Central American Casinos

Encircled by the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, Central America is a graceful and elegant sight to behold. And although horrors during the 1980s chased potential tourists away for a decent number of years, the seven countries widely welcome visitors from all around the world today. Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Panama are the most visited countries especially by people from the United States.

From Mayan ruins, rainforests, diverse wildlife, reefs, islands, museums, volcanoes, and beaches to low-priced delicacies, beverages, hotels, resorts; the perks of visiting, touring, and/or vacationing in Central America are innumerable. Admittedly, all Central American countries are quite identical considering the fact that they appeal to a lot of people with very similar features and a succinct advantage regardless if it is Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Nicaragua, or Guatemala, which is a relaxed atmosphere. In regards to gambling, the atmosphere is similarly relaxed.

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Overview of Central American Casinos

Central America is mostly considered a tourism destination which attracts visitors with more than just nature and top sights. People flock to the region to enjoy the chilling atmosphere and have a delightful time. Casinos in Central America offer the same qualities as they are exquisite, delightful and luxurious though they are not as massive as those in other regions. For one, there are just 179 casinos throughout the whole region.

Historically, the first appearance of gambling in the region came during the 1880s when the Guatemalan government abolished all forms of gambling except bingo and lotteries in 1880, and the El Salvadoran government abolished all games of chance in 1882. Nonetheless, gambling became legal throughout the region in the 20th century, especially the 1980s and 1990s.

Today, the majority of casinos in Central America are situated in dainty first-star hotels. This is because Central American authorities classify gambling as a subdivision of tourism. In Panama, for example, the Panama Chamber of Tourism and the Panama Tourism Authority promotes casinos and other gambling services. In Honduras, only large hotels can run a casino. However, all forms of gambling are illegal in El Salvador.

To reiterate, Central America is a beautiful region and its casinos are as beautiful. There is a wide variety of gaming machines and table games, and most forms of gambling are legal. The region is also tourist-friendly as the natives speak a number of languages which include the general Spanish, the supplementary English, and other local Mesoamerican languages. Two countries officially use United States dollar while others use their local currencies.

Because of these perquisites, people from all around the world can visit the region and blend easily width natives and Central America is a remarkable region where gamblers can visit to experience a unique gambling climate.

Central American Countries with Casinos

Interestingly, all countries in Central America have at least one fully functional casino. In fact, the lowest figure is four, which is the number of casinos in El Salvador. Honduras follow with eight, and Belize and Guatemala with 10 individually. Costa Rica, Nicaragua, and Panama individually offer a considerably wide range of casinos.

This is quite surprising considering the fact that there are certain territories without a casino or gambling facility in all other regions of the world. Well, one should also consider the fact that Central America has the smallest number of countries on the planet and is not a continent but a portion of the North America continent.

Further, Panama is the largest gambling country in Central America with almost 70 casinos. The largest gambling city is Panama City with more than 30 casinos. The largest casino in Panama City, Panama, and Central America is Veneto Wyndham Grand Hotel & Casino. The casino offers around 600 gaming machines, 40 table games, and eight poker tables.

There are many other large casinos in Panama, which include the below list of casinos.

– Ocean Club Casino at Trump International (600 gaming machines, 32 table games, and two poker tables)
– Panama Princess Casino (450 gaming machines, 19 table games, and four poker tables)
– Majestic Casino Mulitcentro (341 gaming machines, 31 table games, and 10 poker tables)
– Hotel El Panama Convention Center and Casino (320 gaming machines, 21 table games, and five poker tables)
– Fantastic Casino Vista Alegre (366 gaming machines)
– Bingo 90 Casino (348 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino 5 de Mayo (350 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Albrook (429 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Los Pueblos (434 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Tocumen (301 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino La Dona (370 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Gran Estacion (386 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Dorado (328 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Chorrera (343 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Los Andes (470 gaming machines)
– Fantastic Casino Casa Miller (300 gaming machines)

Other notable casinos outside Panama are Golden Princess Casino with 500 gaming machines, 24 table games, and four poker tables (in Belize City, Belize), Princess Hotel & Casino Belize with 400 gaming machines (in Belize City, Belize), FreeZone Princess Casino with four poker tables, 13 table games, and 350 gaming machines (in Corozal, Belize), Golden Princess Video Loteria with 282 casinos, 17 table games, and four poker tables (in La Aurora, Guatemala), and Casino Princess Managua with 250 gaming machines and eight table games (in Managua, Nicaragua).

Types of Casinos in Central America

The majority of gambling activities and facilities are legal in Central America. The casinos primarily offer Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Baccarat, Texas Hold’em Poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Slot Machines, Three Card Poker, American Roulette, and Video Poker. As a side note, some casino games have local names in Central America. For example, Blackjack, Roulette, and Caribbean Stud Poker are called Rummy, Canasta and Tute respectively in Costa Rica.

In addition to casinos, there are two racetracks in Central America used for pari-mutuel and fixed-odds betting on horse races. One, Castleton Racetrack, is located in Burell Room, Belize, and the other is located in Panama City, Panama: Hipódromo Presidente Remón. Apparently, horse racing is not as popular in Central America as in other regions.

Sports betting, on the other hand, is widespread throughout all cities, municipalities, towns, and villages in the region. Football (soccer) is the most popular sport, followed by rugby, tennis, golf, basketball, and baseball. However, only foreigners are allowed to participate in any form of sports betting and a number of gambling activities in Costa Rica.

In all Central American countries, there is either a National Lottery run by a state monopoly or video lottery operators licensed to private companies. Panamanian Loteria Nacional de Beneficiencia (LNB) operates in Panama, Puntos MAX in Costa Rica, the Nicaraguan National Lottery in Nicaragua, El Salvadoran Loteria Nacional de Beneficencia in El Salvador, Thunderbird Resorts have four video lottery operators in Guatemala, the Belizean National Lottery in Belize, and Loterías Electronicas de Honduras S.A. in Honduras. Also, these lottery operators offer Keno, Bingo, Lotto, and other lottery games.

In regards to online gambling and Bitcoin gambling, legislation is divided into three status. In Costa Rica, both forms of gambling are legal but only foreigners are permitted. In Belize and Panama, online gambling is legal and regulated while Bitcoin gambling is unregulated but players are not prosecuted. In Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and El Salvador, there are no laws governing both forms of gambling and players are not prosecuted for participating in any form of online or Bitcoin gambling.

Facts About Casinos in Europe

– In Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama, the minimum gambling age is 18 years.