Oklahoma Casinos

Though you might not expect it, Oklahoma actually offers several great gambling destinations. The Casinos here are not only convenient for those who live there but also for residents in other close-by states like Texas. Many casinos in OK are owned and operated by local Native American tribes, and feature a variety of both table and electronic games. Because the state is home to such a large number of Native American tribes, it also has the largest number of Indian Casinos of any US state.

Oklahoma is also home to the largest casino in the United States; WinStar World Casino, which is owned by the Chickasaw Nation and offers over 7,000 electronic machines inside of a massive 519,000 square foot gaming floor. Aside from its full-fledge casinos, OK also features a few “Racinos” as well with horse racing tracks. To learn more about Oklahoma Casinos you can view our complete list of reviews below.

Oklahoma Casino Reviews

Types of Casinos Available in Oklahoma

Unlike some other states like California, which offer more in the way of Card Rooms than they do all-out casinos, Oklahoma strictly offers full-fledge casinos which include table games, slot machines and electronic games. There are two main types of casinos that you’ll find in Oklahoma which includes the traditional casino as well as Racinos, which feature horse racing tracks in addition to slot machines, table games, video poker and other Class III games.

The most popular Native American tribes with Casinos here are the Choctaw, Cherokee and Osage. Today, Oklahoma has over 90 different Native American casinos to choose from, so you will always have many options when gambling here. If you visit any Casinos in Oklahoma, you’ll notice that you will generally have to pay a commission on a per-hand basis for table games like Blackjack, Baccarat, Let ‘Em Ride, Three Card Poker and other popular games which can certainly add up over time. The commission is usually $0.50 per hand and can be as high as $1 depending on your bet size.

History of Oklahoma Casinos

Casinos in Oklahoma did not really exist until November of 2004 when Senate Bill 1252 was passed. The bill enabled Native American casinos to offer Class III gaming on a wider scale than had previously been available, with certain rules and regulations. This led to over 90 casinos opening over the next several years which were now able to offer Class III gaming machines along with table games. Since then, Oklahoma has grown to include the largest number of Native American casinos of any state within the USA.

Aside from classic style casinos, Oklahoma is also home to a handful of horse racing tracks. Although it is not regarded as a “premier” destination for horse racing, it is home to the popular Remington Park Racetrack & Casino and the Cherokee Casino at Will Rogers Downs. At these racetracks, you are also able to enjoy Class II and Class III games in addition to horse racing & betting.

Gambling Rules in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, unlike some other states, the gambling age is pretty straightforward. The general age to gamble in a casino, bet on horses, play the lottery etc. is only 18 years old. You must be 21 to consume alcohol at casinos here, and alcohol is usually comped if you are actively playing (however this will depend on the specific casino).