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The allure and excitement produced by casinos is something that can be experienced in nearly every corner of the world. With hundreds of thousands of casinos all over the globe, it is nearly impossible to know everything about every last one of them. At World Casino Index we have taken on that task, and will strive to provide you with all of the information you need before visiting any casino in the world; from the games they offer to the food they serve, and everything in between.

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Below you can browse casinos by state, or scroll down to learn more about some of the most popular gambling locations in the world.

Below we have outlined some of the most popular gambling destinations in the world to provide you with some additional information before visiting any casino. It is important to note that not all cities and states are created equal and many will have different gaming rules and regulations. The types of games offered, odds for these games and other important gambling information will differ from location to location. All of this information is carefully outlined below.

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Atlantic City Casinos

Atlantic City opened up its first legal casinos in the late 1970s after they were finally granted permission to exist by the state. The first casino to open its doors in Atlantic City was named Resorts and is still standing to this day. At the time Atlantic City legalized gambling in casinos, the only other place in the United States with legalized gambling was Las Vegas. For people who lived closer to the North East, Atlantic City was a much more viable vacation destination than Las Vegas. Not only that, but the proximity to the ocean made Atlantic City a more reasonable vacation destination to take the whole family.

Now, more than 30 years after the first casino opened up, Atlantic City remains the most popular casino destination on the Eastern side of the United States.

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California Casinos

California is arguably the most well-known state in all of the United States, so it makes sense that they offer a wide selection of casinos. Since 2000, casinos in the state have been growing faster than ever. While there has been card rooms and horse tracks for a long time, mega casinos are starting to pop up throughout the state. The most unique dynamic of California is found in its different types of casinos. Some destinations have hundreds or thousands of machines, while others have zero. Learn what makes this state’s casinos so attractive and unique.

Casinos in California exist in much the same way as they do in Florida and other states, with one general exception. Though it is true that the only conventional casinos are owned by Native Americans, and thus exist in obscure locations (for the most part), the other half of the story is that instead of gambling solely at dog and horse tracks, California has a growing number of card rooms.

Card rooms are essentially casinos which only offer table games like blackjack and poker. In California, many card rooms are located at racetracks, but more recently a growing number of them are thriving as standalone establishments as well.

Florida Casinos

Casinos in Florida exist sparsely when compared to places like Las Vegas and Atlantic City. Unlike New Jersey and Las Vegas, the only casinos that exist are under the control of the Native American tribes. While these casinos are fine to play at, they do not exist in abundance and because of this Floridians and those travelling there are confined to dog racetracks if they hope to gamble at an establishment now owned by Native Americans. With that being said, apart from some poker rooms and slot machines, many of these dog tracks are ill-equipped in terms of table games and slot machines.

Nevada Casinos

Known to many as the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas is the number one destination city for casinos and everything that goes along with them. For a long time, Las Vegas was the only place you went if you wanted to gamble in the US, as it legalized gambling in 1931. Today, people flock to Las Vegas’ strip from all over the world in order to visit some of the most highly distinguished casinos.

Each and every year, Las Vegas plays host to the most prestigious event in the casino world, and that is the World Series of Poker. This mid-summer event attracts millions of visitors and participants who hope to leave Sin City the poker professional they wished to be when they arrived.

When most people look into visiting casinos in Nevada, they often think of Las Vegas. Though vegas may be considered a gambling mecca, Reno is extremely popular in its own right. Each year, Reno draws in over 5 million visitors. The city is home to a wide variety of resort style casinos that offer 24/7 gambling in the form of table games, sportsbooks and class III games.

When most people look into visiting casinos in Nevada, they often think of Las Vegas. Though vegas may be considered a gambling mecca, Reno is extremely popular in its own right. Each year, Reno draws in over 5 million visitors. The city is home to a wide variety of resort style casinos that offer 24/7 gambling in the form of table games, sportsbooks and class III games.

Ohio Casinos

Ohio is another US territory that sees brick and mortar gambling as a very modern addition. As is the case with states like Delaware and Pennsylvania, this state only recently began to offer slots and ultimately table games.

Ohio is unique in that it is not near a heavily concentrated gambling destination, as you would find with PA or DE as they relate to Atlantic City or Las Vegas when it competes with California Ohio has a number of different gaming brands represented within the state.

Oklahoma Casinos

Oklahoma first started offering traditional casinos in 2004 and has since become one of the largest gambling destinations in the USA. Today it features over 90 different Native American casinos, including the largest casino in the United States.

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Pennsylvania Casinos

Pennsylvania (along with Delaware and Maryland) has become primary competition to Atlantic City, which once stood as the only place on the East Coast to gamble. Casinos in Pennsylvania originally offered only slot machines, however they now offer virtually every table game that you will find in other large gambling cities like Las Vegas and Atlantic City.

Casinos in Pennsylvania saw their biggest growth between the mid to late 2000s, and almost every area of the state has at least one casino in its region, with the Eastern region being most heavily populated.

South Dakota Casinos

Some towns are not nearly as well known as others, but they still are most renowned for their gambling options. One such area where this is true is South Dakota. These cities are outlined and broken down on their own one page articles which can be found in this section.

Casinos in Other Parts of the World

Though these are some of the best places in the world to visit casinos, many more exist. The fact of the matter is that casinos exist all over the world and are popping up in new places all the time. Our Index attempts to highlight each and every one of these casinos and everything they have to offer as to give you a better idea of what to expect when and if you go.

Despite many casinos looking similar and offering what looks to be the same thing, nothing could be further from the truth. Each casino is filled with its own perks and amenities attempting to differentiate themselves from their growing competition. This is just one of the many reasons that reading reviews and getting familiar with each casino is important before planning a visit.

Caribbean Casinos

The Caribbean is not a popular vacation spot only for its beautiful beaches, but more recently it is gaining fame as a home to some of the world’s most attractive, glamorous casinos. In fact, nowadays you can find casinos at many of the large casino resorts which line the seemingly endless beaches.
Places like the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Aruba, and the Dominican are all home to modern casinos.

Macau Casinos

Home to multiple poker tournaments each year, Macau is often coined as the “Las Vegas of Asia.” Being one of two “Special Administrative Regions” of China (the other being Hong Kong), it has special laws and regulations which differ from those of the rest of China. Having been colonized by the Portuguese in the mid-16th Century, the Macau region has a rich gambling history.

Home to over 33 casinos spread across two small islands, Macau is like Monaco and Las Vegas in that it draws visitors from every corner of the world. Poker is growing steadily in this gambling hotbed as it was first introduced in live-dealer form in 2008. Since then, poker and its many variations have grown to levels of extreme popularity.

Monaco Casinos

Monaco looks to be just another city in the Southeast of France, but in reality it is actually its own principality and governs itself. The small city-state may not be vast, but for what it lacks in size it makes up for in gambling destinations. Home to some of the most famous casinos in the world, Monaco attracts visitors from everywhere. Seeing as it is right on the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, Monaco is just as popular of a vacation spot as it is a gambling destination.

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Our insight and expertise doesn’t stop with just gambling however. We are also able to offer a plethora of information regarding everything else involved with visiting a casino, as we have visited a large majority of these casinos ourselves. This information will include everything from an in-depth analysis of player reward programs, to how each casino’s service stacks up against their competition and which resorts offer the best amenities. Be sure to check back often for gaming news and information, and we encourage you to write your own reviews of any casinos that you’ve visited.

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