Maria Negrete | Caesars Ent.

Maria Negrete
Casino Sales Executive
Caesars Entertainment

Maria Negrete originally contacted us (WCI writer) on December 17th, 2014 to let us know that she is a new contact at Caesars Entertainment that we would be able to use for room bookings and any other assistance as it relates to our trip. When she called, we were quite blunt with her in letting her know that all of our prior CET contacts had been nothing short of terrible as it related to timeliness, trustworthiness, or otherwise. She laughed and assured us that she would most certainly be different and that she looked forward to helping us whenever and wherever she could.

In what was perhaps against our better judgement, we reached out to Maria on December 29th to discuss room and comp availability for the New Years Holiday. There was no answer when we called, though the voicemail explicitly stated that she was to be back in the office that day. We called early in the day, left a message, and did not receive a response. We called again without response as well. An email was also sent.

Since we had planned to leave that day, we booked and paid the listed rate on for Caesars in Las Vegas. Upon arrival, we spoke to Ana who assisted us.

Maria contacted us the next day and said that she could find us rooms at the lower (see: lowest) end CET properties, mainly at paid rates. This was all information that was available online and we did not receive any sort of additional offer above and beyond what we were able to find ourselves. I declined since Ana had already booked rooms for us at an agreed upon rate and hotel.

The next day we went to check into Bally’s Las Vegas, having stayed only one night in Caesars. We were explicitly promised, then double confirmed that our room would be in the new Jubilee tower in Bally’s. This was outlined and definitively agreed to as this tower is significantly nicer than the old, run down, smelly, dirty opposite tower in Bally’s.

Upon checking in we realize that we are being sent to the old tower, not the new one we had been assured our room was booked in. We call down to registration where an aggressive “room manager” refused to move us to the proper room. We are then advised to contact Ana who booked our room the night prior. Note that being sent in circles is entirely customary for Caesars Ent. and their employees, so this is hardly out of the ordinary.

After contacting Ana we are given no assistance. No room change nor resolution is provided. Ana then tells us that we then need to contact Maria Negrete. We do this and Maria attempts to push us back to Bally’s and/or Ana as no one is willing to either fix the problem nor accept any semblance of responsibility. Again, this is incredibly typical and to be expected from anyone that works at CET, based on innumerable prior experiences.

Maria flat out refused to do anything except book us elsewhere at greatly increased rates. Now, mind you, this was entirely the fault of CET and their employees. They booked us a room at Bally’s Jubilee tower at an agreed upon rate. They did not give us this room, but instead a very different, lesser quality room. I asked Maria why she contacted us to tell us that she was our point of contact if she had, thus far, not done anything for us, and will now not fix the existing problem. Maria did not offer us a comparable room at another property, or even a full refund for the stay at Bally’s at their run down tower. She made no attempt to resolve it or compensate for the absolute inconvenience whatsoever.

We were incredibly frustrated and accepted that, since this was Caesars Entertainment, we should not have expected anything above this absolutely terrible level of customer service.

Maria Negrete is not recommended for *anyone* to work with, and, likewise, we advise all potential industry members to be aware of how she treats customers and conducts her business.