Dustin Chase

Beware if you visit Lucky Chances. If you ask players in the area, they will likely either tell you about the Lucky Chances glory days or how they no longer visit the establishment. This is for a good reason, as the casino has been run into the ground over the last few years. Leading this sinking ship is Dustin Chase. Dustin Chase Lucky Chances

The casino thinks that painting the walls and using spreadsheets for wait lists is the best thing they can do to upgrade and be competitive in the market. Not new chairs or even new felt. Not competent management. Just throw a little paint up and the players will come flocking. Unfortunately, and unsurprisingly, this is not at all the case.

Example of Horrible Dustin Chase Management

A reader of WCI reported a particular instance to us where floor person and manager at Lucky Chances, Dustin Chase, completely botched the situation…

A belligerent player was harassing another player after they lost a hand. The losing player in the hand threatened the other player, told him to “come outside” and said he would “meet the player outside.” In addition, the player making threats also took pictures of players, cursed, and made physical threats against the other player’s family.

Dealers and floor people called to Dustin Chase to handle the situation. Chase then consulted with both players, and though the aggressive and loud player lied about not doing anything, the situation was dropped without repercussions.

Around 30 minutes later, the aggressive and threatening player left his table, unprovoked, and came over to make more physical threats. These were entirely unprovoked. The dealer and witnessing floor people called Dustin Chase in again.

Needless to say, the offending player should have been kicked out for the day, if not permanently. Instead, Chase let him argue and yell, and ultimately let the player stay, claiming the player said “they will not do anything again.” In short, Chase found it acceptable for players to make physical threats, take pictures of others in the casino, and to continue instigating scenes without any repercussions whatsoever. The lesson is that, at Lucky Chances, players may physically threaten others as they please.

It will aid you to be a regular, as Lucky Chances management is desperate for any and all revenue, and will allow belligerent behavior before they will put player experience, or even safety, first. Lucky Chances is possibly the worst run poker room in the US that we have now heard of at WCI, and we highly encourage you to avoid it at all costs.