Scientific and WMS Slot Machines

Whether you know it or not, the slot games you will find at brick and mortar casinos and just about every other gambling establishment are produced by a variety of different company. Just like the producers of online casino software, there are slot producers that are a few months old as well as those that have been around for decades. WMS Slots, though very well-known, are not quite as old as you might think.

Despite the company’s relative youth, they have made quite a name for themselves. In fact, you will find this brand of slot game at just about every major casino in the United States today—and many from around the world as well. The following will offer an in-depth review of WMS as well as some of the most popular games that are offered by the popular company.

List of WMS & Scientific Slots

88 Fortunes
Bier Haus
Dragon Spin
Dragon’s Realm
John Wayne Spinning Streak
Lil’ Red
Lock it Link
Queen of the Wild
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Tetris Super Jackpots
The Green Machine
Thor’s Hammer

Scientific and WMS Slot History

WMS Gaming is the company that is responsible for WMS slot games since the late 1990s, but they are actually a subsidiary of a larger company, WMS Industries, which was founded in the 1940s. Before any slot games were ever made, WMS Gaming (which was then known as Williams Gaming) specialized in the creation of pinball and other arcade video games. By 1996, Williams’ arcade games were some of the most popular around. Quickly thereafter, as many of us now know, arcades began declining rapidly as console video gaming boomed. Fortunately for Williams Gaming, around the same time that their arcade game business was booming, they made the decision to being producing casino slot machines and other video gaming devices. 

By 1999, with the arcade business essentially dead, Williams Gaming became WMS Gaming, and their focus was placed almost entirely on the production of slot games. Though WMS Gaming officially took its casino-centric business model to the next level around 1999, their first slot games can trace their roots all the way back to the early 90s, when Williams Gaming entered the Oregon casino industry.

Video gaming was the initial focus, however by 1994 Williams had introduced reeled slot games as well. The reeled games were a moderate success, but the company’s profile was raised to the next level when video slot games were introduced two years later. Video slots were a somewhat new concept at the time, and Williams’ roots in arcade gaming proved to payoff well. As the early 1990s gave way to the last parts of the 20th century, an increasing number of states became more friendly to brick and mortar casinos, both state-owned and those operated by Native American tribes. As a result of this, WMS Gaming saw massive success that propelled it into the 20th century and beyond.

At the same time that WMS slot games were beginning to really catch on, the company began to experience some trouble. Not only was there a glitch recognized which allowed users to win bonuses and credits without wagering anything, a leading casino game producer, IGT, sued WMS for copying a crucial aspect of their reel slots. IGT emerged victorious in the suit, and that did little to help WMS and their budding image. By 2003, WMS had made many changes to the games that they produced which made them more safe, secure, and not able to be tampered with.

Despite some of the problems experienced, the early 2000s proved to be a net positive time period for WMS Gaming. Since then, they have evolved into an even bigger company that is now known around the world. WMS Gaming’s parent-company was purchased in 2013 by Scientific Games, but their name has not been changed and the gaming offering has stayed the same, if not improved.

Top WMS Slot Titles

The Price is Right
Perhaps the most iconic slot game produced by WMS is the Price is Right game. Though the game has had the same title for years, it was recently revamped to feature the show’s newest host. The Price of Right is a mass-appeal slot that appeal to audiences of all ages. To be fair, however, the older casino-goer is more likely to be drawn to the Price is Right slot game. After all, having been on TV for more than 50 years, The Price is Right is not only one of the most iconic slot games, it is also one of the most popular TV shows ever produced.

Lord of the Rings
Though the books of similar name have been around for a while, The Lord of the Rings movie series did not come about until the early 21st century. The mythical theme of The Lord of the Rings makes the slot game produced by WMS attractive to fans of the series as well as those who simply want to have their imagination peaked. More than a decade after the movie series was released, it remains wildly popular. The exact same thing can be said about the slot game.

Star Trek
As you can probably tell by now, WMS really capitalizes on the biggest titles on TV and on the big screen. Throughout history, there have been few movie franchises more popular than Star Trek, and it follows that the same can be said with regard to WMS’ Star Trek slot game. The great thing about this game is that it attracts fans of the film as well as the passive person, who is simply looking for an attractive slot game with a futuristic theme.

WMS does not solely offer movie and television-based slot games, and has a host of other titles at their disposal. In fact, as the online casino industry in the US and abroad grows, WMS has more readily been taking its business online. The future is bright for this relatively young company, and the number of slot titles released by them continues to grow.