Bitcoin Online Sportsbooks

Created in 2009, one of several purposes of Bitcoin as an encrypted digital payment system was to simplify transactions. No middleman is needed, meaning no banks which means there are no fees. You don’t even have to use your name. Being able to purchase things anonymously offers even more privacy than walking into a store and paying with cash.

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International payments are easy as well since Bitcoin is not linked to a specific country or is regulated. Because of its convenience and flexibility, Bitcoin’s popularity has now extended itself to online casinos, as more and more are now allowing gamblers to give action with this form of currency.

Who Accepts Bitcoin

Bovada – Established only in 2011, Bovada quickly became one of the most highly reputable frequented gambling site in the world. You can deposit up to $5,000 worth of Bitcoin value here and no less than $20. 2 important things to note that you are not actually wagering your Bitcoins. Once the deposit is made they are converted into U.S. dollars, so don’t lose track of how much Bitcoin you are spending. Once the conversion is made they can’t be converted back as Bovada will not allow you to withdraw in Bitcoin.

Bodog– Part of the same gaming group as Bovada and been running efficiently since 1994, Bodog’s site itself is just like Bovada’s. Like Bovada, you can deposit up to $5,000 and no less than $20 in Bitcoin value. The Bitcoin is immediately converted into U.S. dollars as that what is you will be gambling. The one major difference is Bodog will convert the dollars back into Bitcoins and allow you to withdraw. The limit for doing this is set at $3,000.

Slots.LV – Like Bodog and Bovada, the Bitcoin minimum deposit is $20 ranging up to $5,000. Should you withdraw, like Bodog, Slots.LV will convert U.S. dollars back into Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal is $20 and the maximum is $2,500. No fees and just a few minutes to transact. You may also withdraw no more frequently than every 3 days

Ignition – A relatively new site established only in March of 2016, based out of Quebec, Canada, Ignition is friendly in accepting action from those in America and all around North America. The deposit range is also between $20 and $5,000. The transaction will only take a few minutes and you can make Bitcoin withdrawals as well. You may only do this every 3 days and it can take up to 48 hours to complete the withdrawal, which allows you to take out anywhere between $20 and $3,000. Each of these sites and any other site that accepts Bitcoin will also offer deposit bonuses. The bonuses vary, based on how much you deposit and how often you play.

Top Bitcoin Sportsbooks

The previous sites mentioned are among the most popular online casinos in the world that accept Bitcoin. Now here are some of the best online sportsbooks who are acceptors of Bitcoin: – Set up by Coingaming platform, has become one of the primary sports betting sites for Bitcoin. They are licensed by Curacao, one of the more major licensing jurisdictions. They offer customer support 24/7 and because of Bitcoin, you can create an account in just a few seconds as that is the anonymity Bitcoin provides. From there you can bet bet on all sports like you would at any other serious sportsbook no matter how popular of a market it may be. You can wager on eSports, one of the newer markets to make its way into sports betting as well as live betting, which allows you to bet on the outcome of an event while it is still in progress. U.S. players are accepted.

Betcoin Sports – The appeal to this site starts with the deposit bonus. While you still should read the terms and conditions, unlike most deposit bonuses, the one at Betcoin Sports allows you to double the value of your initial deposit right away. Depositing a single Betcoin will get you another one at no extra cost which is great for sports bettors who prefer to fly under the radar without their bank or anybody knowing their business. Betcoin is also known for its huge variety of sports betting options. If there is a type of sports bet you can think of, you can count Betcoin Sports being able to provide it. Betcoin’s odds on games are better than any of their competitors and will cash out your winnings instantly to your Bitcoin account. U.S. players are accepted.

AnoniBet – In business since 2011, AnoniBet was the first sportsbook to accept payemts and pay out via Bitcoin. The sign-up process is beneficial for those who wish to remain anonymous as they only require you set up your account with email and a password. No other personal info is needed and you can use your Bitcoin wallet for deposits and withdrawals right away.

Its interface is simple with the menus easy to access and understand. Their selling points extend to the fact they aren’t trying to wow you with any flashiness. It makes them all business and because of that are very use friendly. The site is also designed to work just as simply with your smart phone.

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The advanced search feature on the site allows you to filter out any particular bet type you are looking for. Multiple odds formats are also available. The most important feature to any sportsbook would have to be the betting options and AnoniBet covers all the bases. All the many different types of bets you can place in a casino in Las Vegas are available here as well. Customer service can be contacted via email and may take a short while to reply but is never more than a few hours. U.S. players are accepted.

Cloudbet – Offering a 100% deposit bonus up to 5 Bitcoins as well as loyalty points for every time you make a bet no matter what size on what sport makes Cloudbet an appealing online sportsbook to go to. They feature all the major sports as well as the events with a lesser market and are most especially noted for allowing you to parlay up to 7 outcomes on one ticket. Large withdrawals can take up to 24 hours to process as that is for your protection. U.S. players are accepted.

Nitrogen Sports – This site has a smooth interface making it very easy for beginners to navigate. Perhaps its most unique offer is the feature of self-exclusion. Since there are many other casino games available besides the sportsbook, players have the option of excluding themselves from playing certain games if they believe it is potentially too damaging to their lives. Gambling is supposed to be fun and exciting. However, the line between looking for some fun and having a full-blown addiction can be very thin. Note that once you exclude yourself from something this action cannot be reversed. It is a great feature allowing players to essentially protect themselves from themselves.

Nitrogen may not have quite as many betting options as some of the sites but that is made up for offering the very best odds on every sport ranging from every major sport to the less popular games like eSports. Registration almost seems too simple to be true, allowing players to do so with 2 clicks of their mouse reminding people just how private Bitcoin really is. You don’t even have to give your email address? It seems hard to believe but that’s where Bitcoin has taken the world of Internet transactions. Deposits need no confirmation and withdrawals are instantaneous.

Customer service uses a ticket system for you to submit whenever you might have an inquiry and they will respond to you within 24 hours. U.S. players are accepted.

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