Casino Royale Hotel & Casino Review

Casino Royale is a very small casino located towards the north end of the Las Vegas Strip. It is situation between Venetian and Harrah’s. It is not accessible from Koval Lane, which is the vehicle entrance way for its neighbors. The only access is from Las Vegas Boulevard. The car and pedestrian traffic can make access to the property difficult by any method besides by foot.

The hotel offers just 152 rooms under the Best Western brand. It is the smallest hotel on the Strip. Casino Royale was known as Nob Hill in the 80’s.

Casino Royale is best known as the home of the best craps odds on the Las Vegas Strip. Players may wager 20 times their pass line bet or an amount equal to 20 times from the don’t side. Casino Royale was home to the launch of Blackjack Switch, a popular variant that spread to many other Las Vegas properties throughout the years.

Casino at Casino Royale

The 17,500 square foot casino floor makes Casino Royale the smallest on the Las Vegas Strip that offers table games. Only Slots A Fun is smaller.

Players come for the $3 minimum craps with 20 times odds. This game was once 100 times odds on multiple tables. Today, there is just one craps table at Casino Royale with the lower 20 times odds. It is still the best craps game in Las Vegas.

The other table games do not offer the same quality odds. The number of table games at Casino Royale is about half of what it once was. The former table games pit in the back is now home to a $2 Shoot to Win Craps machine and more slots.

The current pit hosts 10 table games. There is a $5-$500 Three Card Poker table. There is also a $4-$1,000 Double Zero Roulette table. The roulette game at Casino Royale is unique. It offers just one wheel, however, there are two felts for players to make their wagers.

The blackjack tables at Casino Royale offer terrible returns. It is the only place in Las Vegas where Free Bet Blackjack pays 6-5 on a natural. There is also a 6-5 single deck game and four Blackjack Switch tables. All have $5-$1,000 limits.

Hotel at Casino Royale

The hotel at Casino Royale is registered under the Best Western brand. It offers just 152 rooms. There are just three room types. The single king starts at $80 during the week and $100 on weekends. Two double beds run $20 more per night. The suites offer one king and start at $180 on weeknights and $200 on weekends. Casino Royale is the only casino on the Las Vegas Strip that does not charge a resort fee.

Dining at Casino Royale

There are two restaurants that offer full service at Casino Royale. Both are chains. Denny’s is the 24-hour dining option. It is the busiest of all Denny’s in the franchise group. Outback is the other full service restaurant.

There is also a food court. The food court restaurants are Subway, which is open 24 hours, as well as Noble Roman, Cinnabon, Ben and Jerry’s and a hot dog window.

Bars at Casino Royale

There is a main casino bar at Casino Royale that offers video poker. Fat Tuesday’s is a frozen daiquiri bar located in the front of the property.

Casino Royale Location

Casino Royale is located between Venetian and Harrah’s on the Las Vegas Strip. The casino only has frontage and parking that is accessible from the Las Vegas Strip. The closest monorail station is located at Harrah’s next store.

Features at Casino Royale

There are no shows or anything else of note at Casino Royale.

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