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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of over 1,500 cryptocurrencies currently on the market. However, Bitcoin Cash is unlike most other digital currencies — it is arguably the closest relative to the original cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. Its ability to handle pseudonymous, instant digital transactions with low fees has made it a top deposit method for a growing number of online cryptocurrency casinos.

On the technical side, Bitcoin Cash was created from a hard fork of Bitcoin – meaning that the technology behind Bitcoin Cash is essentially a copy of Bitcoin’s technology. There were, however, a few significant improvements made to the code which insure quicker transactions and lower tx fees compared to the original Bitcoin network.

Although BCH is not the only fork of BTC, it has certainly been the most successful thus far (if not the only successful fork of BTC). After a lengthy duration of debates, it was proposed by a group of discontent investors, traders, miners, developers, and other enthusiasts who sought to resolve the scalability issues that Bitcoin has been experiencing recently.

The Rise of BCH

As you probably already know, a blockchain is the digital ledger that records every transaction made on a cryptocurrency’s network. The scalability issue faced by BTC gave rise to the emergence of BCH… the king of cryptocurrency was (and is) not without its shortcomings after all. The BCH fork was successfully executed on August 1, 2017 which meant that if you held Bitcoin at that time, you would have received an equal amount of Bitcoin Cash.

Further, this new cryptocurrency has received its own fair share of criticisms. For one, many enthusiasts detested its pseudo-decentralization management right from its creation. This supposed setback made its entrance into the cryptocurrency market to be visited with kids’ glove. However, in November 2017, a lot of interest in the altcoin was aroused following a significant price surge which moved BCH to 2nd place on the list cryptocurrency market capitalizations, overtaking the now-second Ethereum. Since then, it has moved up and down on the list, but has consistently maintained its status as a top 10 cryptocurrency.

Despite the fact that it just emerged in the cryptocurrency market, it has managed to follow behind BTC while competing with LTC and ETH. Not bad for a ‘baby cryptocurrency’, and it definitely goes to show it has potential to lead the cryptocurrency gambling market anytime soon.

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“Bitcoin-Only” Online Casinos

Online Bitcoin-only casinos are gradually becoming a prominent concept. It is estimated that there are more than 200 online casinos processing transactions with BTC in 2018. Recent statistics by The Bitcoin Strip even goes to show a progressive increase in the acceptance of cryptocurrency for gaming transactions.

It was shown that there has been a surge in online gaming from 60 bets per second with 1.53BTC/$390 in the Q1 of 2015 to an average of 100 bets per second wagered at 1.73BTC/$1700 in the Q1 of 2017 (considering the price of BTC in 2015 compared to 2017). With $1700 wagered on average, we can estimate that the crypto market generates about $13.5 million per year. Let’s also consider that the data was pulled from prominent—or at least recognized—online casinos with non-prominent sites being left out.

Given the prominence of BTC-only casinos, there are presently no BCH-only casinos. The reason is not farfetched, however, considering Bitcoin Cash just recently made its way into the cryptocurrency market and is still building momentum. Similarly, the advantages that BCH offers over BTC are evident enough for online casinos to start installing the BCH transaction option in addition to other cryptocurrencies (mostly BTC, ETH, and/or LTC) and/or fiat currencies.

As a result, Bitcoin Cash is anticipated to gain more ground in both the cryptocurrency and online gambling worlds. It should be noted as well that only a handful of traditional real money online casinos currently accepts BCH and no regulated casino — a casino that is controlled by a government agency charged with regulating casinos and other types of gaming in a geographical region — in the US accepts BCH just yet.

Safe 2018 Bitcoin Cash Online Casinos

The truth is that there are thousands of online casinos for those who want to indulge in gambling – but many gamblers prefer discretion because a number of these casinos do not have an established reputation. How then does one separate the wheat from the chaff? The answer is quite simple really: stick with casinos that have built a good reputation for themselves over time. Playing it safe is the rule of the game, as there have been cases of sites creating fake reviews to boost their credibility and casino sites that have existed for donkey years (or months) suddenly closing shop, leaving players stranded.

Therefore, sourcing for reviews or how long a casino has existed may not be enough criteria to decide if a casino is good or not. Now, let’s present a couple of casinos that are a go-to for anyone who wishes to gamble online with Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. This list was reached after carrying out extensive research using the following criteria.

Criteria Used:

Site security
Withdrawal Times
Customer Service
Software Providers
Provably Fairness
Game Selection
Overall Value to the Player

1. FortuneJack

FortuneJack is one of the youngest online cryptocurrency casinos that feature a combination of real-money live and virtual casino games. Despite its very new emergence in the casino market, it has built a reputation for trustworthiness, transparency, and fairness for itself — thereby dwarfing most sites that have existed before it. The website is licensed and regulated by the Law of the Federation of Saint Kitts and Nevis.

FortuneJack features a number of high-quality software providers, regularly updated promotions, a huge range of games, and accepts multiple cryptocurrencies (with a deposit and withdrawal option for BCH). Pertaining the promotions, a player can get up to 15BTC and 250 Free Spins with FJ’s first deposit bonus of 110 percent, and up to 5BTC and a reload bonus when you first sign up on the site. (Of course, terms and conditions apply to these incentives.)

