Rhode Island Casinos

As one of the smallest states in America, Rhode Island does not have a ton to offer in the realm of casinos and legal gambling. Currently, the state is home to only two casinos; Twin River and Newport Grand Slots. The casinos that are located here mostly started out as racing tracks. Rhode Island was once a popular destination for greyhound racing. Until very recently, all casinos in Rhode Island were only able to offer slots, but in 2013 the Twin River Casino expanded its offerings to include table games. This was made possible by a referendum that was approved by voters on the local level.

Rhode Island is certainly not the most popular gambling destination in the United States, but the approval of table games at Twin River certainly added to its notoriety. As of 2016, Newport Grand Slots is still not able to offer table games, so if you are looking to play games like blackjack, three card poker, let it ride etc. you will have to visit Twin River. Due to the underwhelming offering of legalized gamblin here, it can be a good place to stop if you happen to pass by on a road trip, but otherwise you are probably better off visiting more popular gambling destinations.

Rhode Island Casino Reviews

Twin River Casino (Lincoln)
Newport Grand Slots (Newport)

Types of Casinos in Rhode Island

As we briefly touched on above, prior to 2013 Rhode Island’s casinos merely offered slot machines and electronic games with no other options. The slot machines here were of the video lottery terminal variety, meaning they do not utilize a randomly generated number system. In 2013 a referendum was passed by local voters, enabling a variety of table games to be added to one of the state’s most popular casinos; Twin River. This means that today there are two different types of casinos in Rhode Island with only two casinos in total.

“Slots-Only” Casinos

The first is the slots-only type of casino, like that found in Newport Grand Slots. This casino offers slots and electronic games like video poker, electronic blackjack and keno. It does not offer live-dealer blackjack or any other table game variations. This can be a let-down for gamblers who are used to visiting places like Atlantic City, Vegas or Reno which offer blackjack, dice games and other variations of gambling that require a table/dealer.

Full Gaming Casinos

The second type of casino (and most popular) that you’ll find in Rhode Island are those that offer both table games and electronic games. There is only one casino in the state which offers this style of gaming, and that is Twin River located in the town of Lincoln. At Twin River you’ll find all of the most popular table games like blackjack, Paigow, Craps, Roulette, Three Card Poker, Let it Ride and more.

One disappointing aspect that is missing from each of the casinos located in Rhode Island is that they do not offer any resort features. This means when visiting a casino here, you will need to find a hotel room somewhere off the casino’s premises. Some local hotels do offer exclusive packages for casino goers, but this does not compare to the service provided by many of the large casino resorts. This means you cannot get any comped rooms when visiting casinos here. This means that many casino patrons still choose to make the trip to casinos in nearby states like Connecticut which offer resorts.

History of Rhode Island Casinos

Though you might not expect it based on the size of Rhode Island, it was actually somewhat of a pioneer in regards to live lottery drawings. It started this precedent back in the 1970s, making it one of the first states to provide a consistent lottery drawing via television broadcast. Unfortunately for you, if you’re reading this page looking for casinos, Rhode Island was certainly not a pioneer in casinos and legal gambling and it only recently started to offer legalized class III gaming.

Rhode Island had long been host to several successful greyhound and thoroughbred racing tracks. During the 1990s however, RI casinos began to start losing much of their business to nearby states like Connecticut, which were starting to open large resort-style casinos. This led to Rhode Island enabling slots, virtual blackjack and video lottery terminals at the racetracks.

In 2003, two of Lincoln Park’s top executives were indicted for allegedly participating in a scheme to pay off a Rhode Island House Speaker. They apparently did so in an effort to gain support for expanding the park’s casino and to also block a new proposed casino in the area. This led to the Lincoln Park being sold to new owners in 2005, and eventually changing it’s name to “Twin River” casino. It wasn’t until 2013 that table games began to be offered here.

Today both casinos in Rhode Island are owned by the same company; Twin River Management Group. The sale of Newport Grand Slots was completed fairly recently in July of 2015. This would lead me to believe that at some point in the future both Twin River and Newport Grand will be able to offer table games and other forms of class III gaming, which as of now is not available at the company’s Newport facility. In 2013, a proposal was introduced to voters that was similar to the referendum in Lincoln. It was denied in Newport, but will likely be re-introduced to voters and it seems that Twin River Management is banking on it being approved at some point.

Gambling Rules in Rhode Island

In Rhode Island the age to gamble is generally only 18 years old. This makes it a nice option for the younger gambling enthusiast. You must obviously be 21 years old to consume alcohol in a casino or anywhere else. You can usually get comped drinks at casinos here if you are actively playing games.