About Us

Who Are We?

WorldCasinoIndex.com is a group venture by individuals who love casinos, gambling, and poker as much as they love other sports. All our team members have spent a lot of time playing casino games, online and offline. They wanted to create a platform where they could talk about the casino, tips, tricks, different games, policy changes, and of course, their opinions. Thus, WorldCasinoIndex.com was born. Since its beginning, the website has been our haven for all things casino gambling. On this website, the team talks about a variety of things, including but not limited to casino reviews and top lists. For instance, we love talking about the games we have played on different casino platforms. We are also eager to discuss the new policies that may change the industry in a diverse and inclusive manner. As a group, the passion for casinos unites us, and that is what is keeping WorldCasinoIndex.com active.

Our Mission

At WorldCasinoIndex.com, our mission is simple: to create an environment for healthy discussions about casinos, poker, and gambling. Unlike other websites, we want to take the extra step towards getting the facts right. To do this, we follow a strict set of rules and regulations while covering information about casinos and gambling. So, we do not want our biases or interests to affect what you get to know via WorldCasinoIndex.com. It is worth noting our reports on the website come to fruition through a number of filters. Even though we want to cover as much as we can about casino gambling, promotions, and offers, WorldCasinoIndex.com primarily focuses on guides and tips that would come in handy while playing the most popular casino games. When combined with a unique review process that we follow, WorldCasinoIndex.com becomes a haven for all those who love casino games.

How Do We Review?

As we said earlier, you can count on WorldCasinoIndex.com when you want to find authentic reviews about casino and poker gaming platforms out there. We want to make sure that our reviews are 100% transparent and true to the available information. That is why WorldCasinoIndex.com follows a proper review structure, no matter who gets to publish the content. The review process involves a few steps that must be followed in appropriate order and features. For instance, we test all aspects of a casino, gambling, or poker game before recommending the same to our readers. In addition to playing all the games with real money, we also deposit and withdraw the funds to see if the platform is worthy. While we want to provide the most accurate information, we do not want our reviews to be our own opinion, either. Therefore, before we recommend a casino website to our readers, we go through many online reviews that discuss the different aspects of the game. In the end, no one has to make uninsured jumps once they have read our casino reviews. We believe this policy of being transparent helps us develop a healthy and reliable practice of casino gambling.

Our Team

Kevin Becker

Kevin Becker is the founder of WorldCasinoIndex.com and one of the most enthusiastic people when it comes to casinos and gambling. From childhood itself, Kevin has been obsessed with poker games and local casino stations. Of course, before he could use real money, Kevin had to rely on tokens and everything. Since he became an adult, this established casino guru has spent more time in casinos than an ordinary person ever could. It took him a few years to master the techniques of poker and casino gambling, but the insights he can now provide are unique. WorldCasinoIndex.com is Kevin’s brainchild, and he expects it to be a platform where people can talk about casino games and get worthwhile suggestions. Apart from being a casino gambling expert, Kevin Becker is a stay-at-home dad who loves his two daughters. If he is not playing some online casino games or planning a trip to Las Vegas, you can see Kevin with a book and a cup of coffee.

John Byrne

John Byrne is the lead editor at WorldCasinoIndex.com, and he is one of the few people who can match Kevin’s spirit in matters related to casino gaming, gambling, and poker. Before deciding to become a full-time editor, Byrne spent a few years in college, where he studied Language and Literature. After becoming passionate about casinos, gambling, and poker, the skills have helped Byrne construct some of the best guides for our website and other publications. John Byrne is also the go-to person of many publications when they need an expert opinion on a recent change in the world of casinos. As the lead editor of WorldCasinoIndex.com, Byrne spends most of his time going through different casino platforms and games. As a result, he will be the first to know about new game launches and policy changes. A self-professed nerd, John Byrne is a big fan of Star Wars.

Diane Flinch

Diane Flinch is a content writer at WorldCasinoIndex.com, and she has spent a considerable time of her life writing some of the best copies for PR organizations and marketing agencies. However, for quite some time, she has been following one of her passions: casino games. At WorldCasinoIndex.com, Diane takes up multiple responsibilities, including writing significant copies for the website. More importantly, she is the core casino reviewer for the platform. It means Diane has to spend a lot of time going through different casino gaming platforms and see what their games offer. Her years of experience in copywriting come in handy while crafting the reviews in an easy-to-understand manner. Diane also takes pride in helping people know more about casinos and being a part of a team that advocates healthy casino gambling habits. If she is not reading or writing, you can find Diane playing her favorite video games.