There are more than 800 unique 3D slot games at FortuneJack powered by the best software providers including Igrosoft, Aristocrat Technologies, Novomatic, Endorphina, Betsoft, Amatic, Tom Horn, SoftSwiss, etc. Additionally, FJ features live dealers on a wide variety of games in addition to the many varieties of Blackjack, Poker, Keno, Bingo and Roulette available. All these combined make gaming activities fun all the way.

For security, the website employs McAfee SECURE and GoDaddy Website Security to verify the security of the website. Also, the virtual games have a Provable Fairness feature that assures players they are having a fair game each time they lock in — they can even verify the fairness of the games themselves.

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2. is one of the most prominent online casinos in the gambling industry with a reputation for top-notch software and security. Even though the Betcoin site is unlicensed and unregulated, there have never been any report or complaint about its transactions, games, or services by its thousands of users. In addition to BCH, accepts BTC, LTC, ETH, XRP (Ripple), DSH (Dash), XMR (Monero), ADA (Cardano), and MIOTA (IOTA) for both deposit and withdrawal transactions. is ranked so high mainly because it was one of the first to embrace BTC as a means of payment method in August 2017. Pertaining security, the site uses a secured SSL connection that is responsible for the encryption of information. This puts the minds of users at ease, knowing that their transactions are kept private and away from data criminals.

Nonetheless, does not require a personal ID to sign-up but a 2-step authentication process was recently added to further secure the website. And to aid players, a step-by-step guide on how to activate the authentication is provided.

Pertaining promotions, offers up to 1BTC and 10 Free Spins for first-time sign-ups. Further, it employs a high degree of transparency by using a Provable Fairness measure on its gaming activities. This ensures no provider can manipulate the outcome of the games by tweaking the RNG. It goes further to publish the codes used to determine the gaming algorithm to further prove its transparency. Software providers are Betsoft, SoftSwiss, and Endorphina, and they offer a wealth of games in many varieties: Blackjack, Baccarat, and other table games along with Video Poker and Slots. Their table game selection features both Live Dealer Casino Games and Virtual Games.

The customer service provides three options for players to send a feedback or submit a complaint: email, ticket creation, and live chat. Lastly, provides a lot of promotional incentives in addition to the gaming options. Some of the bonuses are seasonal while others such as the welcome bonus and additional deposit bonus are not. All of the terms and conditions are easy to understand and comply with, and the bonuses are easy to claim due to the user-friendly navigation of the site.

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3. mBitCasino

Launched in early 2014, mBitCasino is licensed and regulated in Curacao. It has been one of the most reliable casino service providers in the cryptocurrency gambling industry for years. While it has been processing payments via Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and Litecoin for years, it embraced Bitcoin Cash as one of its cryptocurrencies in December 2017.

The gaming software providers are not officially declared on the website but some of their games (such as Rook’s Revenge, Aztec Magic Deluxe, and Dracula Riches) point to Betsoft, Endorphin, GameArt, Amatic, and Evolution Gaming. mBitCasino offers many varieties of Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Video Poker, and Video Slots with more than a thousand in its catalogue.

In addition, mBitCasino features these games on its Live Dealer platform, which makes the gaming activities even more engaging and interactive. And apart from the casino and poker games, mBitCasino also feature an online sportsbook where eSports, Soccer (Football), Basketball, Tennis, American Football, and many more sports are available for wagering.

When registering for the first time, the casino makes three kinds of promotions available. The first being a 110 percent match bonus of up to 1BTC which will be made available once the first deposit is made. The second bonus is a 50 percent bonus of 1BTC cash maximum after the second payment while the third is a 25 percent up to 1BTC cash maximum payment after the third deposit. Interestingly, the casino issues out its deposit bonuses in any cryptocurrency of choice.

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Volume of Bitcoin Cash Online Casinos

As expected, the Bitcoin Cash gambling market is still very young. This only makes sense because the coin itself is just a few months old…and considering its considerably wide acceptance, it has the highest rate of growth when compared to even Bitcoin (2009), Litecoin (2011), and Ethereum (2015).

Nonetheless, one cannot compare the number of Bitcoin casinos to Bitcoin Cash casinos. For one, there are no BCH-only casinos while there are dozens of BTC-only casinos. This case is similar when Bitcoin Cash is compared with Ethereum or Litecoin, or even coins like Monero, Dogecoin, and Dash. However, despite its young and yet prominence acceptance, Bitcoin Cash is very impressive and will surely grow with time.

Speed of Bitcoin Cash Casino Deposits and Withdrawals

Bitcoin Cash gained prominence in the crypto market due to its seeming resolution of the scalability and processing time challenges faced by BTC. The limit of each block size of Bitcoin is 1MB; this has undoubtedly made having speedy transactions and confirmation of transactions a rather daunting process — plus expensive due to the high transaction fees.

