Credit Card Online Gambling Sites

Payment method: Credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express)
Payment type: Credit / debit /prepaid cards
Region / country: Global

  • Widely available to players
  • Widely accepted by online casinos
  • Convenient and straightforward
  • Deposits available instantly in most cases
  • Secure transactions + fraud protection services
  • Easy-to-set payment limits


  • Cash advance fees may be charged by credit card companies
  • Interest charges incurred if you do not pay off the balance
  • Possible to spend money you do not have
  • Casinos may not support withdrawals via credit cards
  • Some cards may not work at all casinos

Funding online gambling accounts with credit cards is a popular, convenient, and fast option available to players worldwide. Major credit card brands accepted by gambling sites include Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express (AmEx).

How to use credit cards to make online gambling deposits

Using a credit card to make a deposit is as easy and convenient as making other online purchases. To fund your account using a credit card, log in, go to the casino’s cashier area, enter your deposit amount, and input your card number and associated details.
Funds from most credit card deposits are available instantly. If the casino requires additional card verification, make sure you provide the required information as soon as possible to avoid potential delays in processing.
Some gambling sites may incur deposit and withdrawal limits. Check your casino’s Banking or FAQ page for details about minimum and maximum transaction amounts and any fees that may be associated with credit card payments.

Prepaid credit cards for online gambling

Betting sites that accept credit cards usually also honor prepaid cards, which work a lot like gift cards as they are not attached to a line of credit or a bank account like credit and debit cards.
Prepaid cards can be an excellent payment option for people who do not own a standard credit or debit card. They also offer the benefits of built-in maximum card limits that you can set to control the deposits you make into your account.
If you decide to purchase a prepaid credit card in the United States, look for one that is considered international – as opposed to US-only – to ensure it works at online casinos.

Most Accepted Credit Cards at Online Gambling Sites

Visa and Mastercard are the most widely accepted credit cards; the selection of betting sites that honor American Express and Discover cards is much more limited.
Even at casinos that accept this payment method, some cards may not work due to online gambling regulations and restrictions. Visa and Mastercard are issued through most banks and brands worldwide, and different cards can carry varying terms and restrictions. If you’re unsure if your card can be used at online casinos, you may need to try making a deposit with it to check if it works at different gambling sites.
American Express and Discover have more centralized processing and management than Visa and Mastercard – if a casino offers them as a payment method, you should be able to use your Discover or AmEx to deposit there.

Acceptance for US players

Using credit cards to make deposits can be a grey area for US players. Even at sites that accept this banking method, select cards may not work for US players due to UIGEA (Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) legislation that places restrictions on banks and online gambling.
Regulated, legal US markets like New Jersey are not immune to the issue – players have had challenges with credit cards not working at online casinos. It may take some trial and error for US players to find a card that works successfully at their gambling site of choice. Some sites in New Jersey, for example, provide helpful lists of banks that issue credit cards that have worked for most players at the casino.

Credit Card Online Gambling Rankings


Credit cards are very convenient and easy to use, and making a deposit using this method is one of the most familiar ways to fund your account. Transactions are processed like any online purchase. You do not need to register for any additional payment services or gateways – plug in your card information and play.


Credit cards are available worldwide and are widely accepted at gambling sites. Most casinos honor at least one credit card option for depositing; however, some sites do not accept this method for withdrawals.
Not all cards work on all betting sites – some credit card companies may not approve a payment made to a casino. Approval can depend on your issuing bank, the credit card brand, or online gambling and banking laws in your area.


Most gambling sites do not charge fees for deposits made with credit cards. However, credit card companies may consider a casino deposit to be a cash advance and charge a fee.
You can contact your card provider to learn about any potential fees before funding your account. You can also find out if your casino charges fees for credit card deposits by checking the site’s Banking or FAQ pages.
If you fail to pay off your credit right away, you may be charged interest and additional fees.

Safety / security

Credit cards offer sophisticated anti-fraud measures, including smart chip technology, theft protection, and other advanced security features. If a card is lost, stolen, or compromised, cardholders are not responsible for any fraudulent transactions.
These credit card features help ensure that depositing with your card is safe and secure. Reputable casinos also provide sophisticated encryption and firewall protection on their sites, which can make your transactions even more secure than purchases at more casual e-commerce sites.


Credit cards are among the fastest online gambling deposit methods – funds from a credit card deposit are usually available in your casino account instantly.
Processing speed for credit card withdrawals vary. Information on payment processing times can usually be found in the site’s Banking or FAQ section.

Customer service

Credit card companies and issuing banks provide comprehensive customer service for cardholders. Customer support representatives are usually available 24/7 to assist with questions or problems.


Sometimes, betting sites may require additional verification for credit cards. including a completed authorization form or a copy of the card itself. It’s crucial to provide the required information to avoid delays in payment processing.

Credit card deposit bonuses

Most online casinos accept credit cards. Gambling sites may also offer special bonuses for deposits made using this payment method. Check your casino for details and current promotional offers.