestyle and needs.
Mastercard Credit Card Fees
If you maintain an unpaid balance on your credit card, finance charges may be assessed, as well as minimum monthly payment requirements. Different credit cards may charge different interest rates on the charges, depending on the terms. Check for potential annual fees, late payment charges, and cash advance fees, as some online casinos process gambling deposits as a cash advance.  
2) Mastercard Debit Cards
Mastercard debit and Maestro debit cards are issued worldwide through a wide variety of banks and brands. Instead of being backed by a line of credit, the debit cards are linked directly to a bank account where funds are immediately removed from your account at the point of purchase.
Mastercard Debit Card Fees
Debit transactions typically are free. However, banks may charge overdraft protection fees if a purchase exceeds the available balance in your bank account. Banks may also charge minimum balance fees and maintenance fees for the account associated with your debit card.  
Mastercard Zero Liability Protection
Mastercard debit cards offer Zero Liability Protection, which ensures cardholders will not be responsible for charges they did not make. However, if a fraudulent charge is made to a debit card, the funds are subtracted from your account. It may take some time for the bank to reimburse those funds.
3) Mastercard Prepaid Cards
Mastercard prepaid cards are not associated with a bank account, like debit cards are, or a line of credit, like credit cards are. Instead, prepaid cards are stand-alone cards that may be convenient for people who do not have a bank account or have not been approved for a line of credit. They can also be useful if you want to limit the funds you have available for online gambling, because the card will have a set limit on it.
Mastercard Prepaid Gift Cards
The company issues prepaid gift cards that can be used like credit and debit cards for online and offline purchases, wherever Mastercard is accepted. It is possible to personalize them, and a portion of select gift card purchases are donated to charity.
The prepaid cards featuring the Mastercard rePowerⓇ logo can be reloaded via direct deposit or at select retailers. You can easily search on the company’s website in the United States, for example, to find physical locations where you can reload a prepaid card.
Mastercard Prepaid Travel Cards
Mastercard issues prepaid travel cards in conjunction with Travelex. The cards can be loaded with your choice of six different currencies, and you can lock in your exchange rate. They can then be used while traveling worldwide anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
They need to be activated before using them, and the card must be registered to get benefits like Mastercard Zero Liability Protection, free card replacement, and other services. Activation and registration requirements vary depending on the specific prepaid card, and the details will be included in the terms and conditions.
Prepaid Mastercard Fees
Mastercard prepaid cards may have an activation fee, reload fees, and/or monthly service charges. Fees associated may vary depending on the specific card and issuing bank, so be sure to check the terms and conditions.  
Making Online Gambling Deposits with Mastercard
Making online gambling deposits is the same process as making an online purchase. Be sure to check if your casino accepts Mastercard and if the casino charges any fees for transactions. Information about payment types that are accepted, and any associated fees, can usually be found in the banking or frequently asked questions (FAQ) sections of the casino site.
Making Mastercard Gambling Deposits:

  1. Log in to your online gambling site.
  2. Go to the cashier and choose the Mastercard option.
  3. Choose your deposit amount.
  4. Enter your card details including the card number, expiration date, and the CVV code (the three-digit code found on the back of your card).
  5. Submit your payment.
  6. Start playing as soon as the funds are available in your account.

Deposits are typically available in your online casino account immediately. It may also be possible to make Mastercard withdrawals from your account. Be sure to check if your card is supported as a withdrawal option, and if so, how long the processing time may be.
Mastercard Acceptance at Online Gambling Sites
Mastercard payment cards, including credit, debit, and gift cards, are widely accepted at online betting sites around the world. However, some cards may not work at online casinos, depending on the terms of the specific card and/or the local gambling laws.
Mastercard Acceptance for U.S. Players
Mastercard payment cards held by U.S. players may or may not work at all gambling sites, depending on the specific card and the player’s location– even in legal, regulated markets like New Jersey. However, acceptance rates continue to improve as banks adjust to the changes in legal online gambling in individual states.
The cards are exceptionally easy and convenient to use for making online gambling deposits. Transactions are processed directly through the cashier at the online casino, without the need for any additional logins or third-party payment providers.
Mastercard (and Maestro) cards are readily available on the global market. According to the Nilson Report, 1.82 billion Mastercards were in circulation worldwide in 2017.
Mastercard credit cards and debit cards are issued by a variety of banks and brands worldwide. The company website in your home country should provide details about different card types, terms, and issuing banks. On the U.S. site, for example, you can search different options by the issuing bank, your credit rating, or by the types of benefits you would like to receive.
To apply for a credit card and/or prepaid card, follow the links on the Mastercard website that redirect to the company’s financial partners. The website advises you to contact your bank or credit union to apply for a debit card.   
Mastercard prepaid gift cards can also be purchased at online retailers or at select retail stores, and prepaid travel cards can be purchased online or at select banks.
Mastercard fees depend on whether the card is a credit, debit, or prepaid card, and the terms and conditions for the specific card. Online casinos typically do not charge fees for Mastercard deposits, but any potential fees should be listed on the banking or FAQ pages.
Safety / Security
Mastercard payment cards feature advanced security measures to protect you from fraudulent charges and identity theft. Their payment processing system provides end-to-end encryptions, tokenization, and authentication. Select cards are EMV chip cards for enhanced security, and the company has begun working with biometric identity verifications as well.
Mastercard ID Theft Protection offers resolution services, identity theft alerts, and emergency wallet replacement. The Masterpass digital wallet provides a one-source payment experience that can further protect your sensitive information, and it supports contactless payments at physical locations. SecureCode can add another layer of protection by enabling a private code for online transactions.
Mastercard is one of the fastest ways to make a deposit into your online casino account, and deposits are typically available immediately. Withdrawals may take time to process, particularly the first time you make a request. The banking or FAQ pages at your online betting site should list if your card is supported for withdrawals and how long processing times may take.
Customer Service
Mastercard provides 24/7 worldwide customer service support for cardholders if a card gets lost or stolen. They do not issue payment cards directly; however, the banks that do so also provide 24/7 customer service support for lost or stolen cards and fraudulent charges.
Non-emergency questions related to your card might be limited to the bank’s typical customer service hours. If a local bank issued your card, you can also visit their customer service team in person at one of the bank’s branch offices.  
Online gambling sites may ask you to provide a copy of your card, photo ID, and/or address. Some online casino sites may also require you to complete a credit card authorization form. The casino should notify you about what verifications they require on the payment page, during the payment process, or via email after you have initiated a transaction.
The verification information you submit is usually kept on file by the casino, so you do not need to provide it again unless you want to use a different card. Be sure to provide any verification information the casino requires as quickly as possible so your payments are not delayed.
Online Casino Bonuses / Casino-Friendly
Mastercard is generally a casino-friendly payment option, and their payment cards are widely accepted around the world. If an online betting site accepts your card, it should be listed as a payment option in the banking or FAQ sections of the site. Some sites also feature the Mastercard logo, along with the logos of other accepted payment methods, on the homepage or at the bottom of the pages throughout the site.
They may offer special promotions and bonuses for deposits made into your casino account using a Mastercard or with other payment types, like a prepaid casino account, that can be funded using your card. Check in the promotions/bonus and/or banking sections for information on active bonus offers, and be sure to check the terms and conditions for cashing in on the bonuses.