Bitcoin Cash, on the other hand, introduced an adjustable block size with a limit of 8MB. This reintroduced the initial low processing fees that BTC offered before its huge success, which the cryptocurrency community applauded. Similarly, the transaction processing time was drastically reduced, which means you could carry out more transactions in a space of 15 minutes using BCH than you would with BTC. The block size limit of BTC caused a restraint on its processing speed, making transactions prone to backlogs.

BCH Transaction Fees

Couple everything we went over above with the average transaction costs for BTC reaching as high as $30-$40 at times while BCH is from $0.027 to $0.11. This makes BCH a better choice of cryptocurrency for gambling if transaction costs are a consideration — but, of course, they are. However, there are some casinos that do not charge a dime to make a BCH deposit but only place a fee on processing withdrawals.

There isn’t any form of competition involved with gambling using BCH because gamers (and anyone else) can easily have their transaction quickly included in a block, unlike having to use BTC which has loads of users competing to have their transaction included in blocks (which also have a much smaller capacity).

If you need to bet with low stakes, then you should definitely embrace Bitcoin Cash. The low deposit involved in using BCH gives room for an increased number of transactions a user can undertake. The case isn’t the same with BTC that requires a very high deposit.

BCH vs. BTC Transaction Times

In late December 2017, put the average processing speed of BTC at 34 to 1188 minutes while that of BCH was from 8 to 19 minutes. The speed range invariably is determined by the casino in question. Indisputably, the processing speed of BCH is a large improvement on that of BTC. However, Ethereum, Litecoin, Monero, and Ripple have a much faster processing speed than BCH — an average of 14 seconds, 2.5 minutes, 120 seconds, and 3.5 seconds respectively.

On the technical side, BCH provides an adjustment to the difficult mining algorithm of BTC. The difficult algorithm required that changes can only be made every fortnight. This became a hassle for most miners who wanted an algorithm with more frequent changes. With BCH’s algorithm, more frequent changes can be made to how BCH functions, which is exactly what many miners have been rooting for.

Withdrawal Options

Compared to the numerous deposit options offered by online casinos, the withdrawal option via BCH is very limited. Most casinos will endeavour to use your preferred withdrawal option but if it is not available, other options like Bank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, VISA, and MasterCard are always present as a means to cash out.

Bovada is one example of an online casino that accepts Bitcoin Cash deposits but does not allow withdrawals via BCH. However, casinos like FortuneJack, mBitCasino, and Champagne Spins do accept deposits and issue withdrawals via BCH as well.

Bitcoin Cash seems to be garnering backing from the most influential of the iconic brands (Satoshi Dice, as a prime example, now accepts Bitcoin Cash deposits). Satoshi Dice is one of the pioneers of cryptocurrency gambling and the oldest dice website since the inception of Bitcoin (or crypto) gambling. It is a renowned organization within the crypto gambling community as every casino that accepts at least one cryptocurrency as a means of transactions has its origin from the successful innovations Satoshi Dice has offered the industry…and with this development, most iconic brands are starting to pull their weight behind Bitcoin Cash gambling.

Accessibility of Bitcoin Cash

Precisely when the hard fork was processed (13:16 UTC on August 7, 2017), whoever owned 1 BTC automatically received 1 BCH. As of early April 2018, the price of 1 BTC and 1 BCH — as read from CoinMarketCap — is ~$6,800 and ~$640 respectively. Again, the scalability, transaction fees and processing times of BCH are far superior to BTC.

BCH Exchanges

Meanwhile, many exchanges are presently exchanging BCH for fiat currencies unlike when it recently joined the cryptocurrency market. Cryptocurrency exchanges (such as HitBTC, Kraken, Changelly,, and Poloniex) would now gladly convert your BCH into fiat currencies, ready to appear in your bank account. However, some exchanges have reservations about buying BCH or accepting fiat currencies in exchange for BCH. This is mostly due to the low exchange availability of BCH. If you find yourself in a situation like this, there are a couple of ways you could convert your BCH into cash without any loss.

You could opt to convert your BCH to BTC or any other cryptocurrency that has a ready market. Since BTC and BCH are two different cryptocurrencies, you cannot directly transfer BCH into a BTC wallet. So first, you will have to find a wallet that supports BCH, then move your BTC from the wallet so that someone does not gain access to the BTC using the private keys. Afterwards, sweep your BCH into the wallet by giving the private key of the BTC you moved from the wallet. At this point, send your BCH to an exchange, after which you create an order to sell your BCH and get BTC, then send your BTC to your wallet (BTC).

If you are not comfortable with carrying out this process, you could consult with a guide for more details. The idea is basically to inform you that there are ways to exchange BCH if you choose to gamble using the cryptocurrency.

Our Conclusion on Gambling with Bitcoin Cash

In conclusion, BCH may not be the king like BTC or in second place like Ethereum, but the uniqueness it brings aboard is one that cannot be ignored. Hence, it should be applauded and explored. For a digital money just a couple of months old, it has built quite a reputation for itself and has taken giant feats already in the online gambling industry. This is one cryptocurrency to believe in and definitely watch out for, so considering using BCH for your next gambling transactions would not be a bad idea at all.