Changes Proposed in Lieu of Sinking Revenue at Rivers Casino

The recently opened Rivers Casino in Schenectady, New York is looking to make a few changes after a significant drop in revenue over the past few weeks. The casino, which opened on February 8, has consistently brought in at least $3 million per week in gaming revenue but has seen an 11 and 10 percent drop over the past two weeks. In its first month of operation the Rivers Casino brought in $10.9 million from slots and table games after payouts. Despite a good start, however, the casino has fallen short of the $4.28 million weekly average that was projected by The Innovation Group.

The Power of Customer Feedback

It appears that some of the financial struggles can be traced back to a lack of customer satisfaction, as some visitors have expressed their concerns with dining options, inadequate staffing and an inability to get a seat at a variety of different games. Vice President of Marketing, Danny Brockford, is happy to be working in a community that is so willing to provide feedback and hopes through the utilization of surveillance footage that the casino will be able to address legitimate concerns.

Brockford went on to explain the crowd that has turned out since the New York casino’s opening has been both consistent and loyal. The poker room is often crowded and there is frequent need for a wait list for players looking to get a spot, which could be the reason for visitors ‘complaints about finding a seat at certain tables. In the near future gaming officials will look to open access to high-demand table games to help alleviate crowd pressure during peak activity. The Rivers Casino also hopes to increase staff through an ongoing dealer school to bring in talented dealers who can handle larger crowds more efficiently. Although the poker room is consistently crowded, it is reported that it only brings in 4.7 percent of gross gaming revenues in the first five weeks.

Possible Solutions

In addition to more staff the casino is looking into options to bring in more gaming tables, and not just for poker. Customers have brought up the fact that they are often left waiting for other table games like blackjack, craps and roulette. The biggest issues that players have faced in regards to waiting time have been at the tables for let it ride and three-card poker.

Rivers Casino also hopes to bring more business is through scheduling poker tournaments, which would need to be approved by the state Gaming Commission. The casino has targeted April for the scheduled tournament to take place but no date has been revealed at this point. The tournament will take place during off hours, to avoid interfering with the regular crowd.

The Final Touches to Rivers Casino

To address the issues customers had with the dining area; the marketplace on the gaming floor has focused on improving service as a whole. Other adjustments have been made at Van Slyck’s were customers can now dance to live music acts on a makeshift dance floor. Streamlining the menu to focus on customers’ favorites has also given customers a better experience. Another casino spokesperson expressed their pleasure in the performance of the casino thus far and went on to say that the casino is constantly trying to adapt to the customers needs. Over the summer the hotel will be opening, which will certainly bring in more people in hopes to help financially. As the weather continues to warm up the casino will also begin a project that will open a patio space that will overlook the Mohawk River.

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